Let Me Have You

pairing: Bucky x reader 

words: 850ish

ratings: none

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This song is based on the song Summer by Imagine Dragons. Lyrics will be bolded.

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You felt comfortable around Bucky. He had a way about him. He was soft, kind. You knew what he was capable of, but you also knew he was good. One of the best people you’d ever known. He was a quiet person, which made it that much easier to feel at ease around him when you’d first met.

When you’d first joined the Avengers, it’d been absolutely terrifying. Being thrown into a group of dynamic people, all with their respective established relationships, was incredibly awkward. Or maybe you were just awkward. But Bucky’s understanding gaze and unwavering support first step in cementing your friendship. 

So it was inevitable, really, that you’d fall in love with the man at some point. You knew it’d happen from the day you’d first met him. Seconds after you’d laid eyes on him, when he smiled that barely there smile, you knew you were a goner.

“You’re staring.” He spoke softly, not looking up from the book he was reading.

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anonymous asked:

What's your fav guilty pleasure song? What season is your favorite? Would you prefer to eat texmex or italian rn?

my favorite guilty pleasure song is run away with me….. i love summer!!!! and i would go for some italian that sounds Good Af ™ thank you for ur ask ily


• Feb 19 •
How much do I have to miss you
How much does it have to fall like snow
For spring to come
- Spring Day (BTS)

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