A Flair For The Dramatic



Also Jim: Look at my husband tearing a strip out of this alien without giving a fuck. He just speaks his mind and his mind is BRILLIANT. SO CONFIDENT. SO CALM. Look at that sexy genius. He’s so honest and moral he is – OH GOD HE’S PERFECT HE’S BEAUTIFUL EVERY TIME HE SPEAKS I WANT TO BURST WITH LOVE WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE HIM OH I DECLARE MY SOUL MY HEART –

Spock: While I appreciate the sentiment Jim your reverent gushing is overpowering my capacity for thought within my own mind.

Jim: Sorry, I’m sorry. It’s your fault though. WHY DO YOU MAKE ME LOVE YOU SO HARD–

Spock: -_- An unfortunate shortcoming of my ancestors, not developing a muting technique for mind bonds. 

(I bet their mind bond is noisy AF and it is 9000% Jim’s fault)


the evolution of pierce the veil
  • a flair for the dramatic: come back to my heart
  • selfish machines: without you there is no me
  • collide with the sky: im tired of begging for the things i want
  • misadventures: tONYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pierce The Veil.
Pierce The Veil’s 2016 Australian Tour.
Brisbane, Australia.


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