I haven’t seen anyone else post about it, but this has been nagging the back of my mind ever since the episode 7 release. Galahad ruins looks surprisingly similar to the Cambodian ancient temple Angkor Wat! I’m not sure if it’s just a coincidence or if it was actually inspired by the temple, but still an interesting speculation I wanted to point out! ;v;

It’s a bit of a stretch, but I also wanted to mention that Lailah’s hair barrette(?) has always reminded me of a crown (makot). It also might be just a coincidence, but still pretty cool if it was a reference! 

Series like Magi have had Cambodian inspired architecture too and I’m always really excited to see these things! *v*

okay so, lemme outline for you my ideal funeral:

i want it viking-style, put me on a raft and send me out to sea- BUT, before that, i want my abdominal cavity hollowed out and fill with several pounds of professional-grade fireworks– as much as you can stuff in there.

then, once i’m launched out on the water, that’s when my closest friends– who have to take a mandatory archery class (this is CRUCIAL)– will line up on the shore and fire flaming arrows onto my pyre

i want to go out with a bang, literally.

(side note: i’m still working on the music selection but i am leaning heavily towards Space Jam)

I don’t usually tell you guys the in goings of my life but today is going to be an exception, for the past month I have been studying a new career option to become a travel agent and today I have an interview with the company I’m studying for, I am nervous as hell but also confident. Drew this picture before I left the house this morning just to drain out all the worry and think positively!

Wish me luck guys!