I think the only way I wouldnt care about people who aren’t Black using the ‘N’ word is if it was as acceptable to use the racial slurs of other races. The same people, who aren’t Black, who think it’s cool to use the ‘N’ word would most likely have a problem if racial slurs that are directed at them was part of people’s everyday lexicon. It’s hypocritical, because if rappers finally started using other racial slurs in their songs I imagine people would see it as a problem. If it can’t go both ways, it shouldn’t go at all.

It’s been wild to me, about spirituality and faith.

First of all, I respect Christian/Catholic/Baptist faith, I was raised in that. But I don’t run with it. Because it has been an active, and very successful, tool to erase not only black identity but also our roots from where we come from.

I’m happy that I’m seeing more and more black women have a growing interest in looking into Hoodoo (non religious) and Vodou (the religion) because, let’s be real, only women seem to have an interest on improving from deep within the soul so that it can reflect in reality. I’m ecstatic that I’m seeing black people getting interested in ancestral work and worship. It’s encouraging to see us start to pick up the pieces and comb thru the bullshit and misinformation out there, but…

It’s like a game of extremes still. Like, say you’re into spirituality but only the “light and bright” parts (Reiki, Akashic Records, Chakra cleansing) and completely shit on “that devil worship” (spirit work, shadow work, dealing with anything labeled “low/negative energy”). And shit on anything labeled “witchcraft”, because that’s “low = bad/evil” energy. You’re missing the whole point of spirituality. It’s the understanding and study of the soul, ALL OF IT. That which is good and that which is bad, the prejudices (we all have them, don’t lie) and the things we’ll defend with our dying breath. Hatred and love, light and dark, and all that gray area of apathy and gray arts.

It’s interesting, but it’s wild. Because it’s an ongoing process of deconstructing what’s been forced on us for hundreds of years. And it’s difficult, but it’s worthwhile.

Don’t even get me started on black witches *men included, though some try to gender discriminate by saying only women are “witches” and men are “warlocks”, fuck outta here) that vibe hard as fuck with Greek, Norse, _insert non African and open pantheon here_ and get jumped on by the black witches that SOLELY work with African magic and worship as well as getting dogged by non black folks who share in their faith, that’s a whoooole different beast.

Schuler Reformpistole

Manufactured by August Schüler c.1909-14.
.25ACP four-barrel cluster, double action, spent cartridges blow themselves out the back and onto the hammer, which deflects them upward.

A pistol made to be more compact than revolvers and simpler than semi-auto handguns, perfect for any skinny jeans-wearing gentleman.

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2p America x s/o x 2p Canada, or if you think that's weird 2p America x s/o x 2p Prussia? Pls, I need it in my life, along with more of your writing

hey bb ;) yeah I don’t do incest I’m sorry, but i’ll do it as the type of polyamory where one person is dating two or more people but they aren’t dating each other, ya dig? polyamory is a spectrum ;))

  • lit so ur bois are
  • uh
  • well
  • they love each other, of course!!! but,,,,, they hate the fact that they have to share you
  • they are constantly fighting over who gets to spend more time with you, and it honestly isn’t a healthy relationship
  • unless you’re into the whole “fighting for u” thing then i’m sure you’ve been in plenty of fights
  • matt would always take you on cute dates like camping or like hiking or skiing
  • picnics next to the stone river
  • adventuring through the scarlett woods by that old denny’s
  • very outdoorsy things if you’re into it
  • al is more of a “late night motorcycle ride through the city” kinda guy
  • he’ll take you to that hidden thai place on boulevard that everyone passes
  • sometimes to that cozy café and bar under the highway that has a cat called gusto
  • maybe even to Joey’s sandwich shop behind the run-down nightclub that sells home-made toffee
  • they’re both very,,, them with their dates
  • but sometimes it turns into a competition
  • sometimes means most times
  • of course they still hang out, they’re still brothers, they’re still best friends
  • sometimes you come over
  • sometimes means most times and most times means Duel Time ™
  • it’s very rocky but you guys make it work
  • allen is very cuddly
  • matt tries to be, but never really initiates
  • it’s a working effort but you love them both

“Then hear me. If we are taken, you will go over to them, as the wildling girl you captured once urged you. They may demand that you cut your cloak to ribbons, that you swear them an oath on your father’s grave, that you curse your brothers and your Lord Commander. You must not balk, whatever is asked of you. Do as they bid you … but in your heart, remember who and what you are. Ride with them, eat with them, fight with them, for as long as it takes. And watch.”

▷ ▷ ▷ was that ZOEY DEUTCH walking around the halls of hogwarts? i wish it was them, but it was really just ALECTO CARROW, the SIXTEEN year old SIXTH year student at hogwarts. they come from a PUREBLOOD  family, and people tend to describe them as +SHREWD, +POISED, -PROUD and -CAUTIOUS. they can be seen around hogwarts hanging in the RAVENCLAW common room and in THE DUELING CLASSROOM. i hear they’re planning on REMAINING NEUTRAL once the war starts and that they’re planning on KEEPING QUIET ABOUT IT. i can’t wait to see how this turns out for them.

i have a little bullet-point introduction to alecto under the cut, but i also figured this was a good place to link her full bio, as well as her stats page!

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