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Kuroo, Iwaizumi, Ushijima, and Akaashi (NSFW: lvl 4-5)

Kageyama, Oikawa, Sugawara and Akaashi (NSFW lvl ?)

Kageyama Smut (NSFW lvl ?)

Bokuto and Kuroo Smut (NSFW lvl ?)

Bokuto Smut (NSFW lvl 1-2)

Kuroo Smut with a short s/o (NSFW lvl 4)

Hinata Smut (NSFW lvl ?)

Bokuto Smut 2 (NSFW lvl 4-5)

Oikawa Smut (NSFW lvl ?)

KuroKen Smut (NSFW lvl 4-)

Nishinoya Smut (NSFW lvl 4-5)

Bokuto and Ennoshita Smut (NSFW lvl ?)

Kuroo Smut (NSFW lvl 5)

Tsukki Smut (NSFW lvl 4-5)

Tsukishima and Yamaguchi Smut (NSFW lvl 4-5)

OiKage Smut (NSFW lvl ?)

Lev Smut (NSFW lvl 1-5)

Samifer Big Bang - Teaser

So, since some people wanted this and I just finished this damn thing I decided to give you one of the few happy scenes from my first Big Bang ever. It’s from the first draft, so might change in the final version, though the scene itself will stay like this. Enjoy!

Lucifer left the house after he ate and walked through the streets a little. Not far away from the house he found a park, a green oasis that drew him closer. He found a spot under a big tree, watching children play tag from the shadows and just didn’t think about anything for a while. It was easy there somehow. The air was fresh, smells of flowers and grass soothing him and helping him forget that he was in a city at all. Sure, it was hot, but he had expected it, given how far south he was during this time of the year. His mother was right, this city was magical. Something about this place was easing the tension in him, made this horrible guilt he felt since he had stopped writing go away slowly.

Maybe New Orleans would turn out to be just the right place to break through his writer’s block. Lucifer crossed his hands behind his head and closed his eyes, simply listening to the screeches and laughs coming from everywhere. Despite the noise, no one seemed to be in a hurry. Maybe because it was holiday season and the kids could do what they wanted, but maybe it was just the way this city was.

“Hey, watch out!”

Lucifer wasn’t even able to open his eyes – yet alone realize the shout was directed at him – before something hit his head and pain exploded through every nerve of his body. He pressed his hand against his temple, groaning as he tried to open his eyes and focus on the boy who came rushing towards him.

“Sorry, man. That’s my fault. Are you alright?” He boy asked, stroking his hair back. Lucifer saw him a little blurred, but noticed unwillingly that he was an attractive looking young man. Slightly longer, brunette hair, eyes that sparkled in the sun like a rainbow and a dimpled smile that melted his anger away the second he saw it.

“I’ll live.” Lucifer pressed out and even managed a painful smile. He grabbed next to him and found the missile that hit his head; a Frisbee. He handed it back to the boy. “Try not to kill someone with this, okay?”

“Sure. Again, I’m really sorry.” The boy said and scratched his head. “The sun totally blinded me.”

“Don’t worry.” Lucifer groaned and dragged himself up, smoothing his pants and dusted away some dirt. Even though he wasn’t mad at the boy, not really, his head hurt like hell now. “Just be careful the next time.”

“What’s taking you so long, bitch?” Someone else shouted behind the boy, followed by laughter, and he grinned.

“I will. Again, I’m sorry, but I gotta go! Bye!” He waved and ran back to his friends, already throwing the Frisbee again. Lucifer slowly shook his head and smiled. For a few moments he watched them, especially the brunet, who was running and jumping around like a gazelle. Somehow even this was calming. Boys being boys, screaming at each other, laughing about one of them tripping and just being happy. A little he regretted not being their age anymore when he turned to leave.

I might post another one in the future, when I reworked this thing, but for now know there are currently 32k words in the first draft, which makes this the longest thing I have ever written.

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Mother Turns Stairs Into Enticing Book Covers In DIY Home Project

Mothers have the best ideas! Pippa Branham and her husband turned a simple home decor project into a DIY that has become quite the story on social media! Moving into their first permanent home in 2015, Pippa decided to add personal touches to her home that would make it safer and more inviting to her children.

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The Clark Doll Test was created by Dr. Kenneth Clark and his wife, Marmie Clark. It focused on stereotypes and self perception in relation to race. Clark wanted to show that segregation in schools was misconstruing the mind of young African American children and causing them to internalise racism and view themselves as lesser. In the test, African American children ranging from 6-years-old to 9-years-old were shown two dolls - one was white and one was black. They were asked a number of questions such as:  Show me the doll that you like best or that you would like to play with. Show me the doll that is the ‘nice’ doll. Show me the doll that looks 'bad.’ Give me the doll that looks like a white child. Give me the doll that looks like a coloured child. Give me the doll that looks like a Negro child. Give me the doll that looks like you. The test showed that the children preferred to play with with white doll as opposed to the black doll. The children were then asked to colour in a human figure with the colour of their own skin - the majority chose a lighter shade. As well as this, the children gave the white doll positive attributes such as “good” and “pretty” while describing the black doll as “bad” and “ugly”. 44% of the children said that the white doll looked like them as opposed to the black doll. This test indicated that African American children, even as young as just 6-years-old, suffered internalised racism due to segregation. The findings paved the way for an increase in psychological research into areas of self-esteem and self-concept.

Okay but.

Have you ever considered…Nick Valentine and his relationship with children?

That he had been in Diamond City for so many years that he’s probably seen the citizens grow from little ones, into adults and then starting families with children of their own?

That he probably always smiles to himself when he hears the news of another member of Diamond City giving birth to a new bundle of joy, and knowing that even though the world is dangerous – that they now have a new little star to light their way in the darkness. (And later going to introduce himself to them and the happy parents, because babies always seem fascinated by his glowing eyes, and he loves their bubbling)

Or that Nick more than likely goes out of his way to learn the names of the children of Diamond City, and does his best to become a mentor to them and answer any and all questions that they have for him – because the children were never afraid of what he was – and are always overjoyed when “Cool Detective Nick” gives them extra attention when he’s not on a case.

“Why do ya smoke, Mista Valentine?”
“Cus it helps this ol’ noggin of mine feel relaxed, kid.”
“Can I smoke too?”
“Aw, I don’t think so, pal. You don’t wanna wind up a dusty old mess like me, do ya?”

Think about Nick bringing one of the kids from the School House in with him to his office after their classes, and Ellie rolling her eyes playfully.

“Another one? Nick, really?” She would say with a sweet giggle, and Nick would ruffle the kid’s head and lean down to their height to place his hat upon their head.

“Nah, but you don’t get it, Ellie,” He would say in response to her. “This here is my lucky partner for the day.”

Now, think about Nick picking the squealing, smiling kid up over his shoulders, and carrying them out to the market place. Telling them that he needs their help, and relying on their wits and detective skills to discover just what happened to Takahashi‘s last batch of Power Noodles.

“Great job, partner! Without’cha the city would’ve been starving tonight! How, how’bout we get a bowl or two to celebrate our detective work, huh?”

Think about Nick turning fiercely protective whenever one of them are bothered by rude people on the Upper Stands, calling them “urchins” or “snot nosed brats”, or someone from the outside that had the gall to try and injure them to prove that it isn’t all fun and games, and “This is what happens to kids out here in the real world.”

Think about Nick placing a hand on the kid’s shoulder and retorting with wisecracks of his own to get the rude person to back down, or worse…standing in front of them, shielding them from the raiders and firing a warning shot, before picking up the kid and tucking them safe under his neck as they travel back home together; telling them that it will be okay.

Just…Nick Valentine and kids, okay.

Because, even though the world is a post apocalyptic hell… Nick is going to do all that he’s able to make sure that the children around him are taken care of, and above all safe, even when they’re parents aren’t able to.

And if all he can do is buy one of the kids a round of noodles, or play detective with them, or watch over them when they’re scared and crying and keep them safe from the close-minded of the city, and the outside world…by goodness, he’s going to do that.

Because he knows what it’s like to be lost in world that is too big and too terrifying for one person to take in on their own. And he knows that to overcome that fear – you need to have hope. You need to have joy, and you need to have a childhood.

And Nick is going to do all he can to make sure that the kids out in the Commonwealth get just that, even if it’s from a weathered old Synth Detective like himself.s