Ramon Angelo M. Mendoza
Pasig, Philippines
Canon EOS 60D

What do you feel is the most challenging thing about the photography you create?

Since I treat my photography as an extension of myself, I aspire for it to go beyond mere aesthetics, and act as a representation of how I interpret the world in my eyes in hopes of making it a relatable medium. Considering there is a ton of amazing and inspiring photographers out there, it is a challenge for me to constantly stay faithful to my artistic self and the intention I wish my photos to get across. It’s a struggle I acknowledge, yet know I can overcome whenever it hits.

How would you describe your style?

Coming from my previous answer, I’d describe it as engaging, heartfelt, cinematic, and bold. I enjoy utilizing available colors to make the most out of a scene while putting significance on the effect of light within my photographs. 

Tumblr: angelomendo
Instagram: angelomendo
500px: angelomndza


anonymous asked:

things to do during summer?

go to the park, get frozen yogurt, bike rides, hiking, picnic, drive-in movie, regular movie, arts n crafts, go window shopping in the city, play frisbee, go to the lake/ocean, bake a cake, go to a fair, go to an arcade, adventure in the forest, camping in your backyard with your friends, go swing on a swing set in the dark, catch fireflies, play hide n seek, make a masterpiece on your sidewalk with chalk, go to an amusement park, get icecream, go to target late at night, go to the library, roller skate, try a new restaurant


♂ House Sparrow @ Grange Park, Toronto (early May, overcast day).

The House Sparrow was introduced into Brooklyn, New York, in 1851. By 1900 it had spread to the Rocky Mountains. Two more introductions in the early 1870s, in San Francisco and Salt Lake City, aided the bird’s spread throughout the West. House Sparrows are now common across all of North America except Alaska and far northern Canada.