So I just got to 650 followers and have seen this on tumblr a few times in the past few days so I am going to do a giveaway. My list is ever growing and this link will be updated every time I get a new bootleg. I’m still doing trades throughout the giveaway.

The rules are:
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•This giveaway will end on the 7th on July at 10am EST
•There will be three winners and you must not give this list to anyone else


21 Chump Street


Amelie (LA)

Anastasia (Hartford)

Book of Mormon

Bring it On (OBC)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (London)

Chicago (US Tour)

Dear Evan Hansen (OBC)

Falsettos (2016 Revival)

First Date (OBC)


Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 (OBC)

Hamilton (OBC)

Hamilton (OBC+Swings)


Hedwig and the Angry Inch

If/Then (Broadway Preview)

If/Then (Jackie Burns)

In The Heights (Lin-Manuel Miranda)

In The Heights (Javier Munoz)

In The Heights (Tour)

Into The Woods

Legally Blonde – The Musical

Les Mis (10th Anniversary)

Matilda (Broadway – Queen Lesli)

Newsies (OBC)

Next to Normal (Original Off-Broadway Cast)

Phantom of the Opera (Norm Lewis)

Spring Awakening

The Colour Purple (Revival)


War Paint

Wicked (OBC)

Come From Away

Wicked (Aaron Tveit)

The Lightning Thief

Hamilton (Chicago)

Les Mis (Carrie)

Cats (2016 revival)

Book of Mormon (Ben Platt)

A Chorus Line


  • Normal Person: *watches musical*
  • Normal person: That was good. I enjoyed it.
  • Me: *watches musical*
  • Me: *buys cast album*
  • Me: *buys T shirt*
  • Me: *buys poster*
  • Me: *keeps tickets forever*
  • Me: *Looks up bootleg copies of said musical on YouTube*
  • Me: *Learns all words to said musical*
  • Me: *Act's out said musical*
  • Me: *Falls in love with actors in said musical*
  • Me: That was good. I enjoyed it.

And on the 8th day God created the show tune…

Underrated Musical Numbers

1. The Morning Report from The Lion King: If you like puns, you will love this song. It’s basically Zazu updating Mufasa on all of the news of the kingdom, but they are all just puns. “Chimps are going ape, giraffes remain above it all…”

2. At The Ballet from A Chorus Line: I don’t know what it is, but something about his song makes me really happy. I think it might be either the awesomeness of the three combined voices or the realness of the story. 10/10, definitely recommended.

3. People Will Say We’re In Love from Oklahoma!: I know this musical is really old and most people aren’t really into it, but as someone who had to watch it be choreographed and performed for 2 months, it’s so sassy that you can’t help but love it.

4. Good For You from Dear Evan Hansen: This song is just so raw that it makes me shiver every time I hear it. I know that I have been in the place of every single person in that song and it gives me all the feelings.

5. Me and the Sky from Come From Away: This song makes me want to go out and chase my dreams. Or something. It’s literally all about someone who saw what they wanted and walked on top of all of the obstacles to get there. If you need to get pumped up, listen to this song. 

Reblog with your own underrated musical song! If I haven’t heard it, I will listen.


I remember when I used to stand outside of that stage door and watch all these girls come out of there, with their eyelashes and their make-up and I’d think: “God I’ll never be that old. I’ll never be that old. I’ll never be old enough to come out of that stage door.” But deep down inside I knew I would, and goddamn it, I’ve come this far and I’m not giving up now.




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