A bouquet of flowers in a vase

Ressam : Franz Xaver Petter (1791-1866)

Resmin Adi : A bouquet of flowers in a vase (1845)

Nerede : Liechtenstein Museum, Viyana, Avusturya

Boyutu : 120 cm x 94 cm

Avusturyalı ressam Petter Viyana doğdu ve yaşadı. Babası porselen ressamıydı, ancak Petter babası gibi porselen boyamak yerine yağlı boya resimler yapmayı tercih etti. Viyana Güzel Sanatlar Akademisi’nde eğitimi aldı. 24 yaşında Akademi’de öğretmen oldu, 43 yaşında profesör.  57 yaşına geldiğinde ise Akademi’nin yöneticisiydi. Yaşamı boyunca resim yaptı ve düzenli olarak sergilere katıldı. Orta Avrupa’da mobilya’da edebiyata kadar yaşanan Biedermeier döneminde, Petter’in natürmortları hem asiller hem de orta sınıf arasında çok popüler oldu. Petter’in resme olan ilgisi ailesine de ilham verdi, oğulları da ressam oldular. Petter, 76 yaşında Viyana’da vefat etti. Natürmort, yani ölü doğa resimleri, ressamların hünerlerini geliştirmek ve varsa, incelikli dokunuşlarını göstermek üzere, arasıra çalıştıkları bir konu olmuştur hep. Sevdiğim ressamların natürmort çalışmaları ise, her zaman sıkıcı ve yaratıcılıktan uzak gelmiştir bana. Bu sebeple natürmortlardan genelde uzak dururum. Ancak bir ressam, bütün hayatını natümort çalışmalarına adamışsa, bunu görmezden gelmememiz gerekir diye düşünüyorum. Nitekim Petter’in natürmortları, bitkilerin, vahşi çiçeklerin, hem vazoda kusursuz dizilişini hem de canlılığını mükemmel şekilde tablolara aktarması, izlemeye değer. Petter’a sanırım “çiçeklerin ressamı” diyebiliriz.

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Re: number prompts. 46. Pricefield. GOGOGO (it was hard to narrow this down, you'd be really good at a bunch of them tbh)

46. “Hey, have you seen the – ? Oh.”

Where is it? Max stood in the living room, staring down at the empty vase on the coffee table. She could’ve sworn she’d placed the fresh bouquet of roses in it just a few hours ago.

Hands placed on her hips, Max tapped her foot, chewing on the inside of her cheek as she tried to figure out where the flowers could’ve gone. So much for a romantic Valentine’s Day…

Shaking her head and walking to the bedroom, Max called out to wherever Chloe was in the house, “Chloe, have you seen the –”

Max opened the door to their room.

A trail of rose petals on the floor led up to their bed – and the only sources of light in the dim room came from the small flames of the candles on the nightstands on either side of the bed.

Chloe was on the bed, lying on her side, hand propping up her head as she held the stem of a rose between her teeth. She had nothing on except a white bathrobe, and she smirked as Max just stood in the doorway.

“Oh,” was Max’s reaction.

Chloe used her free hand to beckon Max towards the bed, wiggling her eyebrows.

Max shut the door to their room.

Then she burst out laughing when she heard Chloe’s indignant, “Hey!”

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[A giant bouquet of red, long steamed roses arrived at Evan's door. A note was attached, and it read, 'Thinking of you. When you get these, come over. xo -M.V]

Evan opened the door at the knock, annoyed that nobody seemed to be there. Said annoyance disappeared upon seeing the flowers, however. He picked up the vase and read the card with a fond smile, putting them aside to put away later and grabbing his jacket. 

He headed to Mitch’s house as told, raising his fist to knock a few times.


Cameron Dallas/Jack G fanfic- “It was Always You” (sequel to Stuck in the Middle) CHAPTER 4

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           I woke up curled up in a ball on the couch. The whole room was lit up due to the large windows letting in bright sunlight. I stood up slowly and walked over to the kitchen to get something to eat. My stomach was growling. I immediately saw a huge bouquet of flowers in a vase on the island. I smiled and walked quickly over. There was a small note card. I grabbed it and read it quickly:


I really worry about you at times like this. You tell yourself and everyone around you that you’re okay, when really you might not be. Please, let me be the shoulder to cry on. Please, let me listen. Talk to me if you need it.

With love, Cameron.

           I couldn’t believe my eyes… this was one of the sweetest things anyone had ever done for me. Cameron sent me flowers? What he said was true though… I always convinced myself I was okay but it made everything worse. I really though didn’t feel any pain about Jack this morning. Maybe I really had been losing feelings for him over the past 2 months. I grabbed my phone to see it was already noon, and texted Cameron.

“Cameron… you are so so so sweet. Thank you for the flowers. Can you come over this evening? I really need the company. I promise, I’m fine.”

“I believe you if you say you’re okay. But of course, I’ll see you around 6? I’ll bring dinner…”

“Thank you!!! Again.”

           I smiled looked at the flowers. I really loved flowers. They were beautiful, and although they only lasted for a small amount of time, I liked that. They weren’t there, taking up space forever. They were short. Kind of line relationships. You could enjoy the beauty without having to deal with them every single day for the rest of your life. At that moment, when I was thinking about how I liked the fact that flowers went away after a small amount of time, I realized what my biggest fear was. Commitment.


           I changed into leggings and a long sleeve t-shirt, as I waited for Cameron to come. I heard the doorknob being messed with, and Cameron walked in with a chipotle bag. He walked in and set it down on the counter. I walked over and hugged him tightly. “Cameron, you’re the sweetest.” I whispered. “I care about you. You know that.” He said. God, I was lucky to have Cameron. He was there whenever I needed him. We sat down on the couch and ate.

           After the wedding, Cameron made it clear that he would always be there for me. He knew I was going through a tough time and he never left me hanging. Suddenly, as I thought about how amazing Cameron had been these past few months, and looked at the guy sitting next to me, it hit me. Once we were done eating, Cameron grabbed the TV remote. “Wanna watch movies or something?” He asked. I bit my lip and turned to look at him. “Actually… can we talk?” I asked. “Sure,” Cameron said.

           I looked into Cameron’s eyes, unable to find the words to say. He looked at me nervously, waiting for me to say something… anything. Finally, I spit it out.

“I’m still in love with you.” I said quickly.


           “I’m still in love with you.” she blurted out all of the sudden. My eyes widened. I would’ve never expected that in a million years. I was expecting Lauren to tell me she was hurting so bad without Jack and that she needed him back, or some shit like that. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, and I could tell Lauren couldn’t believe the words that just left her mouth either…

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More feelings. I gave my speech in front of about 1000 people yesterday, and I cried. A lot. I was surprised to find that a lot of the students and teachers also cried.

I ran out of flower vases, so my bouquet is in my blender.

I have been looking for the perfect glass vase to be able to put a big bouquet with flowers in it, and yesterday I found the perfect one. I kind of remind me of the vase from the Swedish brand Svenskt Tenn, see it HERE, and maybe that’s why I fell in love with it? Anyway run to Marks and Spencer if you want to get the same one! Go go go.