Buncha people asked me if I have a pokesona, I didn’t but decided to make one for fun. Let’s just call him Quaree the mawile!

My fav pokemon is bayleef but I wouldn’t wanna be a quadruped sorry

What if..

Okay so my boyfriend and I have been talking about ships, and stuff and y’know…what if there’s this one universe were the fan/love children of different ships from multiple universes go to hang out, and go to school even?

And the teachers would be the creators of those fanchildren <:

I thought it’s a really cool idea, watche guys think?
Feel free to leave some headcanons here.

Maaaaybe we should call it..shiptale?

Q3: In relation to the lyrics in「JUST ONE DAY」「I want to peacefully fall asleep intoxicated with your sweet scent」what’s your favorite scent?

A3. Scent of fruits. Not those artificial, but natural things. If there’s someone that I like, I hope that she will have the scent of body lotions instead of perfumes. If there’s too much perfume, my head will hurt. I prefer perfumes that are not too strong.

© trans by kimmy-trans

(Fragrances used by bangtan)

Victoria’s Secret Sexy little things Noir Tease body mist (black vanilla + pear + gardenia / elegant, lovely and seductive)

Bath and Body Works Mango Tango Twist body lotion

Bath and Body Works Paris Amour body lotion (strawberry + not so sweet floral note with musk and sandalwood, it’s a warm scent)

© trans by peachisoda



WESTWORLD | 1.04 | Hector & Maeve

Now, my lovely friend, what deal is it you wanna make?

I just imagine Dean, 20 something, in one of his years in college. I just imagine him, tired green eyes, messy brown hair, running through the courtyard to his first class of the day, which he’s almost missed completely because of his cheap alarm clock going off at the wrong time. I just imagine Castiel, also 20 something, but older, leaving his fiction-writing class, juggling a cup of coffee in one hand as he shoved his laptop in his bag with the other. I just imagine Castiel, blue eyes widened as Dean runs into him, splattering coffee all over his white shirt, but even worse: knocking his expensive laptop to the floor.
And Dean, he’s so embarrassed, he can’t believe what he’s done. He’s seen Castiel around before, he knows he’s older. He’s going to think Dean’s stupid, immature.
Castiel is angry at first, kind of annoyed, but he understands completely and he’s kind once he’s calmed down.
I just imagine Dean feeling so bad about Castiel’s shattered laptop that he knocks on his dorm door the next day with a wad of cash in his hands. 
And when Castiel opens the door, I imagine him happily surprised, and when he lets Dean in, he tells him he can’t accept the money. 
“It was an accident,” he says. “And I have a warranty, they’ll fix it for free.”
But Dean, he doesn’t care. He wants to give Castiel something. 
So Castiel comes up with an idea: he’ll help him with his writing. 
Castiel was working on something to turn into class, but his broken laptop was making that harder since now he had to go to the library to type. So Dean, he could come with him, read his writing. Give the writer some tips. 
I imagine Castiel in the library with Dean, focused on his work, Dean looking up every once in a while from his homework to read over Castiel’s shoulder. 
Dean isn’t a great writer, he isn’t great at anything involving words, really, but I imagine that he’ll try to be for Castiel. 
And Castiel’s words, they flow like an endless silk string likely to never get tangled, but when it does, Dean is happy to untie the knots. 
In some ways Dean thinks this is all a bribe to get a friend, but he doesn’t care. He can’t believe he doesn’t have that many friends; Castiel is brilliant and beautiful, and so is his writing.
His writing reminds Dean of Castiel a lot, actually. 
I imagine that Dean really likes Castiel, but he didn’t fall in love with him that easy. 
I imagine that first Dean falls in love with his words. His amazing writing. 
Dean subscribed to his blog. 
His writing was the kind that kept you up at night. The kind that could make you cry. 
Dean didn’t even like to read, but he loved to read Castiel’s work, and after a while, reading his work became more and more about reading Castiel.
And Castiel was Dean’s favorite book.
I just imagine that their feelings sprouted like words on paper-and yeah, sure. Sometimes the flow wasn’t smooth, but it didn’t end without some sort of resolution.
Castiel got a new laptop. Dean got a new alarm clock.
And I just imagine that something so simple as a run in on a crazy morning turn into something so beautiful, and I imagine that it happen between Dean and Castiel.


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