A Little Flower

the person thats like “dont talk over anonymous messages on tumblr you gotta uncritically believe them” reminds me of the “youre just gonna let him die?!” person from the im a thirsty little flower comic


This video is half an hour long, please don’t watch it, I watched it so you don’t have to because I’ve lost control of my life.

The POINT of this post is to show people that casting seems like an expensive and esoteric procedure, and it doesn’t have to be.  There are tons of molds of random crap available, often intended for cake decorating, and lots of them could be useful for cosplay.  This person has some doily shapes, but she also has a bunch of little flowers and leaves, and I can definitely see either being stuck onto a piece of costume jewelry or ornate armor.

This video uses part-silicone (not all silicone, or it’ll stick to the mold) caulk, but this guy did the same thing with hot glue.  Caulk is probably more durable and easier to keep from making bubbles, but it takes hours to dry, whereas hot glue takes about a minute, so take your pick.

I mean, you could use silicone actually meant for casting, but if you’re on this blog you’re probably cheap and lazy, and I support that.

So!  Cast things.  Check out the not-sewing part of your craft store of choice and see what they’ve got.  You might be surprised.

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jehan!! <3 have you written any poetry lately, or seen anything inspiring?

Under all these stars it won’t be my fingertips on your cheeks or the lights of the night sky that make you glow 
Because you already do, you already do

My lovely friend, I have seen so many inspiring things just today; someone smiling in a wedding dress, a little boy in a flower crown. A group of ants carrying either a chocolate chip or a raisin, I didn’t really look close enough. 

The world is an inspiring place.


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SolFef headcanons?

🌼 Sollux likes to put little flowers and cute things in Feferi’s hair when she falls asleep, so she wakes up and sees them.

🌼 It always makes her smile.

🌼 Feferi tried to teach Sollux how to swim, but he spazzes every time and clings to her.

🌼 People will tell Feferi that she can do better than Sollux, but she always replies by kissing her nerdy matesprit, who promptly kicks the asshole that said it.