Just in case No Regrets wasn’t tragic enough, this is what Levi was thinking about on the roof before they arrived. Isabel getting assaulted and Levi going off on his own to kill them men who did it. Levi takes it upon himself to look after his friends and protect them. They’re his family, and he feels responsible for them, not only out of obligation since they help each other survive, but because he loves them. He knows they’re skilled and adults but still he worries. Protecting them is HIS job HIS role because he’s the only one strong enough. This is highlighted when Levi goes off without Farlan and Isabel to kill the people that hurt Isabel.

So when Faraln say’s “Believe in us.” Farlan is telling Levi he doesn’t have to do everything himself.  Levi doesn’t have to constantly be protecting them. They can protect each other and be equals. The dynamic can change because they can be strong too. Strong like Levi.

In this moment, Levi is letting go of his parental protective roll of Farlan and Isabel. He’ll stop viewing himself as the one who can get the job done and them as the ones who need protecting. He’s saying this time he’ll let them come and trust them to hold their own against the dangers that they’ll now face together. 



Agi as Isabel Magnolia
Me (Dantelian) as Levi Ackerman
Lifelessly, Levi began to walk. As he did, he felt his foot hit something. The rounded mass rolled into a nearby puddle. Stained with mud, he couldn’t distinguish its features - but Levi recognized that unkempt red hair. ©