A Little Flower

Flower shop Sheith AU

-Shiro takes over this little run down flower shop because he’s always wanted a flower shop who hasn’t wanted to run a flower shop
-Also was in the military but is no longer cause he lost his arm
-Which is why he needs to hire someone to give him a hand around the shop (see what I did there?)
-Enter Keith, a college student on his own working odd jobs just to make ends meet.
-knows nothing about flowers, but hey the shop owners cute so why not
-is surprisingly good at arranging flowers
-not so good at caring for them.
-Shiro cares for the flowers and runs the desk while Keith makes the arrangements and delivers them
-cute late night last minute large orders and they’re both kind of stressed and bumping around each other in the small place and talk about everything.
-Shiro giving Keith a bouquet
-“you pulled those from inventory, didn’t you?”
-“a customer cancelled their order. It’s the thought that counts though, right?”
-did I mention cute date nights?? Cause there will be cute date nights.
-they always smell like flowers

anonymous asked:

So you're against social justice?

I’m very much for social justice, but that’s not the same thing as a Social Justice Warrior. Like every ideology, radicals taint the true message at the core and twist it for their own agendas.

Just to put things in perspective, I used to be an SJW. I was brainwashed into believing the manifesto. I was manipulated into believing men, whites, straight people, cis people, able-bodied people, “neurotypicals”, were fair game and that it was okay to target them. But it’s not. It’s not okay to target anyone over things they have no control over. I realized I was being a hypocrite by preaching that it’s not okay to be racist, sexist, etc, while I was being racist, sexist, etc. I was being taught that I was strong, independent, and could do anything, while at the same time, I was also being taught that I was a delicate little flower who was so helpless against the patriarchal, able-bodied, neurotypicals (and simultaneously demonized for being white, straight, and cis).

Now, instead of looking at skin color, gender, sexual orientation, able-bodiedness, I judge based on the content of people’s character and how they treat others. 

SJW’s are not interested in equality and fairness. SJW’s are about silencing opposing opinions and invalidating the views of people who don’t agree with them. They are about stereotyping and demonizing anyone they perceive as “privileged”. They are about shutting down civil discourse, blocking anyone who dares to speak out against them. They make racist and sexist strawmans, threaten and doxx people (which is illegal, btw).They lie and cheat and spread propaganda, doing everything necessary to achieve their goals, which have nothing to do with equality.

They are hypocrites. They seek to divide and conquer, rather than working to solve issues in a rational manner. For them, it’s their way, or the highway.

And I’m not about that. I’m about truth, equality, justice, tolerance, and acceptance for everyone.

Tl;dr: Social Justice Warrior /= Social justice.

Hope that answered your question.

I am unapologetically Team Hayden. Idgaf.

I wish there was a way for her, Sam and Carly to all be friends because they’re my favorites. They’re so up front about what they are and what they’ve done and not hiding behind a poor little pissed on flower act who just can’t catch a break and has good intentions but gets so caught up in everything she makes bad choices for the right reasons or whatever bullshit.

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I have this headcanon that asahi comes into his own when he becomes an artist. I personally like photography for him, but I think this quiet strength and confidence comes from a healthy form of expression. Also artsy asahi is my aesthetic <3 <3

Admin Mar talking here. I love the idea of Asahi as an artist, but I can see him more towards painting? I don’t know, the idea of seeing him and his clothes covered with paint, it’s like… SOMEONE HELP ME!

But really, the idea of photography is brilliant too! His gallery would be full of excellent shots of nature, like sunsets, little insects, flowers. And please, imagine him taking photographs of his teammates when they aren’t paying attention in practice, ahhhhh this is so beautiful!!

Thank you for this beautiful headcanon, anon ♥

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i love u so much jas my sweet radiant child i hope ur having a good semester so far & ur weekend is nice & u are getting rest and relaxation and feeling good about life and everything... ur presence makes me so very happy i dont know how i got along without u before it must have been so empty!! ur a sweetheart of the highest order, my favorite little flower, nd never forget that : ' )

this is too much affection for 11:48pm i love u Soren……also I STILL haven’t started school im on quarter so. three more weeks for me my god

Notting Hill ZimBits!AU

 6.5K word ZimBits AU based on the film Notting Hill. Bitty owns a Bakery/Bookstore, Jack is an NHL player. You don’t need to have seen the movie for this to make sense.

…   …   …

Bitty bought the bookstore with an inheritance left by his MooMaw. It does nothing to ease his feeling of loss, but every time he steps inside he is overcome by a feeling of rightness. That she would somehow approve of his bakery-bookshop combination. He hadn’t wanted to get rid of the books, and customers come in to relax and start reading something with their coffee and pie. They often walk out with a book as well as more pie. It won’t ever make him rich, but it does make him happy. 

He has his regulars, and then he has the people that work with him, and then he has the tourists that inundate the area every spring, summer and fall. So he gets by and makes enough to pay the mortgage on his little two-bedroom apartment a few blocks over, and he doesn’t feel like his life is lacking anything. Sometimes he wonders what it might be like to have someone to share everything with, but he’s had a couple of disastrous relationships and actually had to share everything, so he’s happy. Content.

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