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i really like how you write gladio, with “i just can’t get enough of you.” with a female reader okay?

A/N: Well Thank you Anon-san ♥ Let me see what I can do for you…

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You knew the moment he came home, that it had been a rough day. You could see it in his posture, the way he stood almost ramrod straight, and the way his knuckles were turning white on his duffle. You said not a word but moved closer to him, your head tilting a little as he closed his eyes, and took a deep breath before huffing it out his nose.

You moved just enough to gently take his clenched hand in your own, petting your thumb gently against his knuckles till he relaxed his grip and let the bag fall to the floor with a soft thud. You gave him a gentle smile as he slowly let his eyes open, and let his amber gaze lock on you.

When he moved to speak, you reached up, placing a finger against his lips and gently shook your head. His brows lifted a little before you gently let your hand grasp his wrist and you slowly started to lead him further into your apartment. You heard him groan quietly as he understood what you were doing, and desperately kicked off his boots to leave them by the door.

Leading him to the bedroom, you paused next to your bed, and gave him another smile, reaching up and under his black tank top, your eyes lifting up to his as you played your fingers along his abdomen before lifting the hem up. He lifted his arms over his head, letting you peel the material from him as he huffed and tossed it aside, not caring where it fell. 

He surged forward, smashing his lips against yours, causing you to whimper a little as his large warm hands played up and under your shirt, fingers gliding about your sides, before he growled softly and broke the kiss, yanking your shirt up and over your head. He looked down at you, his pupils blown wide as you were just as exposed as he was, your nipples slowly forming into peaks at the cool air of the room. He panted heavily, before he placed a hand to your shoulder and pushed you back against the bed, causing you to sit down.

With a groan he sank to his knees before you, and buried his face against your chest, his stubble causing your skin to burn pleasantly, before you hummed softly as he planted soft kisses to the valley and swells of your breasts before he gently rested his head against your chest, his large arms wrapping about you to hold you close to him. 

You smiled and gently buried your nose into his hair, petting fingers through his slightly damp locks slowly. 

“Mmn… I don’t know what I’d do without you Babe…” he groaned as he gently rubbed his chin against your flesh, before looking up at you, his eyes dark but a gentle smile pulled at his lips. “I just can’t get enough of you sometimes… it’s like you know instantly what to do, to ground me, to bring me back to who I am…”

He nuzzled between your breasts again, his hands hefting your flesh gently, thumbs rolling slowly over your nipples causing you to gasp softly before you smiled, and gently kissed his forehead. 

“Don’t ever leave me Babe…no matter what. Please.” his voice broke slightly with his emotion. “Stay.”

When he looked up you again, you smiled affectionately, your hands gently cupping his face, before you lowered your head, gently resting your forehead against his own.