A Tent in the Rockies


Pairing: John Laurens x Reader

Warnings: unedited and not grammar checked; also a little short

Summary: Y/n, John, Alex, and Eliza go on a camping trip, and things get fluffy when you forget your sleeping bag.

Bam: This fic is in honor of the camping trip I just went on! I do hope it’s at least okay. Send requests if you want to see something! Remember, love always.


Even though it wasn’t the most glamorous of activities to be enjoying with your friends, you agreed to go camping with them. John, Alex, and Eliza had invited you, and you figured you could keep John company if Alex and Eliza needed alone time. You packed the night before, and you couldn’t help but feel like you forgot something when you woke up. Nonetheless, you threw all your stuff into the trunk when they picked you up. You got into the back seat of Eliza’s little Toyota and sat right next to John.

“John, why is your sleeping bag so big?” His sleeping bag took up as much space as Alex and Eliza’s, but they were using a dual sleeping bag.

“It’s a couple’s sleeping bag,” he nonchalantly responded.


“I like to have room when I sleep!” He goofily smiled at you.

“Whatever you say.”


The drive was four hours long with one stop, since Alex insisted on getting there before three. The campsite was very rocky with a flat spot for the tent. It had trees surrounding it, and you could hear a river raging near by. You did, in fact, get there by three, but it was still very windy. You struggled to set up the tent, and when you finished, you were all ready to collapse by the fire. Alex set his glove on fire, Eliza panicked, and you and John tried not to die of laughter.

The night came out before you had time to take in the sunset, and one by one, little fireflies came out of hiding. One landed on John’s nose, perfectly illuminating his freckles and his lovely green eyes. You snapped a picture just in time. Secretly, you set it as your lock screen. After the fire went out and the cold had set in, you all got your sleeping bags from the car. Except, you didn’t bring a sleeping bag. That’s what you had forgotten this morning.

“Y/n? Where’s your sleeping bag?” John rolled out his onto the tent floor. Alex and Eliza were already fast asleep.

“Uhh….. funny you should ask…. I packed my bag last night and accidentally forgot it? So, that’s a thing,” you mumbled. John stared for a moment, then stood up.

“Well you have to sleep in my sleeping bag then.”

“What? No! You’ll freeze.” You crossed your arms.

“Oh, I didn’t say I wasn’t gonna sleep in there. It’s a COUPLES sleeping bag. Now come on, I’m tired.” He pulled you down and zipped you two up. Your entire face was red; you weren’t used to being this close to John. Soon soft snores came from his side, so you figured you might as well try to get some sleep.


Sleep came surprisingly easy, but when you woke up, your face was buried in John’s chest. You slowly lifted your eyes to find John staring at you with something in his eyes that made you feel warm and fuzzy.

“Hey sleeping beauty. Comfy?” He wrapped his arm around your shoulder.

“Very. You’re nice and warm.” You nuzzled your face further into his chest. The low rumbling of laughter shook his shoulders, and he shifted to get up.

“Come on. Al and Liza are already up.” You really didn’t want to move, but he was insistent.


It was already 12 in the afternoon, and you could sense that Alexander and Eliza we’re getting antsy. Your observation was confirmed when Eliza pulled you aside while the boys were talking.

“Y/n?” She grabbed your shoulder.


“Could you and John go explore for a few hours?” She gave you a pleading glance.

“If you want alone time that desperately, you could have just asked.” You gave her a wink and she sat down beside Alexander.

“Hey, John, come explore with me!” You tugged his arm and he quickly followed. You followed the sound of the river, and cane upon a log to cross. John took your hand and helped you over. On the other side, there was a huge boulder with many faults in it. John started scaling it, and you tried your best to get up. After a long struggle, you were finally looking at a beautiful skyline of the trees against the mountains and the baby blue sky.

“Hey, let’s take a picture!” He pulled out his phone and scooted closer to you.

“Smile!” You took a nice picture with both of you smiling and holding each other.

“Okay, now time for the mandatory silly face photo!” You said.

He set the camera on timer mode for 3 seconds. You weren’t quite sure why, but you kissed his cheek when he stuck his tongue out for the picture. Right after the picture was done, he went beet red and turned to you.

“What was that for?” His face got closer to yours.

“I felt like it.” Your noses were touching now.

“Well, I feel like this.” His lips brushed against yours before softly pressing down. You grabbed his hand and rubbed small circles onto it, and pulled away from him.

Camping, Man.


can’t it be me instead? chpt  9

one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, ten

Originally posted by jinwooh

summary; the love of your life, Rocky, get’s a girlfriend suddenly and it feels like your world is falling apart. With the help of Moonbin, you try to win him back, but in the end you’re not sure if that’s what you want.

genre; angst

a.n; ‘hurt lovers’ – Blue, is a good song for the ending of this chapter [just in case you wanted to set the mood or whatever]

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Just My Soul Responding

Written for the lovely Iphi. Hope you like it! Thank you Helga for proofreading it.

Every summer the gang gathers at Clarke’s lake house and spends some time there. This year is no different and when one night Clarke wakes up from a nightmare, she goes to the person that makes her feel safest. Some comfort, some sexual tension, a lot of fluff and some fun times follow.

Or the one where Clarke realizes her feelings for Bellamy are more than friendship and then decides to do something about it.

Also at AO3 or FFnet.

She woke up crying.

For a second Clarke didn’t know where she was or what was going on but after a few moments it hit her. It was summer and she was at her lake house with her friends. There was a big storm raging outside, one of those crazy summer storms where it rained like cats and dogs, and branches hit the windows every now and then violently.

Clarke used to love storms; she sat up all night by her bedroom window watching nature do its dance. But not anymore. Ever since her father had that terrible car accident three years ago that took his life, she couldn’t stand storms, ever since a year after his death her best friend’s life had been taken in a robbery gone wrong during a storm, ever since she has shown up at Finn’s a few months after his death, in the middle of another freaking storm, crying and broken, and had caught him with another girl, who had turned out to be his girlfriend. All that happened years ago, yet she still had issues with storms. They just didn’t bring her calm anymore; they brought her pain and misery and have already taken so much from her. She didn’t want to give them anything else.

She lay on her back, trying to catch her breath and calm down. Things have been good lately and she tried to focus on that. Like every summer for the past four years, they were at her lake house, her friends and her. Summers were supposed to be careless and free and she usually stayed there at least a month and her friends came and went, however they pleased.

There were currently quite a few of them there. Octavia and Lincoln were in the guestroom downstairs with Jasper across from them in the den, Raven and Wick on the first floor and the rest of them were scattered on the top floor because nobody wanted to share the floor with Wick and Raven. Clarke was situated in her old room on the top floor, with Bellamy in his room down the hall and Miller and Monty in theirs, opposite Bellamy’s. Her friends were her lifeline and she couldn’t imagine life without them.

Clarke tried to take deep breaths and calm herself but she couldn’t. It just hurt so damn much. She had dreamt about her father’s last moments, about all the blood on the street, about the light leaving his eyes and she couldn’t get the fucking images out of her head. The blonde closed her eyes and let the tears fall. She missed him so much, his warm hugs, his support and his presence in her life. It had been too early to lose him, it had been so cruel and unfair and sometimes she just wanted to kneel and scream.

Another branch hit her window and Clarke almost cried out.  Make it stop, she pleaded silently. The pain was too much, she felt herself drowning and she couldn’t breathe. She threw off her moist covers and stood up, shaking. Leaving her room, she quietly padded down the hall and stopped in front of a door. The tiles on the floor were cold and she was barefoot but all she could think about was help.

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Hopefully you aren't busy - if you are, hold this one off by all means. What would Noctis do if he were to spend time with his crush watching the sunset?

I actually got a few requests along the lines of Noct and sunsets, so I’ll made it into a scenario! I’m still working on grasping how to write Noct - please enjoy! ♡

Golden in the Sky

Noctis had always preferred dusk. In his opinion, dawn just meant you were suffering from a lack of sleep. The sun was getting close to setting, and Ignis had suggested they make camp. Noct will always say Ignis suggested they make camp, but it was definitely Ignis telling Noct they were camping for the night.

Being a prince, Noct was raised in the lap of luxury, so he wasn’t terribly fond of camping. The only thing he really liked about it was getting to spend time with his friends playing games, teasing each other, going through photos, and just getting to spend time together.

Noct followed an overly-cheerful Prompto into the haven, setting down the bags of groceries Ignis had given him on the table Gladio had set up. He groaned as he set them down, huffily crossing his arms afterward.

“What? You don’t like camping? At least it’s not raining tonight,” Gladio teased, giving Noctis’s shoulder a shove.

Noctis staggered, throwing a glare in Gladio’s direction. “Yeah, cause camping sucks when it rains,” he grumbled back, sitting down in one of the chairs that had just been set up.

“Oh come on, stop being so grumpy!”

Noct froze. How had he forgotten? He paused, internally composing himself, before looking over his shoulder. His eyes fell upon his crush, and he was sure he blushed immediately. They were so cute. How could they be so cute?

“Uh…” Noct fidgeted slightly, unsure of how to respond.

“You’re coming with me,” they said, grabbing his arm and pulling him from the chair, “Come on, lazy!”

Noct allowed them to pull him from the chair. He glanced over at Gladio, as if for help, who raised his eyebrows, shrugging slightly as he turned back to setting up the tent. Noct followed them over the rocky terrain. He had absolutely no idea where they were going, but he didn’t ask - being with them was enough for him.

They scaled a large pile of rocks not too far from camp. At the top, Noct was able to see Gladio and Prompto messing around at the haven, Ignis watching them judgmentally from one of the chairs as he sipped his coffee. The sight definitely amused Noct, making him even more thankful for his brothers. Noct’s crush continued to the edge of the highest semi-flat rock in the formation. They easily plopped down on the edge, facing the soon-to-be setting sun with their back toward the haven. Noct followed them, unsure of what to do next. When they patted the area next to them and motioned for him to join them, Noctis forgot how to breathe for a second. “Er, what?”

“Don’t tell me you’re afraid of heights,” they laughed, motioning for him to come over again. He crouched slightly and made his way toward them, silently chanting to not look down. The rock was unusually smooth, making him even more nervous. Slipping and falling would be so easy. And what would be worse - falling or embarrassing himself? When he finally made it beside them, he could hear his blood rushing in his ears. They were so close. No turning back now.

“I’ve heard the sunset is really pretty from here. Y’know, with how the light shines off of the Disc. I know you like sunsets, so I figured it would be a nice way to get your mind off of things.”

Noct stared at them for half a second too long, just long enough for them to catch him. They let out a short giggle, giving him a playful push on the shoulder.

“D-don’t do that! We’re so high up!” Noct stammered, his hands grasping at the rock, searching for some place to grab on.

They laughed again, this time the smile of sheer amusment not fading from their face. They sat quietly side by side, watching as the golden rays of the sun began to spread across the fields and the sky. The way the rays reflected off of the Disc really was beautiful. But Noct’s heart hadn’t quit racing. Whether it was because he was sitting next to them or on a ridiculously high rock, he wasn’t sure. He assumed it was the former though - they had a way of catching him off guard.

Noct was trying to think of something to say, some small talk to break the silence. Before he could even open his mouth to speak though, they had slipped their arm around his, leaning onto his shoulder. He froze. Completely frozen. So frozen a statue would have been proud of him.

What would Gladio do? The thought ran frantically through Noctis’s mind. Upon realizing what Gladio would do, Noct had to mentally shake himself - NO. Anything but that right now. He was pretty sure he heard his crush say something, but it definitely didn’t register in the prince’s mind.

“Noct?” The tone of their voice indicated they were repeating his name. He inhaled sharply, much more sharply than he intended. He blushed even more, if that were possible, sure this was an even bigger indicator of his nerves.

“You okay? You don’t seem yourself.”

“Y-yeah. I’m fine.”

Noct turned his head to look at them, finally making eye contact. Wow, their eyes were gorgeous. He laughed shakily, causing them to smile back at him in amusement.

What happened next must have been in the moment. Looking back, Noct can say he had absolutely no idea what came over him. Without seeming to think it over, he leaned in and kised them on softly the lips. It was quick and light, but a kiss is a kiss. Their eyes widened and they stared at him for a long moment. The prince looked away, running a hand through his already messy hair with a soft, shaky, overly-nervous laugh. Once the initial shock was over, his crush let out a small laugh, leaning their head onto his shoulder. Noct drew in a steady breath before intertwining his fingers with their free hand and resting his head upon theirs.

What happened would stay between them. The guys didn’t need to know. As far as they knew, the two were off looking for herbs for Iggy’s new recipe.

*Stardust in Your Skin by ellasaidlumos

T. [18,770 words: ONESHOT]. Emma Swan may believe in magic and curses and fairy tales but she absolutely does not believe in soulmates.

WARNINGS/KINKS/TRIGGERS (IF ANY):  Major character death (Neal), mentions of injuries

What I think of this: 

This fic is a wild ride! Stardust in Your Skin takes the soulmates tattoos trope and makes something new and refreshing of it. Unlike most soulmates AU out there, it’s not all “there! in your face!” about it, but instead weaves it tastefully through the narrative of the show until it feels perfectly into canon scenes. It’s lest of a soulmate AU and more of a canon divergence, which makes it really nice to read.

The narrative of Stardust in Your Skin follows Emma from the beginning of season 2 to the end of season 3. One could find it upsetting that half of the fic is a retelling of the show, but ellasaidlumos gets Emma’s voice so well that you soon forget you already know what is going on. Scenes about the soulmate tattoos find their place between canonical scenes, and it soon takes a life of it own until the narrative definitely switch to canon divergence.

I loved reading Emma’s thought and how the story jumped seamlessly from scene to scene. I loved Emma first being a non-believer when it comes to soulmates, contrasting with Snow’s peaceful acceptance of the concept and Henry’s excitement at the idea. It fits emma so perfectly, and it makes it all the more delightful to see her opinion change through time.

Killian is true to himself in this story too. Easing his way into Emma’s life, challenging her when she needs to be challenged, being there for her when she needs it the most. It’s always so great to revisit Captain Swan’s evolution from the very beginning, rocky and tentative. His connection to the whole concept of soulmates is as in character as Emma’s, and I loved getting glimpses of it all through the story before the much needed heart to heart between him and Emma.

Stardust in Your Skin is overall a very enjoyable read, and I couldn’t put my phone away before reaching the last sentence (even at 2am smh). It’s such a really great take on the soulmates AU and ellasaidlumos’s writing style makes it all the nicer to read.

My favorite part:

“It appears our roles have reversed,” he comments quietly.

She hums in response as she wraps the bandage around his arm, tucking it underneath to keep it secure.

“Yeah, you wanna go knock Anton out for fun?” She deadpans and he laughs before looking down at her handiwork.

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Bucky at the pound.

“Steve! Oh my god, this one!” Bucky looks up from where he’s crouching on the floor next to the three-legged, skinny little mutt that’s trying to bite him as much as say hello. “He’s just like you! We’ve gotta take him home.”

“You said that about two more already.” Steve tries to keep the smile off his face, so relieved to see Bucky this alive again. 

He’s struggled to become habitually verbal again, battled nightmares and flashbacks and truly debilitating anxiety, along with the memory loss that’s plagued nearly every waking moment and left them both terrified of what each day will bring. But the suggestion of getting a pet had perked him up like nothing else, and seeing him so relaxed is threatening to make Steve adopt the entire pound just to keep that energy alive.

“I know, but this one.” It’s the ugliest fucking dog in the world, but Bucky looks like he wants to cradle it to his chest and keep it forever. “He reminds me of you.”

Steve regards the mangy-looking tiny thing with its long snout and sandy coat and one flopped-over ear, then looks at the first really big, genuine grin he’s seen from Bucky since he came in from the cold, and tilts his head with a fond little sigh. He’s a fucking sucker. The little bastard does look kind of like him before the serum. Maybe

“You’re looking after it, I’m not picking up poop.” Bucky isn’t listening, too busy cooing at the horrible little thing where it’s trying to chew his metal fingers to shreds. “What d’you wanna name him?”

“I…” Bucky’s eyes unfocus for a second, he disappears somewhere before he’s back in his head, smiling a little more tentatively this time because he’s not sure of himself. “Rocky? Didn’t we… I think… There was a dog called Rocky?”

“Mr Greenberg’s, we used to work at his grocery store when we were teenagers. The dog was a hundred years old and napped in the back all day, not much of a guard.” The corners of Steve’s mouth quirk up as he remembers catching Bucky napping at the end of his shift, lying on a pile of grocery sacks with the dog lying on him without a care in the world. He’d forgotten about that until now. 

“Perfect. Rocky it is.” Bucky nods decisively and holds his flesh hand out for the mutt to smell, looking up triumphantly when he gets a lick to the palm instead of teeth. “He says it’s a deal.”

Steve tries to be rational (how the fuck can they handle a dog when Bucky can hardly function half the time?), but he can’t stop smiling. It’s the first time he’s seen the man he loves happy in what’s apparently been seventy years, he figures they’re entitled to be a little irrational about it. 

Trinity: Ch. 2 - Impression

Previously …Chapter 1 - Perfume

Genre: Casefile | Fandom: The X-Files x The Fall x Sreetcar | Rating: Mature | Setting: Circa 2012. Canon compliant | Chapters: 2/9 of Part 1

Ch. 2 - Impression

DSI Stella Gibson hates airports. Not for any irrational fear of flying or terrorism or crowds; she knows the statistics too well to worry about such improbabilities. She hates them because they are so damn inefficient. If she adds up the time spent standing in lines behind little old ladies with pockets full of change and multiply-pierced students taking three attempts to get through the metal detectors with the inevitable flight delays, she could probably add a solved case or two to her record.

Of all the crappy airports she’s visited, Louis Armstrong New Orleans International is fast climbing her shit list. The café doesn’t open until 6am, the vending machine added powdered milk to the black coffee she so desperately needs and the incoming flight from Charlotte is already delayed by 40 minutes. As the the spinning wheel on her phone denies her WiFi access and therefore the chance to make her wait in arrivals a productive one, Stella hopes that at least her instincts about Fox Mulder are correct. She needs a fresh and creative mind on this case as well as someone far-enough-removed from the investigation to deflect the potentially damaging side-effects of this line of enquiry away from her taskforce. Involving such an unconventional witness goes against Stella’s instincts but they are desperate enough for a break that she will play along just long enough to establish whether this bizarre sidenote is the key to catching their killer or an exercise in insanity. She is also hoping that Fox Mulder is less “spooky” than his reputation. His early years as a profiler were so successful that he was legendary, even in the UK, and this, as much as the need to separate the wild tangent she’s exploring from the official investigation, is why she is willing to overlook his less exalted endeavours. Her announcement that she intended to reach out to him had elicited mixed responses from her team but a note from an Agent Reyes, formerly of the New Orleans field office had convinced her to go with her gut and ignore the ghost noises and sniggers of some of the more junior investigators. With her email still held hostage by the patchy WiFi, Stella surveys arrivals, more out of habit than anything. Noticing nothing of interest, she absent mindedly swigs her forgotten coffee before remembering with a grimace why she hasn’t already finished it and tossing it with more than the necessary force into the closest bin.

The minutes flick by slowly and Stella finds herself sinking back into the case. She doesn’t understand this killer yet, what perversions crawl under his skin and make him do the things he does. She hasn’t even figured out exactly what he is doing, pieces of the picture are clear while others still hide in the darkness. But she will find him.

A shadow settles between her and the artificial light and she looks up to find herself caught in an intensely blue stare, its owner extending a hand to her.

‘DSI Gibson?’

Stella shakes herself out of her head and stands to meet the stranger, trying to work out who this could be. She is surprised to find that she has an inch or so on the other woman. Even in heels that rarely happens, and she uses her vantage point to take in the woman’s smart tailoring and sleek red hair before accepting the handshake.

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Old Tracks

I hadn’t been able to leave the Mini-Farm for several weeks. I didn’t realize how terribly the lack of adventure affected me until we were finally on the road again, both dogs piled into the back of the pickup with all our camping gear and a day’s worth of food. 

Our destination was new territory - a trail which wasn’t even a real ‘trail’ at all, but rather, an abandoned section of railroad cutting through the heart of Salmonberry wilderness in the Oregon Coast mountain range just outside the tiny community of Timber. 

My partner and I chose to hike five miles in and five miles out - which isn’t ambitious by and means, but with all our gear and two dogs to look after, we had our work cut out for us. I was cramping badly with menstrual pains, my brand new pack wouldn’t properly adjust, and an unfortunate bear mace leakage at the beginning of the hike left my nose and eyes burning terribly for the duration. 

It seemed that everything that could go wrong did go wrong. But I really didn’t mind. I was pleased to be out in the forest again, just me, my partner, and my two dogbeasts, in an area where seeing another hiker was actually something of a shock and surprise, given the remote nature of the trail. 

We passed through old tunnels, crossed over intricate trestle bridges, and set up camp for the night beside the Salmonberry river at a spot we dubbed “Elk Swamp” - so-named because the skeletal remains of an old elk were prominently displayed in the dark, earthy waters of a marsh nearby. Cabal and Jude, my canine companions, made good use of the bones as play-things while my partner and I set up our tent. 

Despite the days’ rocky start, nothing compared to the struggle we encountered in trying to start a fire. Days of on-and-off rainfall had soaked all the wood in the region, and it took several tries before we finally got enough substantial coals to cook our evening meal. 

I fed the dogs and tied them to their posts outside the tent - Cabal at far sentry, Jude at close guard - before calling it a night. Despite being wintertime in the cold, wet mountains of the Pacific Northwest, my sleeping bag and my partner’s body heat kept me warm and comfortable, at least long enough to catch a few hours of sleep. I woke intermittently throughout the night, feeling the bear mace burning my skin -  but found it surprisingly easy to fall back asleep again each time after waking. 

At 3:30 AM, Cabal sounded the alarm. I poked my head out of the tent with a flashlight in hand, but saw nothing worth fretting over. I gave my pup the command for silence and once more surrendered to the gravity of slumber. 

As the sun rose, my partner awoke to take the dogs on a jaunt of his own while I slept in. The trio returned an hour later with a collection of quartz and agate to show for their journey. 

We had a brief breakfast - no fire, this time - and packed up the camp, then headed back up the trail, traversing landslides, treacherous sections of washed-out track, and downed trees, knocked over in a recent violent windstorm. 

By the time we reached our starting point, all four of us were completely exhausted. Cabal and Jude leapt eagerly into the truck bed as my partner and I stashed away our packs, happy to be rid of them, and drove back out of the woods to rejoin civilization. 

Despite the hardships of what should have been a simple and uneventful adventure, I’m incredibly pleased that we made the journey. This was one of the last trips I planned to take with just Cabal and Jude - soon, we’ll add the new puppy to our pack, and things won’t be the same. Spending time with my boys - Danny included - was wholly worth the aches and pains. And in a way, they made it even better. 

Rocky Imagine for Taryn (iluvonedirection14)

“Taryn!!! Taryn!! Get Up!!!” Rydel squealed as she threw a pillow in your direction. 

“Whaaaat??? Nooo Let me sleep!” You mumbled, chucking the pillow back in her direction. 

“But Taryn! Today we leave to go camping!!” She argued. 

You sat up in your bed instantly. “OH YEAHH I FORGOT!!” You jumped out of bed and threw on your camping clothes, pulled your hair into a side braid and brushed your teeth. The rest of the Lynches were ready when you were. You were the last one to climb into the van. Discovering that the only empty seat was next to Rocky, You glared at Rydel. You have had the biggest crush on Rocky for years and Rydel, being your best friend, knew it. 

The ride to the camp sight was quiet for the most part. When the van finally came to a stop, you jumped out of the car and took a deep breath in. “Ahhhhh Fresh mountain air.” you sighed.

“Incredible, isn’t it? How different air can smell?” Rocky said, walking up next to you. 

“Yeah It’s pretty crazy.” You said shyly. 

“You want to help me set up one of the tents?” Rocky asked.

you couldn’t help but smile. “Uh  Yeah” You said with a goofy smile smeared across your face. 

“Alright. Come on." 

You grabbed the poles as Rocky grabbed the big flat tent. Rocky flicked his wrists in the air letting the tent unfold. He let the tent settle to the ground before walking over to you. "These poles are so long!” You complained as you tried to connect the two pieces together. 

“Here, let me help.” He said placing his one hand on yours. You froze. You loved the feeling of his touch. He gabbed another end of the pole and fed it through the slit in the tent.  "Alright, put the end in the pocket, there, on the corner.“ He instructed skillfully. 

You did as you were told. After your end was secure, Rocky flexed his beautiful arm muscles as he forced his end into the opposite pocket. Or.. atleast.. he tried to secure his side. "You ok over there?” You asked, seeing his obvious struggle. 

“Um.. Yeah.. I got this.” He assured you, trying to act like he had everything under control. before you could even blink you heard a loud SNAP. 

You gasped as you saw Rocky fall over, hand over his eye. “Oh My Gosh! ROCKY!! are You ok?” You screamed as you rushed to his side. 

“Ow. Ow. Ow.” He whimpered as you helped him sit up. 

“Rocky, Come on. Let me see.” you whispered trying to carefully remove his hand. 

“No! No. Don’t touch it! It hurts." 

"Rock… stop. Just let me see it.” He finally removed his hand, letting out a sigh. You could tell he was embarrassed. You gasped as you saw a cut bleeding right above his eye. “Oh No!” You mumbled.

“What? What?? Is it bad?” He asked as you got up, retrieving the first aid kit. You didn’t answer him as you opened the box, getting a disinfecting wipe and a band aid. ripping open the wipe package, Rocky protested. “No… No.. uh uh .. those things sting.” he said trying to move away.

“Stop, Rocky, please.   Just hold still” You said gently wiping and dabbing the wipe at his cut. 

“Ow! Ow!!! OW!!!!” he hissed. You finished cleaning the cut and placed the band aid over top. 

“All Done.” You said placing you lips on the band aid. 

“What was that for?” he asked.   You froze again. Did you just kiss his forehead? …Yep.. you did…. crap.

“Uh..umm.. sorry” you stuttered. 

“No… Taryn. You missed.” He stated. 

“What? I missed?”

“You missed, Taryn” He said standing up in front of you. You looked in his beautiful eyes and became lost. His hand reached out and rested on your cheek. 

Rocky looked into your eyes, then down at your lips. Then into your eyes again, and back at your lips. 

Before you knew it, Rocky placed his lips gently on yours as you inhaled with surprise. Rocky was kissing you.. WHaaaat?? You started to kiss him back, bringing your hand up to rest on his cheek. You pulled away after quite a while only to hear Riker, Ross, Ryland and Rydel cheering. Rocky couldn’t help but laugh slightly at his siblings’ antics.

. “Don’t worry Taryn. I know you like me… But it’s ok.. Cause I love you." 

Hope you like it!! It was really fun to write! <3