A Stone's Throw Silver

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46. “Shut up, I am a delight!”

This is a silly little Modern AU thing. I hope that’s alright! 

“I think Max hates me. She’s stopped replying to my messages,” Silver said, flopping down onto the sofa next to Flint with a sigh.

“What did you do?” said Flint, without bothering to look up from the book in his hand.

Silver scoffed indignantly. “Did I say it was my fault?”

“No,” Flint said, turning the page, “I just tend to assume with you.”

“That’s so rude,” said Silver, picking at a loose thread on his jeans absently.

“And yet, I doubt I’m wrong. What did you do?” Flint repeated.

“Nothing! I just sent her some…quite long messages with quotes in them,” Silver said, shifting slightly.

Flint finally looked up, expression knowing and unimpressed. “How many?” he asked.

“Messages or quotes?” said Silver.

“Whichever is the more incriminating number,” Flint said, eyebrow arched accusingly.

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The Harrowed Heart, chapter 3

…Above me, Quill had been cornered by the two remaining ghosts.

“They’re pretty keen, Lucy,” he said. He flicked his sword at them and they swirled backwards, then flowed effortlessly at him again. He parried, stepping lightly aside to dodge their attack. 

Glancing up from my struggles with the rock, I had a glimpse of him as he must have once been - before he lost his psychic abilities and became a supervisor: Quill the agent, swift and sure and brave. He lunged at the nearest ghost and cut through its school tie. Ectoplasm sprayed his sweater. “Any suggestions?”

“Keep them busy while I try to get the number plate out of the rocks.” I tugged at it. It was stuck like the sword in the stone.

He cursed. “Any time you want to just throw a silver net over the whole bloody thing, will be fine.” …