headcanon: chat noir totally clues queen bee in on the fact that marinette loves the dashing, chivalrous hero shtick

so whenever queen bee rescues marinette, she practices her flirting on her in preparation for the day when she’ll finally seduce ladybug

which means that now marinette has chat noir and queen bee coming to her balcony for visits and she’s literally 5000% done


Something that’s been bugging me for a while is people shoving their opinions into other people’s faces, then acting like their opinion is positively the only true one. I’ve gotten plenty of those messages from “This character isn’t a female” to “Your headcanon is wrong”. It just… doesn’t make sense to me. 

This doesn’t only apply to Undertale, it happens in all fandoms, and it really should stop, people can and have gotten seriously hurt over silly things like this.