Translations of all of the Ichiban Kuji birthday cards:

O: Huh? We’re celebrating our birthday!? So… a lot of girls coming? Yahoo! Yay!!

K: Heh, thank you for celebrating our birthday Karamatsu Girls and Boys! This was our destiny… 

C: Thank you for celebrating our birthday! Unlike my brothers, I’m a decent, sincere, and reliable NEET!

I: …you’re going to celebrate such trash’s birthday… are you okay? But… thanks… 

J: You’re celebrating our birthday? Thank youuuu! Hahaha~! Anyway, want to play baseball~? Baseball~ it’s so much fun~~!

T: Thank you so much for celebrating our birthday, everyone! I loooove all of you ♡ hehe~

Some of my fave lvl 40 five-star units in fire emblem heroes, I’m so proud of them. i live and breathe orbs, cordelia has galeforce, i am at peace, please zoom in to look at their faces thanks,

Responding to queries with unhelpful NPC stock phrases is a Sprite Meme mostly perpetuated by Davesprite and Hal to be annoying, although Nanna sometimes participates because you can never be too old for a good prank. Jade usually acts above it all, but one time Karkat interrupts her while she’s working on something and without turning around she says, “You have to be at least level 12 to talk to me” and the room explodes. 

ik “sandy dumb as shit but She Got Cake” isn’t a very frequently referenced tumblr thing, and it’s not even part of the most popular reblog chain for the post it’s added to, but as far as i’m concerned it’s the most iconic thing anyone’s ever said on this website