Commission status: see this post


My details are fairly simple. There are four types I offer:

Chibis (samples): 

> each character = $5
> background* = +$5
> flat colour = +$3 / colour with some depth = $6

Sketch (samples A): $15 - $45

> 1 character = $15, each additional character = +$10
> background* = +$5 to $10 depending on complexity
> flat colour = +$5 / colour with some depth = +$10

Lineart drawing (samples B): $25 - $85 

> 1 character =  $25, each additional character = +$15
> background* = +$10 to $20 depending on complexity
> flat colour = +$10 / colour with depth = +$25

Painting (samples C): starting at $50

> starting at $50 for 1 character, face to bust. Please discuss with me the complexity and detail and background*.

*If your background is simply a flat colour, or simple vague abstract colouring, a background fee will not be charged.

Additional Info (important):

  • What I can do: any pairings from any fandom, crossovers, AUs, OCs
  • What I WON’T do: explicit porn and gore, geometrically complicated backgrounds
  • Please pay first
  • Digital art commissions only
  • Please have references and a clear idea in mind!
  • I can only accept Paypal, USD. 
    • Paypal fees NOT included
    • PLEASE make sure you click on “pay for goods and services”, and not simply send money - it is safer this way
  • The prices above are for personal use only. Please do not reproduce it for profit
  • Price ranges are an average of what is usually asked for in terms of details, anatomy, composition, background, etc
  • Unless otherwise discussed, I retain all the rights to the image, including selling and exhibiting on Society6, Redbubble, etc. Commercial art must be discussed separately
  • Comics must be discussed separately

Slots: ~3 (once they are filled I will temporarily close commissions, and then reopen them once some slots are free)

How to buy: If you are interested, please message me on tumblr or note me on deviantart with the option/picture you’d like your commission styled in. Then we can discuss it further via email.

Once I give you my email, please message me within 24 hours and establish a regular correspondence with me/check your email regularly. If not, I may have to either move you down the list or replace your slot.

If you aren’t interested, but have questions, please feel free to message me anytime as well. I will not assume that you want to commission until you yourself explicitly state that you do.

This post may be updated as I go along.

Thank you very much for reading!

                              Bust Shot commissions are open!

I’ll be doing it in either colored sketch or clean lines!

Colored Sketch samples: 1 2 3

Clean Line samples: 1 2

Things to know when you commission me:

I need a reference picture of the character so have one ready.

Please don’t rush me as I have other things going on offline.


Sketch: $15

Clean Line: $20

How pay:

First message me on doodlemercenary or email me at chibihope@hotmail.com then I’ll give you my paypal so you can pay me for the commission.