freddy krueger …….just when u thought it was safe to go to sleep :D………….. i just love the noes film series ….. they better make another soon and when i mean soon i don’t mean  in 10 years -____-


Freddy Kruger was once a man but not just your average joe no he was a child murder and was at the same time a pedophile. He was caught however he was then released on a technicality. Parents being angry at this tract down Freddy to his boiler room where they burn him alive. However from the ashes freddy return more powerful than before, now being able to kill people in their dreams. Freddy then goes after the children of the parents that burnt him. He is able to kill them all ( elm st. children) but he still wanted more so before killing the (final elm st child Kristen) he forces her to call upon one of her friends. kristen succeeds in calling the friend but at the same time her friend  shows up Kristen is killed. Freddy then uses Kristen's friend (Alice) to get to the rest of the kids in spring wood. Fast forward some years almost every kid in spring wood  has been killed by freddy except one. Freddy is trapped in spring wood and the only way for him to leave is if he uses his daughter to get out. so he sends the last remaining kid to go get her. Again freddy succeeds in getting what he wants. However Freddy is killed by his daughter. Fast forward again some years the town of spring wood is once again occupied by kids Freddy is a thing of the past. In fact its like he never existed, Freddy needing people to know who he is  so he can enter their minds brings back to life Jason Voorhees. He uses jason voorhees as a way of tricking people into believing that he has come back. People of spring wood now fearing that freddy has return, allows freddy to come back. However jason still cont.. to kill this leads to freddy and jason fighting. no one wins in the end because both jason and freddy are still alive…


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