A Pattern of Roses

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Is their official designs for the reversal AU? Because I was planning on drawing fanart but I dont wanna mess it up.

well, basically it’s all really rough right now. basically amethyst is amethyst in a purple star shirt instead of her usual top, pearl is 80′s pearl if she was half her height, and agate is an adult version of connie from sworn by the sword. and this is opal’s first draft.

all i have left to design is quartz and ametrine. but right now imagine a masculine rose/adult steven for quartz and a purple rose with the star pattern on her chest instead for ametrine. hopefully i’ll have that out tomorrow.

maybe garnet will change a little?


Helena Bonham Carter’s film debut at the age of 17 in “A Pattern of Roses” (1983)

“I turned the television on and there was a very sweet little children’s film called "A Pattern of Roses”. I suddenly saw this girl, who had a very small part, who was exquisitely beautiful. I noticed it was cast by a friend of mine. She said: ’It was a girl called Helena Bonham Carter, she’s at Westminster School and i think she wants to become an actress.’“ -  Jeremy Conway, agent

Helena Bonham Carter collection coming along nicely- excluding Harry Potter because they live in the other room and Theory of flight because that’s in the post