Maybe just once,
I’ll let myself fall.

Just once,
will I give myself
up to this gravity.
I have been fighting
against the inevitable
for too long.

Maybe just once.
I’ll let myself break.

—  “I really need a break, and I need to
learn that it’s okay to break sometimes”

imagine when voltron is formed and there’s a ship flying towards them but its lion hands are unavailable so the mouth just opens and bites the ship. lov the cronch


i am my mom screenshots & topaz Pearl kinda confirmed what i didnt want to be confirmed. I wanted there NOT TO BE. A color coordination with diamonds. The color u are should not be the diamond ur made for. (Blue diamond shouldnt have all the blue sapphires) BUT it looks like the crewniverse are being boring and giving (yellow) topaz to YELLOW diamond and (blue) aquamarine to BLUE diamond. Its kinda cliche and expected but whatever