Symbolism of the lightsaber

While the movie seems to imply that Rey’s inheritance of Luke’s blue lightsaber is a “passing of the torch” from one Skywalker to another, we shouldn’t forget who gave Luke that lightsaber in the first place: Obi Wan. The lightsaber had been in Obi Wan’s possession for 20-30 years or so between Episodes 3 and 4, and is even presented to Luke from a wood chest similar to the chest later seen in Episode 7 in Maz Kanata’s castle-bar (yet another clue). It is Obi Wan’s passage of the lightsaber to Luke, along with encouragement to learn the force that propels the entire story forward. This key scene in Episode 4 (arguably the most important scene in all seven movies) even includes Obi Wan’s misdirection about Luke’s father, a narrative trick repeated in The Force Awakens.

All that being said, think about how much more poignant Episode 7’s final scene of Rey handing Luke his own lightsaber becomes if it’s again a Kenobi reuniting a Skywalker with their weapon, compelling them back to the fight. Of course we all know that the burden of the lightsaber is now Rey’s whether she wants it or not…

One film critic: “Rogue One was just $200 million spent on filling in a plot hole.” Me: “Well, yeah, but it was a plot hole that needed answering, in fairness. Everyone has wondered for decades why the Death Star had such a fatal design flaw in the first place.”

Answer: Because architect Hannibal Lecter was out to get those space nazi mother fuckers and was sabotaging them from the start.

That was perfect.


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