The whole point of Hannah having some reasons why she killed herself that the audience would view as being too small to kill yourself for is to show what the mindset of an actual suicidal and depressed person is like. If you are healthy you wouldn’t get depressed because of those small things. So I’m sort of sick of healthy ass people who are like “she’s a drama queen”.

I finally got to experience being saved by Genji as Mercy

My team was pushing attack on Temple of Anubis and I was following at the rear. Enemy Mei flanked us and started to freeze me. Just as I was frozen solid, Genji jumped in and deflected. The icicle that had been meant for my head was sent back into Mei’s face and she died. My friend playing Genji said with a smirk in his voice, “Denied!” I thanked him in voice chat and spammed the “Thanks” voice line.

The best part was that everyone got to see his point of view because that was the first kill in his potg.

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Person: Hey,wanna see a way to piss off a fandom

Person: *Screaming in a crowd* KILLING STALKING SUCKS

KS fandom: *Jumps out from a bush*

KS fandom: While I don’t agree with your opinion,I can understand your point of view,killing Stalking isn’t the type of manwha for everyone since it covers sensitive topics of abuse and torture. Many of us enjoy the story for the horror and psychological elements that can seem too intense for casual mahnwa or manga readers,so its perfectly fine if you don’t like something so taboo

Person: holy shit