A Song of Ice and Fire

Meeting Emilia Clark Pt. 2

Date, walk in teh park, and Paparazzi.

(I REALLY need to watch some Emilia Clarke interviews. I don’t know her personality at all and i feel like it hinders my ability to write her))

(Word Count: 1,358)

Emilia and you had been dating, secretly, for nearly six years after meeting a year earlier. For the most part it was amazing and you had never cared about anyone as much as you cared for the actress who played the Mother of Dragons. A few of you closest friends knew and you had met the parents, of course, and most of the things that came with dating a celebrity came easy for the two of you. Being friends with Sophie helped the transition of being semi-famous to any person with a camera who knew who you were. So far, the only real problem you had had was missing Emilia while she was away filming for Game of Thrones, but thankfully the depression began to hit just as work and school was getting busy so you had something to distract yourself from missing her most of the time.

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