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hi!! so i was thinking about your fic of bruce going to walmart and getting baffled by how cheap things were and i wanted to know how he feels about dollar stores/if he even knows they exist!

I think that while he’s probably aware of things like the Futian market, and the ability of dollar stores to sell cheap products through wholesale purchasing of inferior goods or travel-sized versions of name brand products, he (like a lot of people) was probably less aware of things like Wal-Mart’s ability to decide on price points that they can then force suppliers to adhere to under the threat of not having their products available in Wal-Mart stores, such that any company that does business with Wal-Mart can be forced to completely alter the way they do business.

I also got some shit at the time from people who thought Bruce Wayne would be more than familiar with the horrors of at-will employment, etc, but the fact is that whenever I’ve seen someone discuss the shit they’ve gone through as a retail employee in an at-will right-to-work state, I’ve also seen anyone middle-class or higher express shock and horror that these kinds of things are legal, totally unaware that these things exist and what they really mean for workers. For someone like Bruce Wayne as I write him, as someone who has never been victimized by these laws but to whom it would also never occur to try and victimize anyone else under such laws, I think it’s a completely reasonable blind spot for him to have.

Okay so maybe this is going to sound extremely vague or mopey for some of you but I really needed to get it off my chest.

I have and always will be very prone to sharing ideas and discussing headcanons, giving tips as much as I can, and also collaborate on art and writing and everything. I like it. But I will and have always been, as far as I can, try my best to be respectful towards the property of others. If I like something I see and would like to try and make something of my own from it, I will, if it possible, ask straight to the creator and credit the source, the artist, the person I talked to.

Okay so maybe I’m just tired and I’m looking too hard at things and I’m seeing double, but recently I started noticing that some of my headcanons, or style decisions, or character depictions, wether written or visual, are starting to appear here and there. And it’s not me wanting to be the focus, the “I invented it before you!”  but - some things I see are way too familiar with what I’ve been doing and I objectively haven’t seen before. I’m not the number one innovator, hah, I wish I was, but still, I can recognize when something of mine spreads.

And while this does make me a little proud, because it means I must have done something right for others to enjoy and want to reproduce it or work on it, it also pains me because – nobody told me. I do reply to messages, if I’m not dead working, I’m someone you can always talk to when internet allows.
I haven’t been consulted, nor credited, not once. 

Put yourself in my shoes.
I’m not a good writer. I’m not a good artist. I’m not the best content creator and I understand this blog is mostly followed for the reblogs I queue and not for what I offer. I don’t write super good stories nor make super good art everyone likes and shares. But if there’s something I take a little pride in, is coming up with stuff and creating ideas. They may sound stupid to you, but they’re everything to me, because it really hard for me to pile up all this pebbles my mind throws at me and make something out of them.

If you want to start doing something the way I do it, or start from the way I do it and then make your own, tell me. Credit me. Show me. Or else, I might as well disappear into thin air because I have literally nothing else left.

I’m super okay with sharing ideas.
But please don’t just take my ideas away from me.

Thank you and good night.