>Gets a makeover with the instructions “make me look like a flapper who could kill a man and get away with it”
>Becomes hot as fuck
>Tries to take a selfie
>Realizes that my screwed up deformed teeth make me look like a fucking vampire

Petition · United States : Unite me with my friends/family in USA · Change.org

Please sign this petition to help a brother out! Boris is a gay man living in Macedonia where coming out as homosexual could get you killed (said by Boris himself). Apart from this, Boris is a domestic violence survivor and child rape victim.

Boris has tried every way he can to gain asylum in countries where he will be able to start over and live freely.

It will only take you less than 5 minutes to sign this petition. 75 more signs are needed.
PLEASE take the time to do so. Each and everyone of us deserves a shot at a better life.