A Quiet Night at Home

Long Way Down // Spencer Reid x Reader

Warnings: A little bit of everything really

The end had finally come and despite the amount of time you spent preparing for it, it still felt like a punch in your stomach. The knot in your throat was painful and your lungs still struggled for air to breathe. Tears clouded your eyes and turned your vision blurry until his face was unrecognizable.

“You’re a coward,” you cried. “A fucking coward!”

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Why Does it Have to be You? - Damian Wayne x Reader

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Requested by Anon -  a Damian x reader where Klarion has started causing chaos around Gotham and the only person he’s willing to listen to is the reader, because he has a crush on them.

The night was a quiet one. So quiet, in fact, Damian sent you home earlier when he caught you yawning one too many times. He knew you hadn’t been getting much rest lately. 

Damian was currently crouched by a stone gargoyle, debating whether he should turn in himself. The thought about crawling into bed next to you seemed very appealing. He frowned, glancing at the clock tower behind him to find it still an unnaturally early hour. Taking out his grapple gun, Damian decided to make one more round of the city before returning home to you.

Damian was just going passed the Gotham Train Station when a explosion sent him tumbling to the ground. He rolled back to his feet before scrambling to see what happened. Much to his displeasure, he spotted a swam of magical energy surrounding the building. 

Swinging down to slip into the building through one of the windows, Damian growled as he saw Klarion floating in the center of the room. 

“What are you doing here, Witch Boy?” Damian demanded, dropping down to the floor. Klarion sneered at him, lifting a finger to zap a civilian unlucky enough to cross his path. The person turned into a mouse, scurrying away. 

“Go away, Birdy. My kitty might eat you,” Klarion threatened, glancing around. He frowned when he realized Damian was the only vigilante in the room. “Where is (Y/N)?”

Damian sighed, sensing what this was about. “(Y/N) is not here, Witch Boy. I’m afraid you only have me tonight.” He watched silently as Klarion’s face slowly grew redder and more grotesque. Damian’s eyes widened when he felt something brush against his leg. He glanced down to find Teekl. Before he could move, Teekl turned into a giant beast. Damian fought the monstrous Teekl while Klarion threw magic blasts at him. 

“No, No, No!!!” Klarion was screaming as Damian did his best to avoid the magic blasts and Teekl. Eventually, one of Teekl’s paws slammed into Damian throwing him out of the building and into the street. Damian could feel one of his ribs crack, but rolled out of the way of another magic blast from Klarion.

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say you love me


you’re a doctor who finds bucky in an alley way, bleeding out. you help him, and get way more than you ever asked for. (based on this request.)

word count: 5.7K

pairing: bucky x reader

warnings: angst, fluff, open ending, bad writing

a/n: listen, i dont think this is good but i hope this is what ya wanted. there’s no smut in this, sorry my dudes :/ i left this ending kind of open and abrupt, so if y’all want a second part, i can write it. 

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masterlist | request

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i found my love upon the southern ground

Pairing: Bellamy Blake/Clarke Griffin
Summary: A one-shot of Bellarke in post-WWII Ireland, inspired by Ed Sheeran’s Nancy Mulligan { wc: 1.6k || rating: teen+ }
 a/n: Special shoutout to @apanoplyofsong, @reblogginhood, @kane-and-griffin for their wonderful input about patron saints <3

Clarke felt her heart pounding in her chest as she eased the front door of her childhood home closed. The night was a quiet one, as were most in the no-name town thirty miles outside of Belfast. It was a bit eerie to see the street–the one where she had played hopscotch, and ridden her bicycle with the pink basket, and walked home from school with her friends–so deserted, so empty. She thought of the dresser below her bedroom window upstairs, now also empty of her belongings, just like her bed was of her. A shiver began to steal up her back, but she bit her lip as she fought against it.

Cold mist coated the back of her neck as she slid her key out of the lock and into the pocket of her plaid skirt. The leather case with her most precious possessions weighed her down almost as much as her worry, and its handle nearly slipped from her grip as she snuck down the front steps onto the street. Her stomach was in knots, and not even the warm gold glow of the lone streetlamp on the corner could soothe her.

When she spotted the car headlights at the end of the road, however, Clarke broke out in a nervous smile. Her first steps in that direction were quiet, as if she expected her parents to hear her all the way from their dark and silent bedroom. Soon, though, she stopped caring if the click of her saddle shoes against the cracked pavement was too loud. It was with a run that she took the last few steps to the dust-covered black car with the dinged bumper.

Strong arms caught her up as she approached the driver’s side, and Bellamy spun her around. “You’re here,” he murmured as he pulled in her into him tightly.

“Of course I’m here,” Clarke whispered into the familiar linen shirt that was patched in far too many places. When she pulled back, she looked up into dark, bright eyes that were far too apprehensive. “I told you I was ready.”

He quirked a half-smile at her as he brushed some loose curls behind her ear. “Shame on me for doubting,” he said dryly.

And though she did know from his tone–Clarke felt she had memorized everything about him over the past few months, because that’s what thinking about someone all the time got you–that he was teasing, she didn’t laugh. Instead, she cupped his face with her free hand and said, “I’ve never doubted anything less in my life, Bellamy Blake.”

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Some more things to consider for my Fake Marriage AU:

  • “As your husband-” “
    *Groan* Phichit no-” 
    “-I think I deserve to-” 
    “-Phichit stop, we’re not even-”
    “-know where you’ve been spe-”
    “-we’re not even really together!”
    “*Dramatic gasp* How could my own husband say such a thing!?”
  • Yuuri and Phichit are so close, and so overly affectionate with each other that half the time, their rinkmates forget that they’re not actually in a relationship
  • Yuuri and Phichit probably fought over whose best man Celestino was going to be, before eventually Yuuri caved and let Phichit have him. Nishigori ended up being Yuuri’s. 
  • They probably take advantage of all those couples’ discounts on Valentines day. Usually just holding hands and being snuggly is enough to convince people, but Phichit has probably kissed Yuuri a few times when the situation called for it. Neither of them really mind it, but it does feel kinda weird, so they don’t do it unless they have to.
  • They celebrate their anniversary together every year. Celestino gives them the day off practice, and they go out to the movies, or stay at home and have a quiet night in, or go to an amusement park. Even after they’ve divorced and each married their real s/o, they never give up this tradition. They take turns every year on which of them has to fly out to the other’s country for the week. Viktor and Seung Gil aren’t bothered by this at all - they probably find it hilarious.
  • They still call each others’ parents as mom and dad. 
  • One day, Yuuri and Viktor and Chris and all the other skaters in their circle of friends are having a party and they decide to play “Never Have I Ever”. Chris is trying to get back at Viktor for something he said earlier, so he just smirks and goes “Never have I ever been married to Yuuri Katsuki.” Viktor smirks as he locks eyes with Phichit, and they both down a drink simultaneously. Yuuri groans and hides his flaming face in his hands, while everyone freaks out because WTF!?!?!??!!!?!?

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First time MC is experiencing snow with RFA + V + Unknown


  • They were going on a date that day, though they had no official plans
  • But then they both woke up to at least six inches of snow overnight
  • MC insisted they go sledding
  • MC managed to find a park with a lot of big hills
  • Yoosung was a little freaked out to go down the hills, so MC had him hold onto her the first few times so he could get used to it
  • Then he didn’t want to let go because he liked having his arms around her waist
  • After playing around in the snow for a while, they went back to her place (it was closer…. and probably cleaner)
  • She made them some hot cocoa, they bundled up in some blankets, then fell asleep watching TV


  • Well, they were working when it snowed for the first time
  • So they were actually fairly busy, selling a lot of warm beverages
  • When they closed up after dark, there was enough snow that MC couldn’t just go home because she lived too far away
  • So Jaehee offered her home for the night
  • They walked through the quiet night, enjoying the smell of the smell, each other’s company, the warmth of the other woman’s hand, and the scenery
  • The next day, it had snowed enough that they couldn’t even get out of Jaehee’s apartment and had to close the cafe for the day


  • It was a late evening in winter
  • They were bundled up with scarves and mittens, MC was wearing a cute hat with a flower on it
  • They were walking through a dimly lit park, hand in hand, just enjoying each other’s company
  • Zen’s cheeks were a little red, but that could’ve be from the cold, the hand holding, or the comment that MC had just made
  • MC shivered a little, so Zen wrapped his arm around her, and she looked up at him and smiled
  • Zen had to lean down and kiss her
  • He had to
  • One kiss led to another, and then they were kissing, holding each other, in the middle of a park at night
  • When MC felt something cold land on her cheek, she pulled away and looked around
  • Snow was falling around them
  • “Well isn’t this conveniently romantic….” MC muttered, but was quickly caught up in a kiss again
  • When she shivered again a little while later, Zen stopped kissing her to get her home
  • they almost got hit by a car because he was wearing a white jacket with white hair and pale skin
  • Because they got wet on their way home, they stripped down in the entrance and put their wet clothing aside, then snuggled under a warm (possibly electric) blanket until they fell asleep
  • Whenever it snowed after that, MC would always blush


  • It wasn’t going to snow in their area this year and MC was kind of disappointed
  • So Jumin decided that they should go on a skiing trip
  • While they both attempted skiing the first day, they fell over a lot and had a lot of laughs as a result
  • Much to Jumin’s own surprise, when MC playfully threw some snow, he threw some back
  • Honestly, Jumin had never had so much fun in the snow and was happy he got to share something like this with MC


  • They all woke up to the snow outside, and immediately bundled up
  • Saeyoung was so excited to drag MC and Saeran into the snow
  • Saeran didn’t initially want to participate, saying it was cold and boring
  • After MC and Saeyoung made a snow man, and snow angels, MC dropped a little snow down the back of Saeyoung’s pants and he retaliated with a snow ball
  • They started an epic battle, taking cover, and MC managed to coax Saeran to her side (mostly because she wanted to keep him from packing rocks into snowballs)
  • Eventually, they all wandered back inside, soaking wet, chilled to the bone, but blissfully exhausted


  • He could smell the snow before it happened
  • V had opened the door momentarily to grab something when he caught the scent
  • Although he wasn’t blind anymore, his sense of smell had never really gone back to normal
  • So he called MC and asked her out on a date for the next day
  • On their date, V brought his camera and took pictures of her in her winter clothes surrounded by snow
  • They became some of his favorites because MC looks so peaceful and the pictures evoke a sense of silence and stillness
  • A few art critics actually say that looking these picture remind them of the smell of snow


  • They were out of ice cream and, despite Saeran’s reluctance, MC dragged him away from the warm indoors to walk three blocks to the store in the biting cold
  • Saeran was as bundled up as he could while still looking dignified, quietly muttering the whole way about how stupid the cold was
  • But MC dragged him to the store, then through it, picking up a few things they needed for dinner and then his favorite ice cream
  • As they were walking back, groceries in hand, it started to snow
  • MC got all excited and wanted to make a snow angel if it snowed enough
  • Then MC slipped on some ice because she wasn’t paying attention
  • They’re groceries were tossed aside as Saeran just barely managed to catch her, but they both ended up on their butts
  • MC felt kind of bad about the whole thing, but Saeran held onto her the whole way home their groceries were miraculously intact
  • Then MC credited Saeran as her hero, while also caring for him because he may or may not have bruised his tailbone on the concete
The Truth Comes Out

Pairing: Dean x Reader 

Word Count: 2,352

Summary: The reader’s quiet night at home is interrupted when Dean shows up looking bruised and bloody. 

“Thank god I live alone.” You grumble to yourself, thankful no one’s around to witness your behavior. You’re lazily sitting on your kitchen counter in a ridiculous onesie stuffing your face.

You twist open an Oreo, put a scoop of chocolate ice cream then add whipped cream and chocolate syrup. While singing along to the radio, you smoosh the Oreo back together and shove it into your mouth.

You’re really baffled as to why you’re not married yet. Your boyfriend would be crazy to not lock down all of this sexiness. Realizing it’s almost time for a new episode of Scandal, you make way towards the couch.

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Usnavi like a grandpa goes to bed at maybe 9, Vanessa is out at the club and he’s spent his short evening washing her dishes, cleaning up her studio, maybe leaving secret notes for her (“If you find this, you’re gorgeous” or “Free month of coffee for you”)), and relaxed with a nice rerun of some novela on TV. She comes home and wakes him up to tell her how much fun she’s had dancing and he tells her he had a nice, cozy quiet night himself at home. They’re both happy that their partner had the perfect night and cuddle to sleep.

anonymous asked:

Do you have a list of au's for people with disabled muses?

  • “Hey do you know when– oh you’re deaf? Okay cool, uhm, ‘time train arrive you know when? Correct?’” AU
  • Character A uses a mobility device, and while on using the elevator up to their apartment/class/office/etc., the elevator gets stuck and Character A is now in very close quarters with Character B until somebody can come get the two of them out.
  • Characters A and B both utilize American Sign Language, which comes in very handy when the two of them want to spill juicy gossip in the middle of a busy coffee shop. Character C is a barista who knows ASL and they’re secretly very invested in Character A and Character B’s drama.
  • “Hey, weird question, but I think I left my arm at your house last night? I remember taking it off, so could you look and see if it’s around anywhere?” AU
  • Character A was born legally blind, and through a friend of a friend, Character A learns about Character B, who recently became blind/visually impaired. Though Character B is working with a Blind and Vision Rehabilitation Center, they feel like they really need a friend who they can talk to…maybe somebody like Character A.
  • “Babe, I’m going to have to cancel our date. I’m having a really bad chronic pain day and I honestly need to stay home. Could we possibly have a quiet date night at my place?” AU
  • Because of their missing limb(s), Character A has learned how to modify their own clothes – everything from gym clothes to clubbing outfits – so that they’re easier to wear. Character B is an amputee and they ask Character A for sewing lessons so that they can also learn how to modify their clothing.

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Can you do a bughead au where they're in their 20s and hiding their relationship? Archie goes over to Betty's and sees male items (shoes, razors, deodorant, shirts etc) neatly placed around Betty's house almost like someone else lives there. Jughead then walks into the house with his own set of keys and archie figures it out


“Ill be home in an hour, I love you.” He whispered against her lips as he lifted his bag from the hook on the door.

“Love you too.” Betty smiled, leaning against the door frame, waving lazily as her boyfriend headed out for his meeting with his publisher. They had made plans on a quiet night at home but an emergency at his cover shoot was pulling him away from his warm bed and his beautiful girlfriend.

He mumbled complaints as he headed out, tucking his head into his hood to avoid the ever present rain.

Betty closed the front door and flopped down on her couch, it was early may and the flower shop she had just bought was booming, she had always been obsessed with flowers, it was her dream to open her own florist shop and now that dream had come true. She was proud and she felt accomplished, it wasn’t what her mother had wanted but with age she had grown out of that perfect girl next door image and was now a successful 25 year old woman living with the love of her life.

As soon as she shut her eyes, she was interrupted by the banging knock on her front door. Rolling her eyes, she smiled. Jughead was always forgetting something. She opened the door with an eyebrow raise

“What is it this…” she was cut off immediately by the sight of the familiar red headed boy she hadn’t seen in four years.

“Archie?” She whispered, shocked to see him at her front door.

“Hey bets.” He shrugged his shoulders and shot her a beaming smile as he gently pushed past her and into her home. He looked the same, same silly strut, same goofy smile.

“ what are you doing here arch? Where have you been? It’s been years.” She stated, crossing her arms over her chest.

He turned to her with a distant look in his eyes
“ I’m back in Riverdale for good, I went off to LA for a bit, tried my hand at music, didn’t work out. I got a job here, I’m gonna be working for dads construction, probably take over. It’s what I was destined for anyway. What about you? I have you on facebook, you’re so secretive. There’s hardly anything on there. Ronnie wouldn’t even add me. What’s up with that?” He looked around her apartment as Betty stood there helplessly “hey can I use your bathroom?” He asked.

Betty just nodded, so much was happening she felt her anxiety building. She couldn’t tell him about her and Jughead, the poor boy had had enough disappointment she didn’t wanna add to it. She looked around frantically, moving to flip Down the pictures of her and Jughead, she pulled down the framed photo of the two of them at his first book launch, and she quickly grabbed the notes he wrote her that she kept laying around the house.

“Betty?” He asked from behind her. She turned sharply, her yellow dress flying behind her
“What’s up with all the dude stuff in your bathroom? Shower gel? Deodorant? There’s even boxers on the floor? You got a boyfriend?… a husband?” His eyes were accusing and he looked… hurt?

“I..” she started before his eyes shot behind her

“Is that… Jugheads beanie?” He practically whispered, darting around her to grab it from the couch.

“Archie listen…”

Her heart was racing and she felt her fingernails dig into her palms, she hadn’t done that since high school.

As if it couldn’t get worse, she heard the click of the front door unlock and she felt her heart in her stomach

“Hey love , my meeting got cancelled halfway there, i swear to god that mans an imbecile. Wanna order….” Jughead stopped mid sentence, his eyes darting between his former best friend and the current love of his life. Assessing the situation quickly he spotted his girlfriends balled fists and Archie’s slack jaw, he moved to Betty’s corner so fast he hardly had time to blink

“Jug? What the hell?! What are you doing here? Do you live here? Are you two…” he trailed off, eyeing the pair in what seemed like disgust

“Together.” Jughead finished. His arm draping over Betty’s shoulder and squeezing
“We’re together. Have been for five years, were happy and if you can’t accept that, you aren’t welcome in our home. You were my best friend Arch, you cut everyone off. You don’t get to be angry.” He practically growled.

Betty nodded against him,
“We didn’t mean to hide anything from you but you haven’t been around, we have a new life now Archie.”

“No one told me, no one even let me know. What about facebook I..” he finished lamely

“That’s not the kind of couple we are, we’re private. You hurt us when you cut us off like that, that’s why Ronnie won’t add you, did you know she’s married? Pregnant too.” Betty said simply, squeezing closer to Jughead.

“What? She’s.. to who?” He was defeated now, maybe he thought everything would be the same when he came back, Maybe he thought both of his high school sweethearts would be pining after him after all these years.

“She married Reggie, he coaches football at Riverdale high he’s the gym teacher too, Veronica Runs an interior decorating company from home. They’re happy together, they’re a beautiful couple.” Betty finished softly, looking up at Jughead who nodded encouragingly and looked into her Eyes with complete adoration.

“Things have changed pal.” He said looking up at Archie who was slowly making his way to the door, shoulders slumped.

“I’m back now, doesn’t that count for something?” The redheaded boy said lowly.

Jughead and Betty both nodded

“It’s gonna take time, but you’re still my friend, you’re still our friend.” Betty said placing a hand to his shoulder, soothingly.

Jughead nodded
“ meet me at pops tommorow for breakfast, I think we’ve gotta couple things to talk out.”

As Archie nodded solemly on the front porch of the cooper jones residence, he stared at the couple hand in hand looking lovingly into each other’s eyes, as the door closed slowly

Things most definitely had changed and maybe.. maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing

Azriel coming home from a long, quiet night of scouting, nothing too intense, though his muscles ache and his skin is chilled from flying through the cold, winter air.

Azriel padding inside from the balcony and seeing Morrigan curled up tightly beneath the sheets of their bed, knees tucked almost into her chest.

Azriel taking a thoughtful moment to consider her hair as it falls out across the pillow in golden waves that glimmer in the pale moonlight as she gives the faintest snore.

Azriel smiling softly to stop his chuckle as he removes his weapons, places Truth-Teller against the wall with a dull thud, and begins working on the fastenings of his leathers.

Azriel turning in tickled surprised towards the bed when his leathers disappear, replaced by his bare chest and a clean pair of casual pants to sleep in that Morrigan has deemed fitting for him as she giggles at him half drunk with sleep from the bed.

Azriel padding over to her in that bed, enjoying himself as he tucks a lock of hair behind her ear and watches her eyes close, his impatient little love, she is.

Azriel moving between the sheets and pulling his Morrigan into his chest, forever craving the way her body opens immediately up and lets him in.

Azriel listening to her breathe back into sleep.

Azriel letting her pull him under.

Azriel and his Morrigan.


The Black Cat

Summary: In which Dan Howell is gay, homeless, and also part cat, and Phil Lester is the nicest stranger ever.

Word Count: a whooping 9.3k!!!

Includes: an actual story, and of course, neko smut

this fic is for my best friend @ominousdan!!! it’s cayla’s birthday and without her birth nobody would be getting to see nine thousand words of neko!dan so please go follow her and tell her happy birthday in thanks (ily cayla i hope you love this and also me)

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Cute bra.

Pairing: Yoongi x reader

Genre: Fluff

Request:Hiya, so, could you do a thing that is where you’re jungkooks best friend and he forgot to tell you that he was bringing his friends over and when he was at door of apartment, reader yells back to come on in kook and she was in the middle of changing, wearing a bra and jeans, and she turns around after she has shirt on and notices that there is more than just kook and most are turned away except for namjoon or yoongi? Thanks

(Credit to original owner of gif also I got massive writers block so forgive me for it’s lateness and how short it is)

Bts had just finished they’re tour and returned home so it would be only a short amount of time before they returned to work so you had Jungkook to stop by any time and say hello and for you to catch up with him. He was you best friend and you were so close you were like siblings. He had a key to your house so even before he debuted he had a tendency to always just come over without pre-announcing himself. 

You had been lying around your house and not really doing much but decided the middle of the day was as good as any to actually get properly dressed, maybe order some food and watch some TV or play on your laptop. You forced yourself off the couch and stopped when you could hear loud chatter coming down the hall and realized one of your neighbors must have been having friends over and you groaned upon realizing that your quiet night at home was loudly ruined.

You entered your room and began stripping off fully until you were in your bra and underwear, you heard the door open and heard Jungkook call out to you “Just in here, come in!” You yelled back.

You pulled your jeans on and scrambled around for a shirt and noticed the noise from the hallway was carrying into your apartment and frowned but pulled one of Jungkook’s shirts on and turned around to greet your friend and saw not just Jungkook but all of his friends, Jungkook stood staring at you in surprise along with Yoongi who stood there and couldn’t seem to take his eyes off you. Jungkook noticed this and immediately kicked into older brother mode “Yah! Hyung don’t stare at her!” He yelled and pushed Yoongi and the rest of the embarrassed boys away from your room. You were definitely embarrassed and entered the room where the boys had laid out the dinner they had brought with them. You sat down at the small table next to Yoongi and Jungkook both of whom were equally shook but for different reasons. After a few minutes normal banter kicked up with the guys and in the loud chatter Yoongi leaned over to you with a small grin. “Cute bra.”

(This was more of a drabble I’m sorry :( I still hope you liked it though!)

Auston Matthews - Mystery girl

Originally posted by calgaryinferno

featuring Patrik Laine (as a cute little brother)

A/N: This is definitely gonna have another part! 

Word count: 1,444


Being Patrik Laine’s older sister was amazing. He was really good brother, always taking care of you and vice versa, of course you needed to take care of your little brother. Making sure he ate healthy and many another things, what only annoying big sister does. And when he got drafted at second, you almost dragged him down to floor. You were proudest big sister in the world. Best moment in your life. Then he even took you to Winnipeg with him! Okay, he needed you to take care of his house and him. Even though he didn’t want to admit last one. Deep down you knew it. He didn’t need to tell you it.

Living in Winnipeg was like dream come true. Canada has always been interesting place and you’ve read lots of good things about it. But Winnipeg! It was perfect place to live. Patrik for sure knew that. What wouldn’t he knew? You both read each other like open book. Sometimes it was great thing but in the other hand, you really couldn’t keep anything from him. He always knew what was going in your life but you did too. 

Sadly your brother didn’t really like to party. Especially now that his girlfriend from Finland was in Winnipeg. That’s why you were in club alone. You liked to go clubbing but Patrik wasn’t really that kind of person. He liked quiet nights in home but you in the other hand loved to go out and meet new people. Of course you had to do that now, you were living in big city where you had like five friends. Thanks to Patrik. You had meet few people in the club but hadn’t really stayed in touch with them. But one of guys you had know through Patrik was Nikolaj Ehlers, one of your brother’s best friends.

And thanks to Nikolaj, you now knew best clubs in Winnipeg. When you got to know him, he took you to “night club tour by Nikolaj”. It was great night but Patrik didn’t really agree with that. You were absolutely smashed after your guys little nightlife tour. But kind brother that Patrik was, he actually took care of you when you were puking out everything you have ever ate in your entire life! He even made you breakfast. What a brother!

Now you were alone at one of your favorite clubs. You had talked with few people but always got lost from them at the dance floor. But you really didn’t mind about that because every time you found yourself ordering different drinks. You wanted taste everything that you didn’t taste in Finland. As far you were loving drinks in Canada, even though you missed some Finnish drinks. 

After waiting for a good ten minutes without service, you were getting frustrated with the situation. But suddenly bartender place drink in front of you, disappearing to service another customers. You didn’t even have time to ask about drink or who order it for you. You tried to watch people around you, thinking about who ordered fancy drink for you.

“Hello stranger”, you heard deep voice next to you. Turning around you saw one and only Auston Matthews next to you. How did you not notice that there were Leaf’s players in the club. Were you blind or what was wrong? You weren’t even thinking about that there might be any players in the club. Because; first, Jets’ players usually didn’t hangout at this club and second, Leaf’s has lost a game today against Jets. In your mind hockey players would stay at home or hotel if they lost. Not partying. And yes, that opinion was based on Nikolaj’s and Joel Armia’s actions. 

“Oh, you’re famous Auston Matthews”, you blurted out and soon after felt kind of embarrassed. Did you really start conservation with that? You tried to laugh it off and you heard Auston chuckle. Probably wasn’t first time when he heard that.

“Yes, that’s me. But is pretty girl doing alone here?”, he answered to me and I laughed. You needed to admit that he was hotter in person than in pictures or in television. He was actually really hot. At this point you didn’t even want to tell him that you were Patrik’s older sister. Why? You had only bad memories about it. People trying to date and hook up with you because of the name, not just you. Even though he was hockey player but still and right now you didn’t want to be just Patrik Laine’s sister. 

“Didn’t want to be at home. I knew I could get friends here”, you said to him. Suddenly you felt how he put hand against your lower back. It send tingles through your spine and you liked it. You even took step closer to him. Damn, he smelled nice. Like really nice. And his smile! Everything in him. Were you in heaven? What did you do in your previous life to get this?

“I see. Well then, I’m Auston and you are..”, he continued, even though at this point he knew that you knew who he was. You still laughed at him.

“I’m (Y/N), nice to meet you”, you played with him.

“Pretty name for pretty girl”. Oh, he was really flirty!

After talking hours with Auston, you were walking with him towards his hotel room. You were sure that you would regret this at morning. Patrik has told you not to hook up with any of the players. But rules are made to break, right? And right now you couldn’t really even think straight. You just walked with Auston, leaning on him little bit. Laughing at something stupid he has said.


You could swore that you haven’t had this bad hangover ever and waking up to phone beeping next you wasn’t nice either. It took couple seconds to understand that it was your phone that was blowing up from the amount of text messages you were getting. Yawning bit, you took your phone and looked who was texting you. Fuck, it was Patrik. Asking where you were and why didn’t you come home at night. There was even few texts from fellow Finn, Joel, telling how Patrik was losing his mind.

You took your time before texting to your brother. You watched Auston sleeping next to you, blanket on his hips, showing his muscular chest and abs. You lucky girl was all you could think. Then you snapped back to reality, thanks to Patrik. You avoided to answer him where you were but told him how you would be back soon. After texting and muting your phone, you turned to see Auston who was still sleeping. His mouth slightly open, little bit drool on his jaw. Still he looked hot with that messy dark hair. 

Wanting to tease him bit, you planted little kisses to his chest and soon he woke up to that. Smiling. He wiped around his mouth and jaw, laying on his back. He was piece of art. Really.

“Good morning. I hoped you would be here when I wake up”, he told you. His voice was so sexy. Morning voice. You could swore that you were dying in this spot because how sexy he was.

“Had to break that because I need to go. My brother is losing his mind ‘cause I didn’t go to home like I promised”, you told him and laughed. He placed kiss to your lips and nodded. Probably understood that because he had sisters too. Or that’s what you read about.

“Leave me at least your phone number?”, he asked, still laying on the bed. You nodded to him. 

After you were dressed you found piece of paper and a pen. Automatically you wrote your first and last names without thinking about it. No big deal, right? Then you wrote your number on the paper and left it on the table next to bed. You placed kiss on his lips and left the hotel room to go home to see your brother.

What took Auston by surprise was to see name (Y/N) Laine on the paper that you had left on his hotel room. Did he really hook up with Patrik Laine’s sister without knowing it? To someone else it wouldn’t sound bad but this would mean lots of trouble with Finnish player at the ice. That was last thing Auston wanted. But still he felt something, he was sad that you left. He would liked if you had stayed him couple hours more. He definitely would contact you even if Patrik didn’t like that. There was something in you that Auston really had liked. 

Joker Imagine - Make me love you PART 2

Part 1 is here *click me*

Your P.O.V.

My eyes felt very heavy, but I forced them open. Everything I saw was one big blur of colours, but most was dark. What the fuck was going? My head was pounding and my body felt weak, almost like I had been sleeping for a day and I just woke up. I moaned because I was unable to speak due these strange symptoms. To be honest I was a little scared. I felt drugged.

In the middle of the big blur I saw something white and green coming closer. As it came very close, I recognized a pair of eyes, a red smile and metallic teeth. Then I realized that it was Joker. ‘’You’re awake early’’ He told me and the last word echoed in my head. I groaned and shut my eyes for a while. What the fuck was that supposed to mean? How did I get here? Where am I?

‘’Y/N’’ His raspy voice spoke up again, causing me to look at this man. My heart started beating faster for some reason. Well it wasn’t a random reason, let’s face it, the reason was him. ‘’Where..wh-where’’ I tried to speak, but it seemed too hard. The rest was just a messy moan again and I sighed. It was frustrating. ‘’be quiet kitten, just relax’’ He told me sternly, but he wasn’t angry. Me being me I didn’t listen. ‘’Where..am..I?’’ I forced the words out of my mouth. Then I focused on his face. He was smiling a little bit. ‘’We’re on the way to the penthouse’’ He let me know.

Penthouse? His house? I breathed out slowly and looked away from him. As I moved my eyes, everything blurred again. I tried to move arm arm, but I was too weak to do that. What on earth had he done to me? ‘’Take it easy, it’ll be okay soon’’ He tried to tell me. I grunted a few times, but it didn’t make me magically stronger. Then everything turned darker and I couldn’t move anymore. Joker’s arms draped around my body and he pulled me closer to him.If I could, I’d push him away from me, but another part of me liked this. The truth was that I liked Joker, but I couldn’t. I just couldn’t, since I was afraid of commitment and love.

‘’Just sleep sleepy head’’ Were the last words I heard before I fell asleep in his arms. Just before that I thought that we were in a car because I heard the engine which echoed in my head until everything was quiet and dark again.


Something tickled a little bit on my cheek. I groaned and tried to turn around, but I couldn’t. Then I opened my eyes, only to see a dark room with dim lights. Joker was in front of me and his hand was on my cheek. ‘’What the-’’ I started, but stopped in my tracks quickly. I remembered things better now. He killed my boyfriend and then made me sleep. ‘’Did you sleep well?’’ He asked me with a crooked smile. I took a deep breath and cleared my throat, because it was kinda dry.

‘’I did, but why am I here?’’ I asked him, trying to sound angry. He stood up straight and put his hands behind his back. Then he looked at the lamp and I could see his face better. ‘’Well I couldn’t leave you with the body. Batman was on the way and he would blame you’’ Joker explained to me. I closed my eyes and I could see Jason on the floor when Joker shot him. It’s like his damn head just exploded or something. I know that most people would be sad but I was actually enjoying the sight. I only panicked because it was so sudden.

‘’How did Batman know?’’ I decided to speak and it was the first thing that came to my mind. Joker turned to look at me again and he walked closer. ‘’Your neighbours snitched or then Batsy just kept an eye on me. You see he seems to like me since he can’t leave me alone’’ He snickered like it was funny. Then he grabbed a chair and dragged it next to me, taking a seat on it.

‘’Well thank you for your concern Mr.J but I would appreciate if you would untie me and let me go’’ I told him as politely as I could. The smile on his face faded and he seemed a little offended. ‘’Now why on earth would I do that Y/N? Hm? After all you said when you were in your little daze?’’ He raised his voice a little. My heart started beating faster in my chest and I felt small. What had I told him? I had no memory of telling him anything special.

‘’Thank you so much J’’ He mimicked me and slowly stood up again. I clenched my jaw and stayed quiet. ‘’Jason was bad, very very bad’’ He continued and it seemed to anger him. The next thing I knew was that Joker threw the chair to the wall and it startled me, making me flinch. ‘’How about this..’’ He growled and placed his hands on the table beside my head. Then he looked down at me and pulled the lamp above my face. Now he scared me.

‘’I like you J but I can’t’’ He growled, still mimicking me. So I had said all that? I bit my bottom lip and held my breath in. My eyes stung and I felt like I had fucked up. He couldn’t know all that! ‘’Care to explain?’’ He raised his non-existent eyebrows at me. Then silence fell over the room. I could only hear his breaths and my wild heartbeat. I didn’t know what to tell him. It hurt because I wanted to explain myself, but I simply couldn’t. Then I felt a warm tear rolling down my face, but I still looked at him. He was gritting his teeth and he just waited for something, anything really.

‘’I’m sorry’’ I whispered quietly. Suddenly he hit the table, startling me again. ‘’Come on Y/N let it out!’’ He yelled at me. I know this was frustrating for him. I had to admit that it was my fault. I had been flirty with him in the beginning and I got him into this pity of feelings. Then I just ignored him. It was because of Jason, a fucking jerk who wanted to control my life. I hoped that I could keep Joker out of it. But I couldn’t.

‘’Have you ever heard of philophobia?’’ I whimpered and tried to keep myself together. Joker squinted his eyes and looked at me closely. ‘’Philophobia?’’ He wanted to be sure. I nodded and let him think. Then something happened in his eyes. Almost like he thought of something. ‘’Why would you have that?’’ he asked me seriously. So he knew what it was. ‘’Because’’ I whispered and then looked away from him. Damn this was hard. This situation was like a knife to my heart. 

The next thing that Joker did was surprising, he started untying me. I just looked at his green hair because he faced down, not showing me his face. A few minutes later my ankles and wrists were free, yet I lied there. Why would I move? It’s not like I would leave or anything. ‘’What did he do to you?’’ Joker broke the silence, but still faced me with his back. It’s like he was close to a mental breakdown or something. Not that I was a doctor, but I knew him well enough.

‘’A little bit of everything’’ I sighed and tried to calm down. I didn’t like being weak in front of people. Especially not Joker. I had feelings for him that I was afraid of. I couldn’t. What if he would grow tired of me and start treating me like Jason did? I was taken back to reality when I felt something on my hand. Joker pulled me up so I was sitting and he kept his hand on mine. How strange, but I didn’t mind it too much.

‘’Tell me’’ He demanded seriously and I didn’t want to piss him off again. Well fuck I knew I would be stuck here until I’d tell him. Here goes nothing. ‘’At first he was sweet, polite and everything you could ask for. Then he just changed, I don’t know what happened. He blamed me’’ I started and avoided eye contact. Joker was quiet so I knew he listened to me. ‘’Then one night he came home and he was stoned. I tried to leave him, but no, he didn’t let me’’ I continued and then the flashbacks came. A shiver ran down my spine and I stared into emptiness. I could still feel his dirty hand on me. I could hear his voice and feel his breath on my skin.

‘’He told me that the kidnappers were doing the right thing to me. Then he started to hurt me. Every fucking day I’d get slapped, punched, kicked, hit with objects and so much more. I couldn’t leave J, he said he’d kill me’’ I teared up and then hid my face in my hands. Letting out was so weird, kinda good but it made me feel vulnerable. Although I had taken down people in fights before, Jason was different. He truly terrified me. It was kinda unbelievable that he was gone.

‘’He can’t hurt you anymore’’ Joker reminded me. He was probably finding it hard to say something. I couldn’t blame him tho. ‘’Damn if I could bring him back alive I’d do that just to kill him again’’ He growled angrily. I took my hands away from my face and then I looked at him again. Our eyes met and then I felt like my lips were locked. I didn’t know what to say anymore. ‘’You know that I’m not like him’’ Joker let me know, but it sounded more like a question. ‘’I don’t hurt the few people I care about’’ He added seriously. I just nodded because I wasn’t in the mood to speak.


We were both quiet for a while. It wasn’t awkward, but there was tension in the air. He didn’t do anything. It was like he was in deep thoughts. I felt like I had to do something even tho it scared me. Maybe just maybe it was the right thing to do. I leaned closer to Joker and grabbed his face in my hands. Before he could ask me what I was doing, I pressed my lips against his and I closed my eyes. He didn’t hesitate to kiss back. A second later his right hand was on my back and his other hand was tangled in my hair, pushing my head closer to him to deepen the kiss.

We were fucking kissing.

My heart was pumping so hard that it nearly jumped out of my chest. But it felt so good. He moved his lips on mine and made me open my mouth a little bit. The next thing I knew was that he pushed his tongue in my mouth. I didn’t mind. The kiss got so heated that I moaned without thinking. But after a while we needed air, so we pulled back from each other. I looked into his icy blue eyes. He seemed just as surprised as I was.

‘’Promise me something’’ I whispered, feeling ready to say this. There was no use in hiding anymore. Joker nodded and waited for me to continue. This deadly man didn’t look so deadly in front of me. ‘’Don’t ever become like Jason’’ I told him dead seriously. If I’d go through that again, I wasn’t sure if I could find a way out. ‘’I promise you that kitten’’ Joker promised me seriously. My lips curved into a small smile. ‘’If you promise to give this a try, trust me, it’ll be worth it’’ He added quickly.

‘’I promise’’