A Very Potter Musical


From a couple of cast interviews with AJ (Lotor’s VA) and Jeremy (Lance’s VA), they’ve stated that Lotor and Keith would probably get along very well and that Lance very much dislikes Lotor. Of course, my mind immediately goes straight to my favorite scene between Ron and Malfoy in “A Very Potter Sequel”. (Skip to 6:53)

So here’s hoping we get some funny Lance/Lotor interactions in season 5.xP Enjoy the comic!


In case anyone wanted to know:
👆And those are my current favourites👆

((It’s starkids fault that I ship quirrelmort so much bc of avpm))

when it’s september so you’re skippin this town to get yoself back to Hogwarts where everything is magicool and totally awesome

happy september first to all the hotties nerds and tools (but mostly the nerds)

  • Person: It's september 1st
  • Me: oh, cool
  • Me, internally: Underneath these stairs, I hear the sneers and feel glares of my cousin, my uncle and my aunt. I can't believe how cruel they are and it stings my lighting scar to know that they'll never ever give me what I want.
  • I know I don't deserve these stupid rules made by the Dursleys here on Pri-
  • me: *auditioning for Broadway or whatever* hi today im going to sing a song from my favorite musical
  • judges: *smiles as if i was going to sing phantom or cats or something*
  • me: hit it
  • me: underneath these stairs i hear the sneers and feel the glares-
  • judges:
  • me:
  • me: of my cousin, my uncle, and my aunt