Okay, bye Jon! love, Sansa ❤️

I never write about Jon and Sansa (apart from fanfiction obviously, but that really, really doesn’t count), and I have my reasons for that, but I feel like I sort of have to right now, because one scene that I hated at first, though now absolutely love, is being, once again, ripped apart and taken totally out of context for no other reason but the same old, same old that people just seem to not be able to not assume that Sansa is power-hungry, greedy, jealous and simply doesn’t give a flying crappy shit about her big bro Jon. 

Just to make this clear, She really, really cares a hell of a lot about Jon Snow. I just want to say that, because it can never be said enough. Heck, we know Bran and Arya are coming, but Sansa doesn’t, Jon is literally the only person she has left. He has proven to her that he will do anything to keep her save, not because of his own selfish wants and dreams, but because he’s, you know, a freakishly rare and wonderfully attractive flippin good guy, the only one she’s come across to ever since she saw her father’s head roll. Sansa complains to him that he has to stop protecting her, for crying out loud. Yeah, I’d totally say Sansa hates Jon guts, if that would be the only option when answering a multiple choice question going a bit like ‘What do Sansa haters want most?’ 

Sansa hands down receives more hate than Jon does, though Jon has not been treated kindly by all either, since season 7 started. He’s been called a sexist. Now, truly, I think of all the men in Thrones, Jon is about as feminist as it gets, but oh well, meta for another time. 

The whole point of Jon and Sansa arguing like old grumpy married couple in front of everyone to see, is because the way they solve it, the way this plot ends, is to show us that, both are wrong/right, it’s not about that, it’s about how they solve it. 

Same goes for episode 2. 

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Sansa doesn’t want Jon to go, she has a good point, but Jon wants to go and makes some great points too. Both are right/wrong. The decision made at the end is the best possible outcome. Not because I want Jon to go, not because I want them separated, but because the grounds on which he leaves her are just utter glory for any Sansa fan. If there was ever fanservice for Sansa stans, this was it.

Now, let me finally drag myself to the point I actually wanted to talk about… People jumped at the chance of saying Sansa was totally and perfectly fine with Jon leaving the moment he gives her Winterfell. It’s so stupid to me, because if Sansa wanted Jon’s power, him going away, leaving her in charge or not, would always be a perfect opportunity for her. She should’ve been overjoyed at the mere mention. She really, really isn’t. Prove can be found in the gif above. 

As a bookreader, I want to kindly remember everyone that ‘Winterfell belongs to my sister, Sansa’. This just brought it all in full circle to me, basically a dream come true

Sansa is not suddenly perfectly fine with Jon leaving, and though I understand where the jokes all come from (’Don’t bother rushing! we’ll be fine! Take as long as you need! bye Jon!), I think they also missed a deep point here that only people who don’t blindly dislike Sansa see. 

Unfortunately, loads of people blindly dislike Sansa, because Oh My God, character development! it’s so hard to grasp for the simplest among us on earth (yes, Sansa haters are stupid dumb humans, I said that).

Loads have completely and totally misinterpreted Sansa simply being okay with Jon going because he gives her command, and that is all she ever wanted, they think she has what she wanted now, and they’re right, but they’re also wrong. Sansa has what she always wanted, it’s just not what they think it is. 
It wasn’t power that Sansa was after, as a bookreader I hope the show stays true to this. She’s not power-hungry, she’s nothing like Cersei, Daenerys, Stannis… she’s not addicted to the thrill of it. What Sansa has been after, especially when it comes to her relationship with Jon, is respect and recognition. For people to finally see that the little girl with her charming prince dreams, the one who was actually in love (gag) with Joffrey, is gone

Jon leaving her in charge of Winterfell doesn’t give her the power she’s always craved, it gives her the recognition she’s been looking for. Jon trusts her and her knowledge, her instincts enough to give her Winterfell, and with that comes great responsibility. 

In episode 10 of season six, Jon tells Sansa they must trust each other. As beautiful as I thought that scene was, I also never denied that it sounds more like him saying ‘trust me’, and Sansa heard that too. Jon diagnosed her trouble with trust, and he correctly recognized this as a problem. He failed to see, back then, that her lack of trust could be easily solved with trusting her, respecting her. And here the issues of 7.1 really find their root.

I know Sansa did not suddenly accept Jon leaving because she gets to rule over Winterfell now, because she has the North… The only one who ever believed that is what Sansa wanted was Littlefinger, and his attempts at giving her the North always translated in him having even more opportunity to go full ‘Look at what I did? Look at all I’ve done for you? It’s all for you. You need me.’

Sansa doesn’t want Jon to go, she doesn’t want him to leave Winterfell, abandon his home, abandon her, but she accepts him leaving because she realizes he trusts her. All Sansa has wanted is for Jon to trust her. He trusts her now. How beautiful is that, when you think about it? They trust each other. They’re, in a way, total equals in this perfect little partnership of theirs with loads of conflicting, unresolved and confusing feelings.  

I think that Sansa realizes that if he trusts her, well, she can trust him too, trust him to do what is right, to do what he must do, trust him to come back to her. So, she allows him to leave her.

It’s funny, you know, with someone like Kit ( Harington) for example, I’ve known Kit for years, and we used to go to Yoga together before Game of Thrones and he hasn’t changed a jot. Yet he’s now a global superstar. And Emilia ( Clarke) as well. They’re just good grounded people

Gemma Whelan ( Yara Greyjoy)
She’s so cool!
( Kit & Yoga! I love it!)

“How do you want to go?” “In the arms of the woman I love.”

Pain shuddered through him… and suddenly the bathhouse was spinning. Brienne caught him before he could fall. Her arm was all gooseflesh, clammy and chilled, but she was strong, and gentler than he would have thought. Gentler than Cersei, he thought as she helped him from the tub, his legs wobbly as a limp cock. 

“Guards!” he heard the wench shout. “The Kingslayer!”

Jaime, he thought, my name is Jaime.

- Jaime V, ASOIAF A Storm of Swords by George R. R. Martin

I might be the only one who really likes this idea BUT...

….Jon Snow marrying Jeyne Westerling to keep her from marrying some Lord she doesn’t love and who could be cruel to her.

Jon Snow marrying his “brother’s” widow so he can make sure she’s cared for and treated with love and respect and so Jeyne can be the Lady of Winterfell like Robb believed she was worthy of.

Obviously, this would have to be in the books.

And yes, obviously, Rickon and Bran are still alive and so could be called the Lord of Winterfell over Jon

BUT….just let me dream lol

Finally saw Ep. 1 of the new Game of Thrones series (I’m watching the second one tonight- no spoilers!) and it reminded me of the concept that my friend and I came up with years ago for the book series: Sam as the tenuously benevolent shadow dictator of Westeros.

Idea: Jon Snow is dead, but he Wargs into Ghost’s body temporarily while the Watch devolves into chaos. His body is foolishly kept in the ice cells instead of being burnt and is turned into a Wight during a brief skirmish with a White Walker and some reanimated dead guys. Jon Wargs back into his own zombie body to keep it from killing people and is –mostly– able to control his baser instincts.

The wall is ultimately defended thanks to Sam’s knowledge of dragonglass and the rebellious watchmen repent doubting Jon as a leader. They all agree to cover up Jon’s assassination and present a unified front to the Seven Kingdoms in light of the coming war against the dead.

So Jon remains Lord Commander in name, wrestling against his zombie side and locked up in a freezing study to slow his decomposition, approving Sam’s strategic plans.

These plans involve a slow transformation to Watch-directed martial law (since Lannister leadership in Kings Landing is a shambles anyway). The Watch seizes all Valyrian steel or dragonglass weapons, as well as any castles or strongholds that might contain raw dragonglass, first taking over the empty Dragonstone.

Noble families eagerly turn over their castles, lands, armies, and forges to the Watch in exchange for protection- Watchmen with dragonglass weapons guarding their homes. Because Sam is the leading authority on how to defeat Walkers, he has almost unlimited power.

Soon, the Watch controls most of Westeros and answer to nobody. They’ve developed a system of tunnels similar to a rudimentary subway connecting all major castles, for Wstch use only.

Sam has slowly become the most powerful man in Westeros. But he’s all too aware that Jon, who still signs off on and is aware of all of his strategies, could snap at any minute, give in to his zombie side, and become a second Night’s King who could easily allow the White Walkers to take over the Watch– and therefore, the world.