A Guide to Deduction

Do not rush to conclusions just because you have a strong hunch about something. Nor should you create fictitious facts to suit your theories. Stop and think carefully about your conclusions. Most of the time, I make statements that I think are absolutely true but then they turn out to be false. My deductions are not always perfect. Neither are yours so take caution when working on cases.

- SH

Coat hangers.

Observing things lately, I’ve reached the realisation that the direction your hangers are put into or onto the item of clothing you’re going to hang, corresponds to which hand you are strongest using.

Most frequently, those who are right handed have their hangers pointing to the left and vice versa for left handed people. 


Magnus's father (( spoiler? ))

Ok so, in city of fallen angels when they raise Azazel, Magnus mentions that he is a greater demon second to one. Azazel mentions that he wouldn’t want to upset Magnus father, showing that his father must be that ’ one above him ’ and the only ’ one ’ above Azazel is the devil himself, Lucifer. So Magnus is the son of Lucifer? Solveeeeed ittttt!

1. Excessively large writing: A person with a great need for attention. Extremely extroverted.

2. Round (“broad”) letters: Inclined towards subjective ideas, interested in opinions and trends. Probably less interested in intellectual pursuits.

3. Disorganised print: I would need more information regarding how the letters take on a disorganised appearance, but in general, I’d expect low mental clarity. The writer might have trouble expressing ideas effectively.

The writer could also have trouble understanding personal boundaries given the above characteristics.


Sent: Wednesday, 21st of December, 2011 3:45 AM

From: Jim <JM@dynamicsofanasteroid.co.uk> 

To: Sherlock <SH@thescienceofdeduction.co.uk>

Subject: Terribly Disappointed


That you honestly believe some of the anonymous messages you’ve been getting are from me is quite disappointing.

I had rather expected your deduction skills were better than that but, sadly, it’s not the first time I’ve overestimated you.

Don’t think I would hide behind an “anonymous” option if I wanted to contact you. Our relationship is quite past that, don’t you agree?