A Face in the Crowd

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What about Haunt Me from the prompt list?

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Haunt Me: I’ll write a drabble about my character watching over yours [as a ghost, watching from a distance, or otherwise, feel free to specify.]

As far as she was aware, he was just another anonymous face in the crowd. 

The city was large, so if she ever noticed him more than once, she never alluded to it. And yet, he made it a point to be near her when she needed him; and even when she didn’t. 

Bucky wasn’t a fan of being saved. Saving others- that was something he could get on board with. He wasn’t entirely sure what had drawn him to this woman, but something about her stoic demeanour made him wonder just what was going on underneath the surface. 

He started to learn her patterns; the coffee shop where she worked, how she would take her lunch break at the same time each day, finding a quiet spot at the back where a solitary tree grew, to read and eat. 

He didn’t want to startle her, so he never approached her. 

Instead, he watched. As the novel in her hand changed from day to day, how her sandwich varied between three different types, how she exuded colour and life through her clothes, even though her face remained hard and lined. 

He’d walk home a few steps away from her, trying not to seem intimidating, if she ever had to go alone. Dark streets were not a friendly place and he wanted to be able to protect her if the time ever came. 

Bucky found his opportunity sooner rather than later. He was sat in a diner a few blocks from her office, stirring a spoon through the thick sludge of his coffee. It was getting late, but the people here knew he’d be with them until the early mornings.

It was bright and warm and cosy; exactly the kind of place he needed to be to stop the world from invading in on him. 

The door opened with a soft ring and the woman stepped inside. 

‘Can I use your bathroom?’ she asked the waiter behind the counter. He scowled, chewing a toothpick between his yellowed teeth. 

‘Paying customers only.’ 

‘I don’t have any cash- it’s just for a minute, I just need a tissue.’

‘Sorry,’ the waiter shrugged, making to disappear. Bucky glanced over, catching the woman’s attention. 

‘Let me get you something,’ he asked, his voice softer than the exterior of a marshmallow. 

‘I couldn’t–’

‘Please. Let me,’ Bucky smiled as gently as he could. Even he knew that at the best of times, he could be increasingly intimidating. The woman sighed gently and turned to the waiter.

‘When I say i want a piece of chocolate cake the size of his fist, I’m not exaggerating,’ she smiled, disappearing off into the bathroom as Bucky fumbled for some cash in his wallet. He added another cup of coffee for himself, and waited patiently for the woman to get back. 

A moan sounded behind him and he blushed. The woman slid onto the stool next to him by the counter and grabbed a fork. He noted that her eye make-up had run and her eyes were a little puffy; something she’d obviously tried to hide. 

‘Are you alright?’

Her mouth was full of cake when she responded. 

‘Can’t you tell, I’m on top of the moon. This cake is fucking amazing,’ she muttered, chewing and swallowing with an enunciated gulp.

‘Sorry,’ she finally murmured, ‘I got fired.’

‘I’m sorry.’

‘Don’t be. They underpaid and made me work stupid hours.’

She speared off another chunk of cake and chewed thoughtfully. 

‘You know,’ she said, proffering him a small smile, ‘My friend and I used to do this thing in college where, if we were sad, we’d have pity cakes. We’d eat a birthday cake or something, drink wine, and pretend like nothing mattered. I miss it.’ 

‘Then I’m glad I could bring the tradition back.’ 

She didn’t say much as she continued to eat, but she couldn’t help but feel as though the man was watching over her. Even when he returned to his notebook. With the plate clean, she pushed it away and got to her feet, pulling her purse closer to her. 

‘Thank you,’ she said to Bucky, pulling his head from the sketchbook to her. He smiled. 

‘My pleasure.’ 

She turned on her heel and started to walk out of the cafe, a small smile decorating her full lips. 

It wasn’t going to be the last time that she saw that man. She knew that for certain. 

Emma needed a place she could be alone; she couldn’t face anyone now. Avoiding everyone’s eyes as she pushed through the crowds, she made her way into Brooke’s guest bedroom. Practically collapsing on the ground by the bed, she brought her knees up and rested her head on them. This was why she didn’t want to come in the first place, and now there was a video out there of her and Will. She cut herself from her thoughts and let out a sigh, hearing movement from outside. “Go away.” She called.

“Ah, well, for starters, you’re at the Altiel Battle League, located juuuust north of the Unova Region! It’s a very large and booming fighting organization that’s always looking for fresh faces to show off and entertain new crowds! Something tells me you’d fit right in, I’ve never seen Lopunny that look quite like you do!” She examines him curiously before twitching her ears.

“… Whoops, hee, got a little sidetracked there! Sorry, I kinda found it a little funny that you got lost and stopped here of all places; you must be the freshest of faces to not know this location!

… Wait, are you actually lost?”

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Watch me FURTHER avoid working on my bibliography (ugh I need to learn ANOTHER style of citations, why do we need so many different ways of doing things, this is seriously inefficient and I disapprove) by writing more IronFalcon Merman AU. ;D


“I like Malibu,” Sam said, sullen and grumpy as they walked onto the plane. “I do not like New York.”

Tony rolled his eyes behind his sunglasses, offering a grin to the waiting attendant. Once she had seen to them being seated comfortably and left, he looked at Sam. “Just last week you were complaining about Malibu always being too hot.”

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One Jump Ahead of The Crow

Takes place when Zevran and Taliesen are in the streets filling out a contract. This is all before they kill Rinna.

One Jump Ahead - Aladdin - Disney

[ Zevran :]
Gotta keep
One jump ahead of the bodyguards
One swing ahead of the noose
I kill only who I can’t subduce
(That’s Everything!)

One jump ahead of the lawmen
That’s all, and that’s no veto
These guys don’t appreciate I’m a crow

[Crowd:] Assassin! Whores son! Soundrel! No one!

[ Zevran :] Just a little contract,
[Guards:] Rip him open, see who he attacked
[ Zevran :] I can take a hint, gotta face the facts
You’re my only friend, Taliesen !
[Crowd:] Men?
Oh, It’s sad Zevran hit the bottom
He’s become a one-man rise in crime
I’d blame parents except he hasn’t got ‘em
[Zevran:] Gotta eat to live, gotta kill to eat
Tell you all about it when I got the time!

One jump ahead of the slowpokes
One skip ahead of my doom
Next time gonna use a nom de plume
One jump ahead of the hitman
One hit ahead of the flock
I think I’ll take a stroll around the block

Stop, thief! Vandal! Murderer! Scandal!

[ Zevran :] Let’s not be too hasty
[Lady:] Still I think he’s rather tasty
[ Zevran :] Gotta eat to live, gotta kill to eat
Otherwise we’d get along
[Crowd:] Wrong!

[ Zevran :] One jump ahead of the hoofbeats
One hop ahead of the hump
(Whores son!)
One trick ahead of disaster
They’re quick, but I’m much faster
(No one!)
Here goes, better throw my hand in
Wish me happy landin’
All I gotta do is jump 

@smytheandco - Closed Starter based on this

Rachel hadn’t been expecting the door to the loft to open and reveal all her friends. She hadn’t expected to see Sam’s smiling face in the crowd, but as soon as she did, she’d known. He had done this. He had organised this entire thing, for her. To make her feel special and loved and wanted. He didn’t say the words I love you. But it was times like this, he didn’t need to. So she wrapped her arms around his neck, whispering her thanks in his ear and peppering his face with kisses. She spent the night basking in the attention, her eyes catching Sam’s every so often, continually drawn to him. Only, then she heard the clink of the glass, and her heart stopped as Sam spoke. 

“Rachel Berry. I love you. And I want to spend my whole life long loving you. Will you do me the greatest honor in every universe and be my wife?”

She froze for a second, her hands shaking as she watched him with wide tear filled eyes. It was almost as though nobody else was in the room, that they weren’t crying, or laughing, or clapping. It was just Sam. Her everything. Her sun. “You certainly don’t do things by half do you?” She murmured softly, overwhelmed for once by all the eyes on her, waiting for her response. “I would have settled for an I love you…” She teased gently, allowing the tears pooled in her eyes to spill over. “Of course I’ll marry you, it’s completely ridiculous that you’d even phrase it as a question. Did you think for one minute I would leave you for someone else to have?” 

She took a breath, her tears falling fast now as she addressed him, somehow it seemed important to her that everyone knew how she felt. That everyone knew that Sam Evans was an exceptional human being.“You made me feel safe in a world that I didn’t trust anymore. You loved me even when I thought I would be broken forever. You showed me that life had more to offer me, that I had something to offer.” She paused, smiling with a soft fondness at the memories. “You offered me patience and kindness, you offered me understanding when I felt I couldn’t ask for it.” Her voice broke, her throat thick with tears as she continued. “You made me believe that I could have good things, that I deserved them. Because I had you, you’re all the good in my life Sam Evans.” 

“I had to fight everyday to let myself love you with all the abandon that I wanted, but you were always there, even in the darkest parts. You, Sam Evans, are the light in a world that was dark.” She spared a moment to look at all their friends, her eyes shining with happiness as she slowly lowered herself to her knees. “I’m so scared, I’m so terrified of us, of this. I love you so much that sometimes it hurts to breathe. I’m so scared that I’ll lose you, and my world will be dark again.” She shook her head, holding her hand out for him to slide the ring on her finger. “But I would rather spend as much time in the light as we get. I want to be all in with you Sam Evans. Because I can’t imagine a life that I don’t love you, and one that you don’t love me in return. So yes, I will marry you. I will spend my entire life trying to make you feel as safe and as loved as you do me. But I think, it’s only fair that I ask you in return, if you Sam Evans, will marry me too?” 

( @auroraneruda )

The tension had his table was impossible to ignore, one of the guest’s attitude towards him being hostile enough to drive him away and onto his feet as soon as he wouldn’t be the first one in the room standing up. Thank God for the social convention of mingling with the rest of the party. Drink in hand, Nathaniel had already been making his rounds through the room for quite a while until he spotted a familiar face in the crowd he hoped wouldn’t greet him with a similar hostility. “Am I doing it justice?” Stopping in front of the woman for a moment, he briefly motioned to his suit, a piece of Aurora’s creation. “I hope you don’t mind me pointing this out but–” Having stepped beside her, he briefly let his gaze drift across the crowd before directing it back at her. “You look about as entertained by this as I happen to be.”

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Do you think takeru seeing patamon around was an actual thing or just there for drama??

He’s clearly using hallucinogenic drugs to cope with the situation.

JK. It was just that old cliché, “I thought I saw your face in a crowd, but it was only my imagination…”

I must have been out of my mind to even consider attempting to dance at this gathering. The ground is full of mud, there is a strong wind blowing across the clifftop and I slipped and fell in front of Jade and an awful group of gawping spectators.

And I forgot to visit the gym before I arrived. I have been unable to partake in my sanitary ablutions before attending such a raucous event.

I am now reduced to sitting upon a large stone, eating a bowl of common crisps before returning to my field to retire to bed.

Or perhaps I should visit the gymnasium first? I just pray nobody sees me like this! How will I face the ‘crowds’ again?

Or Jade, for that matter. I must see her tomorrow at work and explain that perhaps dance parties are not my cup of tea. I just pray she does not broadcast my unfortunate accident amongst our other colleagues.