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Get to Know me Meme, Royalist Edition

[6/7] Royal Fancasts/AU/Best Portrayals - Jason Schwartzman as Louis XVI

At first, when I was going to play the character, I had a hard time understanding how I was going to play a king. I couldn’t understand. I don’t know what it’s like to be a king. I didn’t grow up in a castle. I was thinking about it pretty technically. Then I just thought, maybe I’ll try to approach it as playing a man who was trying to connect, but wasn’t doing a great job of it. [A man who] desperately wanted to relate to people and actually did have a lot to say, but wasn’t saying it. And when he did say something, perhaps it was confusing to those around him and hard to read. So in the scenes with Kirsten – I remember when we started to rehearse them – Kirsten would ask me a question and my natural inclination would be to look over at her and begin the scene; begin to talk to her and Sofia said, ‘No, you have to just abandon the idea of wanting to answer her or make her feel comfortable. It’s okay to love her if you want to or want to connect, but don’t or wait as long as you have to before it’s just too long.’ I thought it would be more interesting to play the character instead of saying he didn’t say anything, it was that he couldn’t say anything. I tried, for better or worse, my interpretation was that he was a man who was longing to connect.


The most overdramatic fan video/trailer that ever existed. Kind of.


“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return…”

New holiday time video, cause I got hit with major waves of inspiration this summer and have made like 10 different Outlaw Queen videos!

When I accidentally stumbled across this song in my phone, I just thought “THIS IS ROBIN AND REGINA, end of story!” So… here’s the result! Hope you like it and if you want, let me know what you think!

Advice for Women on their periods!

If you want your periods to end faster of just to lighten the load just follow these tips!

1) Eat lots of fruits and Vegetables- Incorporating more vegetables and fruits in your diet during your period would make you feel a lot better. Green beans are often touted as the answer to helping with periods

2) Massage your Uterus Area- Massaging your uterus would definitely help with cramps as the massage would also give the body a message to move things on a bit.

3) Lemons- It’s a very popular concept amongst many ladies and even though there isn’t much scientific data behind it, it still works. Take a piece of lemon and suck on it for as long as you like and it should help in cutting the period short.

4) A hot/warm Towel- Heat encourages the “fluids” to leave your body faster. Apply a heat pack or Towel to your abdominal area.

5) Drink lots of water- Water will help flush things through your body faster and help lighten your flow.

6) Be Active (especially you tumblr, I know how you all are)- Exercise is vitally important in general, and being physically fit will make your periods shorter and lighter.


BTS evolution :: choreographies

This group has been growing so much throughout these 3 years and I’m so proud, they are really hardworking. Fight me if you disagree but everyone has its aura while dancing. Namjoon and Jin got a lot better during this period of time. I feel like they are getting even closer nowadays so that’s why the moves are so well done and smooth but strong still. I know they can go even further. They synchronize so well it gives you that feeling they’re now where they are not only because they practice non stop but they teamwork and the bonds they have with each other also helps quite a lot. Many rookie groups consider them as their sunbaenim nowadays and that’s so freaking beautiful because they’re like role models for them, and they inspire them. I wonder how it is to be part of Bangtan Sonyeondan. 3 years and still counting for many many more together. Thank you for giving ARMY new perspectives and happiness, I love you all. ©

if he's the moon, i'm eclipsed

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1BCrnUG

by myfavouritesweater

“You’re so beautiful, Mick.” He blurts, unable to stop himself. Mickey just laughs at that, soft and sad.
“You can’t even see me,” He says, voice dripping with self-loathing. “You wouldn’t say that if you could see me.”
“I don’t need to see you to know that.“

OR the one where Ian is blind, and falls in love with Mickey’s voice.

Words: 7757, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1BCrnUG

When the original Poldark made its way on to TV in the 70s, Eleanor Tomlinson was still a good 20 years off being born. This was a good thing, she insists, because when she read the script for last year’s BBC revival she had no preconceptions. “I think I read it and thought: ‘I’ve done a lot of period dramas – this feels different.’ Then I spoke to my parents and they were like: ‘Oh my God, this is huge!’”

With series two and three in the making, Tomlinson’s is a very Cornish life at the moment – the cast have been on location for the past six months and already paparazzi are scrambling for clues to details of the new plots. What is everybody on set making of Aidan Turner’s new-found pin-up status? Tomlinson giggles. “Well, let’s say that did not come as a shock – he’s gorgeous. I’m very pleased for him.”

Current box: set I’m watching Orange is the New Black and Breaking Bad at the pace of a snail, but loving both.

Childhood TV: Coming from a family of actors, I think I spent my life watching Mum and Dad [singer Judith Hibbert and actor and horse-racing commentator Malcolm Tomlinson]. I remember Dad doing a tour of the soaps – we’d all watch his performances and giggle and clap.

TV idol: Robin Wright – she’s extraordinary in House of Cards. [source]

If anyone cares or anything, i’ll be leaving my ask on for 99% of the time (except most likely when i’m actually answering asks) through the christmas period. I’m struggling a lot, feel super alone and just don’t want to do this, and for those in similar boats (especially those who struggle particularly during the holiday period), i’m here. I really hope you guys all have a fantastic few days though because you definitely deserve it.

I feel like in these long hiatus periods lots of shippers go occupy their time with other things and then there’s a group of us huddled in a corner muttering ‘blackrock will come back’ under their breaths and rewatching the roleplaying bits of cornerstone over and over again.

ok i’m already highly emotional & now i’m gonna be more emotional bc im just thinking about winner’s future and i don’t wanna say this but … i don’t really see them continuing on like ?? ok yg is saying that they’ll continue on as 4 but a) that’s lit what he said about 2ne1 and b) yg literally does not care about winner at all like he’s made it obvious from their win: who is next days so i just am not too positive about it. i just hope that no matter what the boys will be happy & healthy.