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Am…am I crazy for wanting there to be more Floyd Lawton on the Flash?

I mean, I don’t even know how that would work (I’m hoping he didn’t die when he was whammied last episode), but he’s just so…so…

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Don’t lie to me, guys. You’re all thinking it too…


Happy Valentine’s Day ♪
For My Tumblrs Friends (๑•ڡ•)♡(•ڡ•๑)

I made Valentine’s Day chocolates.
chocolate dipped dried orange slices.

white one is mixed with minced salt pickled Sakura (cherry blossom) and i also put it on the top.
Thank you always for everything !!


塩抜きをして 砂糖水に浸して


This Buddha Bowl is beautiful! Jasmine rice & spinach base topped with carrots, chickpeas, hummus, #avocado, cherry tomatoes & fresh basil. Thanks for sharing @flowers_and_fitness! 🌺 #eattherainbow #vegan #vegansofig #whatveganseat

What are you doing for #dinner?

Stay pt.2

Requested: Yas

Summary: Make-up sex

Paring: Dean& (Y/N)

Words count: 1773

Warnings: smut, language

Another night, another motel room, another bed and another sleepless night. It’s been like this for over a month, and I never realised it was this bad. I guess when you sleep with one person every single night for five years, it’s hard to fall asleep without well-known hands wrapped around your body.

And I guess that is me, ever since that night when I ran out of bunker and left all of my dreams and hopes along with Dean on top of them, just like a sweet cherry on top of a pie.

I haven’t heard from Dean in a month, and I guess it’s been too long because I hear his pretty voice in my head following me everywhere, telling me to answer his calls but I just can’t. I know I sound selfish, but put yourself in my position, what would you do? Could you forgive him, knowing that there is a women that he has deep feelings for, even though he doesn’t want them? They are still there and they are stabbing me in my heart like knives. And every single one hurts more than the other one.

I turned around, facing a clock and saw it was 2.am. The last time I checked it was 9pm. I closed my eyes trying to get at least an hour of sleep, but sleep just didn’t want to come to me. I can’t do this anymore.

The only reason why I never answered any of Dean’s calls was my pride, but she, obviously, she didn’t brought me anything good. This is it, this has to stop now.

I pushed the blankets away and went into the motels bathroom. I turned the water on and looked myself in the mirror. I couldn’t recognised the person staring at me. She was a complete stranger to me. Her hair was everywhere, my hair never looked like this, and my eyes were never so empty, so unknown. But especially her face, her face was so pale, and her and snow white stood together people wouldn’t know which one is which. So now dark circles were even more obvious, they looked like she drew them on.

I couldn’t stop staring, what have I turned to? I washed my face and put some makeup on so I don’t literally look like a zombie and scare crap out of Dean. Yes I am going to bunker and I don’t know if I am happy, sad, excited or just confused, or everything together.

I went back into my room and putted black skinny jeans on, red t-shirt and leather jacket, and putted my boots on. I took my purse and putted my phone, my charger and some clothes that I had in, took my keys of motel turned the lights of and found my way towards the bunker.

I like the feeling of a cold wind on my skin it’s so refreshing, and it gave me some time to clear my mind. I still don’t know what I am going to say to him, will he even want to see me, or did he already found another chick?

Just the thought of Dean with someone else is deadly itself, and I know if he had found somebody else in this month it’s all my fault. I am the one which ran away and never even looked back or tried to reach back to him.

I suddenly stopped, I am here, I don’t know how already even though the motel wasn’t far away, but I guess that time really does fly. I took the key and unlocked the doors and of course that made a loud noise, so now the boys will think that somebody is breaking in.

I walked down the stairs on my toes trying to be as quiet as possible but this stairs were just too loud and I wanted to jump and pass all of them but that would make more noise and I would probably break few bones.

“Stop there.” I heard and I immediately froze but my heart seemed to beat faster than it ever did. I knew that voice, that perfect, manly, raspy sleepy voice.

“It’s me.” I said quietly but since we were the only one in this room it echoed so loudly and I could hear my scared little whisper.

“(Y/N)? (Y/N) is that you?” Dean said confusingly. I just nodded, I couldn’t say anything or move any of my muscle.

“(Y/N) I- I” he started and I just stopped him by moving down the stairs to face him and I said.

“No, Dean, it’s not your fault, don’t apologize. If there is anyone who should apologize here its Me.” he just looked at me not saying anything so I just continued.

“I shouldn’t had ran away from you that way, I should’ve tried to understand it, but being an ignorant bitch that I am, I just snapped and ran away from my problems. Because that the thing I don, because when I lose control over something I just can’t handle it and I just have to leave. Because the knowledge that I couldn’t handle the situation the right way, just destroys me.” I stopped took another deep breath and continued.

“And I know that you can’t control what you feel to Amara, I mean I don’t but I will try to understand it, because that’s what I am supposed to do as a girlfriend, I don’t say I support your feeling towards her but I also know I can’t do anything to stop them. And I believe in you Dean, and I love you with all my heart and my love for you will never stop. Just know that.” I felt hot tears streaming down my face, but I wasn’t the only one crying, he was also in tears.

He took my hands into his “Where the fuck were you for past month, can you even fucking imagine how worried I was for you? I was dying, I wanted to turn over every single fucking rock if I had to and I almost did but Sammy held me and told me that you will come back, and you know what I didn’t expected you to come back, I really didn’t.”

The words sounded so harsh and so unlike Dean but I deserved them, and they hurt me like hell but it’s all because of me.

I nodded “I know Dean, I know, I fucked it up, badly, because when you needed me the most I turned my back on you, but don’t be mad at me, you just don’t understand what kind of curse is that you feel everything so very deeply and it hurts more than you can imagine. I know I fucked up, I haven’t been sleeping for past month just thinking about you, and what should I’ve done. And if I had the opportunity to do everything again, believe me, I would never turn my back on you, not again.” By now I was a crying mess and I couldn’t contain my tears and I didn’t want to.

Dean pulled me into a hug and I rested my head on a well-known muscly shoulder. I could’ve tell that he was crying too because my shirt was soon wet.

He lowered his hand to my things which was an unwritten rule to wrap my legs around his body, and so I did. He started walking and even with my eyes closed I knew he was taking me to our shared room. When we came he gently laid me on the bed. He looked at my eyes, then my lips and slowly lowered his lips onto mine.

When our lips touched I felt like a little girl again, there were fireworks, butterflies and even elephants in my stomach dancing, because they have been sleeping for too long.

I automatically tangled my hands into his hair and bulled him even closer into me. We were separated for too long and I just wanted the familiar feeling of his body on mine, which I missed more than I actually realised.

He moved his one hand and started playing with the hem of my shirt, and slowly moved his hand up to my breast. When he reached it I left of a little moan in between the kiss and I could feel him smiling. He moved his lips from my lips along the jaw and down my neck. He stopped just a little bit under my ear and he started biting on it. I moaned some more.

He moved his lips of my neck and took my jacked and my shirt off. His eyes travelled up and down my body with a little smirk on his face, before he started sucking down my collar bone making sure to leave marks.

When he reached my stomach I felt silvers down my spine. He unbuttoned my jeans and slowly took them off. He placed his hand in between my legs and slowly started rubbing me over ma panties. His lips again found their way to mine and when they boned again I just wanted to stop the time and stay like this forever.

He moved his lips and his hand and slowly untied his rope. I could already see boner in his boxers and I felt more and more horny. I took my hand and started rubbing him over his boxers and in return I just got a loud groan from him. I stroked him few more times and then he moved my hand away.

He took my underwear off in the matter of seconds. I wrapped my legs around his torso and he slowly entered me. He let me adjust him and then he started trusting very slowly but deeply. I closed my eyes and grabbed the sheets and started moaning loudly. He shut me with a kiss. “We don’t want to wake up Sammy, do we” I just nodded.

He started thrusting a bit faster and it was almost impossible to hold in my moans, so I just bit my lips and tried not to.

Soon I felt the familiar feeling in my stomach and I was soon to come. Dean realised it and his thrusts became sloppier and deeper and so did our breathing. As I was about to come Dean kissed me roughly so I wouldn’t moan too loud and I ended up moaning into his mouth. He came right after me with a deep groan.

He laid his wet body next to mine, put his hands around me slowly kissed my nose and whispered. “Happy Valentine’s Day, baby girl.”


Animal Crossing Villager Personification Collection - 3: GENJI VEST   

I’m sure there’s a huge chance, that I’ll be wearing this clothes once the cherry blossoms bloom in my town!

The Snake ninja top with zipper vest is done in a similar manner. Both Genji and Snake could look like some cartoon/anime character or a mascot, so there, the clothes inspired by them are vests with their faces printed on them. Under the open vest is a kimono-inspired shirt.

I’m currently working on a Skye Dress being requested! I’ve done my first version of it, but I’m not very satisfied and I should work on it again once my headache lifts off.

Apologies if I can’t really type or express myself properly today. Y’know, headache! I just slipped this post in my blog today because I’m at my computer, trying to review something too.

Other Designs: Poppy / Fang


The Knife - A Cherry On Top (Official Video)

Made a huge Buddha Bowl for lunch today 🌞 Base of Jasmine Rice & Spinach ✨ Topped with carrots, chickpeas, hummus, avocado, cherry tomatoes + fresh basil 💕

Instagram: @flowers_and_fitness

queennyandream asked:

The signs as Shizuo Heiwajima gifs please and thankyou w a cherry on top?

The Signs As Shizuo Heiwajima Gifs


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