Mumford and Sons, Forever, September 26th, 2016 in Salt Lake City, Utah by Laura McCommons ♥

Austin 5000 Fool we've landed

Much excitement on the 10 hour flight from the UK to Salt Lake City. Between the two of us we managed to squeeze in 6 and a half movies…. For the second half I am thinking the journey back to the motherland. But let’s not think of that yet. I can now humbly recommend watching Eddie the Eagle!

Totally fell in love with SLC, it’s a beautiful place. Engulfed my mountains but still plenty of room to breath.

Tourism on the Sunday, Temple Street, bus tour, gardens….. *TICK* LOVETT.

Gig day.

UBERX all the way. The amphitheatre is way out of town, we are loving UBER here, so many stories from the drivers, they are super nice. “You’re welcome” On arrival, the joy when we spot No less than 8 portaloos outside the building. The day is sunny but fresh. Lots of gates not too many people, plenty of parking! Some are totally herefor the day, tents, camping chairs. We feel lucky to have a borrowed Delta blanket to rest on!

Chatting to Hannah, who stayed in the UK for nearly two years, and we seem to have been to most of the same shows as she did. Small world.

Sound check. Interesting!!!!!! And makes us very happy. They sound check a new song, just the eight times. It’s different, it slots into a basement tape sounding song. We listen with great interest. They also sound check FOREVER and Wona a few times. This passes an hour with a smile.

We queue. Interested at how the credit card entry system works. By 6pm doors there is a fair size crowd, but not rammed.

Doors to green and we scan OK. Wrist band OK and there we are happy.

Catfish and the bottlemen. Much energy and charm. A good few of the font row are clearly here for them, this impresses me! A good bounce and the crowd singing back to their set.

It’s now dark and a chill in the air. But soon we warm up! I should mention that we are stood next to a family, Mum, Dad 7ft tall, with two kids. One called Holland holding a “my name is Holland” sign.

Opening with Snake Eyes, then Little Lion Man. It’s good to be back! Next Holland road, shocker! But it does down really well. They’ve added White Blank Page back in. No real set list surprises.

Good banter. The girl Holland waving her sign got a hello, which was sweet, Marcus now trying not to drop the f bomb. The man on the front row won the get your kit off competition, a wafting flag Winston Vs Kayne 2020 flag is noted.

No b stage but an acoustic slot of Marcus busking “you are my sunshine” and the crowd singing it back. Aweeee, then onwards to cold arms.

Encore of Hot Gates, I will wait, with a stalking Ted around Ben, Ben was totally in the zone and it took ages for him to spot which we funny.

FOREVER!!!!! Such a choon. But WHAT… Marcus is not playing the guitar, but thrashing a Tamborine within an inch of its life. It’s good. Very good. Then all too soon it’s The Wolf. Love this song.

I would say it was a good show for one and all. No set lists from the stage as security rushed us from the barrier within 10 seconds of the last chord being played. Which is a shame.

New t shirt purchased from merch, when and I quote “but it’s shit quality” the seller replies it’s the distressed look…… I OFC purchase one.

The UBER queue is long so we wait. Our driver arrives 30 mins later. Michael, a Mumford fan listened in the car park! We talk Trump vs Clinton debate. Clinton just about won it.

That time we sat in an Uber at the drive through MacDonalds………. large.


Pics to follow when the replacement card reader Amazon PRIME arrives!

'Finding Nemo' in Navajo: a step in keeping the language alive | KSL.com

“Finding Nemo” began playing in theaters 13 years ago. In a couple of days, it will play again for free — in Navajo.

Navajo seems to be a dying language, something many Navajo elders are worried about. So when big-name movies, like “Star Wars,” and now, “Finding Nemo,” are released in Navajo, it’s about trying to keep the language alive.

“For Navajo land, for Navajo people, this is something that is epic,” said Mylo Fowler, who is the Navajo voice of “Crush” in the film.

As a Navajo, Fowler, who lives in Sandy, says it’s an honor.

“When I saw the film for the first time, I was just shocked and blown away,” said Fowler. “It was so amazing the talent that was there. This wild idea of translating one of the greatest kid movies of all time into what I certainly believe is one of the greatest languages of all time.”

Beyond just how cool it is, it’s also important.

The language was used during World War II, when Navajo “Code Talkers” helped encrypt communications, keeping enemy forces from translating vital messages. But, with every generation since, the language is slowly dying.

With “Star Wars: A New Hope” translated to Navajo in 2003 and now “Finding Nemo,” the second big-name movie translated in their language, Navajos are hoping it will excite younger generations to learn about their past and keep their language alive.

“It’s a very critical part of our identity,” said Fowler. “Who we are as an individual and how we can communicate with our elders, who we’ve learned these wonderful stories from.”

“Finding Nemo” is playing in several theaters starting Friday in and around the Navajo Nation, as well as the Megaplex Theater at the Gateway in downtown Salt Lake City. Tickets are free at the ticket counter.



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