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Unique Silhouette Paintings With Deep Abstract Coloring by Daniel Taylor

Daniel Taylor is an artist based in Budapest, Hungary. He specializes in minimalist paintings and the dark sombre color palette and clean lines are characteristic of his signature style. Playing with exposure and soft shadow work then pairing it with a coloring technique integrating oil, ink and paint - his abstract series of silhouettes pay a subtle homage to True Detective’s iconic imagery.

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Artist Creates Stunning Watercolor Paintings of the Places She Visits

Elena Efremova is a Russian artist focused on painting, drawing and illustration currently based in France. She has featured highly popular work which creatively visualizes the thoughts and scenes before, by not just painting them, but making them an extension of reality which finds her paper to finish its journey in. Her latest work features stunning watercolor landscapes that fit perfectly into the real image before like a missing puzzle piece.

She builds her set of work from her love for architecture, photography and art which incorporates these three concepts. Her art creates an opportunity for her audience to see more than what meets the eye in the view before them, whether it be the riverside in the middle of a city, a harbour or even a boat resting on the water. She fills in the gap only the artist within her can see and instead fits it with her own interpretation of the elements that must play into the scene. Efremova subtly uses this series to built upon the idea of free expression and creative liberty which the spectators can find motivation from.

Elena Efremova turns everyday life that most people take for granted into magical little watercolor drawings that distils a scene, accentuating the depth and beauty in it. The artist’s detailed paintings are vibrant and natural, suggesting a perspective of life that is refreshing and optimistic because of the promise each scene holds.

1. Paris, France

If the French architecture wasn’t enough to leave you breathless, the way this painting overlays it is enough to make your jaw drop.

2. Calanques de Luminy, France

The way the ocean blends into the horizon by itself makes it tough to know where this painting ends and nature begins.

3. Calanques de Luminy, France

This mountainside is so captivating and is layered so perfectly over top of this natural landscape that it almost looks like legit photography.

4. Porto, Portugal

The way she perfectly laid out this painting to cut off right where the boat floats into the frame is an example of art wonderfully imitating life.

5. Marseille, France

The shading on the skyline is faded so accurately that Efremova looks like she’s just holding a frame around the actual landscape.

6. Vinon-sur-Verdon, France

The way the painting melds over the edge of that villa with the same hue of blue as the sky couldn’t be any more bang-on.

7. Allemagne-De-Provence, Provence-Alpes-Cote D'Azur, France

Bonus points for even nailing the cloud formation in this painting! It would be amazing to see how long it takes Efremova to create these paintings because it looks like she paints them in seconds to get the perfect photos.

8. Gréoux-les-Bains, France

Being able to frame this skyline perfectly is amazing. If that isn’t impressive enough, the artist makes the ripples and waves in the water totally on point, too!

9. Paris, France

Even though the wind is invisible, the artist manages to catch it dancing across the water and making the French flag wave in this detailed painting.

10. Aix-en-Provence, France

The beauty that the artist creates in her body of work comes from everything being so vibrant and natural, all at the same time.

11. Gréoux-les-Bains, France

The way this artist is able to capture the depth and beauty of everyday life is simply astonishing.

12. Marseille Vieux Port, France

The artist truly takes the audience on a high tide ride by applying her skills to distill life at sea through this piece.

13. Calanque De La Côte Bleue, France

Seeing the way that Efremova even took the time to paint the waves breaking over the rocks reveals her stunning attention to detail.

14. Venezia, Italy

Swimming through the streets would be pretty amazing, but if I had this painting in my living room, I think I would settle for cruising down a sidewalk.

15. Lisbon Alfama, Portgual

The layered approach in the architecture in this painting truly makes the colorful spirit of Portugal come alive.

16. Swiss countryside, Switzerland

This may be a crowning achievement in Efremova’s portfolio. The way she beautifully captures the country, the mist lifting off the sea, and the stacked mountainside is enough to leave anyone speechless.


Coexist Nynke Koster

Coexist collection KABK In 1921, the former director of the KABK bought a copy of the famous doors ‘Porta del Paradiso’(1425) by Lorenzo Ghiberti (1378-1455). These plaster doors form the basis of part of my graduation collection ‘Coexist’. The collection consists of 5 objects which are derived from copying various locations in the academy. The negatives of this copies get a new identity and together form my furniture collection.

Images and text via Nynke Koster