• Normal Person:*watches musical*
  • Normal person:That was good. I enjoyed it.
  • Me:*watches musical*
  • Me:*buys cast album*
  • Me:*buys T shirt*
  • Me:*buys poster*
  • Me:*keeps tickets forever*
  • Me:*Looks up bootleg copies of said musical on YouTube*
  • Me:*Learns all words to said musical*
  • Me:*Act's out said musical*
  • Me:*Falls in love with actors in said musical*
  • Me:That was good. I enjoyed it.

I remember when I used to stand outside of that stage door and watch all these girls come out of there, with their eyelashes and their make-up and I’d think: “God I’ll never be that old. I’ll never be that old. I’ll never be old enough to come out of that stage door.” But deep down inside I knew I would, and goddamn it, I’ve come this far and I’m not giving up now.

balance - a study in the theatrical practice of duets, trios, and quartets

sunrise - in the heights // at the ballet - a chorus line // when i drive - bonnie and clyde // crazier than you - the addams family // it’s de-lovely - anything goes // don’t let me know - hit list // on the right track - pippin // first date-last night - dogfight // baptize me - the book of mormon // moonfall quartet - the mystery of edwin drood // learn your lessons well (after hours) - godspell // as long as you’re mine - wicked // poor child - the wild party // you could drive a person crazy - company // hang the moon - bombshell // if only (quartet) - the little mermaid // make me happy - 35mm: a musical exhibition // ten minutes ago - cinderella // the i love you song - the 25th annual putnam county spelling bee // you don’t know - next to normal // i am the one - next to normal // falling slowly - once // no one is alone - into the woods // balancing - the burnt part boys


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• Legally Blonde

• A Chorus Line

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• Honestly anything Broadway-related

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Les Miserables celebrates passing A Chorus Line

Because sometimes you just need Colm Wilkinson and the 2002 Broadway cast in a dance number.


“Forty years ago, A Chorus Line reinvented everything. There’s a lot of things we know about A Chorus Line, but let me just focus on one thing. What A Chorus Line did, it said: “Let’s for a moment take the spotlight off the star of the show and let’s turn the spotlight on the people who are making the show work. Who actually build it, who devote their lives —let’s not just turn the spotlight on them, let’s actually ask them their story. Let’s find out who they are, let's find out how they got here and let’s say, “You know what? That’s the real show.” And they did that and they changed the nature of the American musical theatre. And Hamilton is doing it in a little bit of a different way, but it’s saying the same thing. It’s taking the story of the founding of this country and saying, “Guess what? Let’s tell the story of the founding of this country by the people who actually make up this country, who are this country, who are the strength who build this country and who are this country’s future.” And these two musicals together, what better thing could represent what The Public Theater tries to do? We try to do it everyday and every 40 years we hit it out of the park.”  — The cast of Hamilton pays tribute to A Chorus Line

waiting for life - an examination of the ‘i want’ song

i hope i get it - a chorus line // corner of the sky - pippin // out of the blue - the wild party // superhero girl - starmites // how bout a dance? - bonnie and clyde // on my way - violet // i’m not that guy - bloody bloody andrew jackson // life - starship // i’m a star - dreaming wide awake // santa fe - rent // santa fe - newsies // part of your world - the little mermaid // before it’s over - dogfight // someone is waiting - company // in my own little corner - cinderella // role of a lifetime - bare: a pop opera // safer - first date // foolish to think - a gentleman’s guide to love and murder // waiting for life - once on this island // you and me (but mostly me) - the book of mormon // let me be your star - bombshell