A Deadly Game

When Into the blue starts playing

Normal people:

“Oh how nice! I love this song, it’s so beautiful!”

Castle fans:

“OMG poor Kate no I can’t believe that really happened oh Castle what the hell is wrong with you Gina has the worst timing ever damn you Hamptons why now that Kate finally broke up with Demming omg look at Kate’s face I can’t stop crying she doesn’t deserve that this is all wrong I wanna die”


1.05 | 2.24 | 4.22 | 4.23: Espo’s got Beckett’s back, even if it’s just bringing her coffee when she needs it most.

I think that Esposito and Beckett have one of the more interesting relationships on the show. I agree with people who think that they have a deeper history, but whether or not it was ever physical, I can’t say. 

These scenes in particular really got to me though because they say a lot about how Esposito always supports Beckett. I chose to show this through coffee because of the obvious significance of it. 

In 1.05, before Castle took over the job, Espo was the one who provided Beckett with her coffee fix. That shows history.

In 2.24, in what is one of the most heartbreaking scenes in the series imo, Castle shows up at the precinct holding only one coffee. The expression on Beckett’s face killed me. And then, a few scenes later, you see the gif above with Espo nonchalantly handing a coffee to Beckett. If you watch her expression, she’s totally thrown off when he gives her the coffee. Like so many other scenes in Castle, I thought this one was particularly well-done because it says so much and yet it’s glossed over without mention. And I think that’s the whole point of Beckett and Espo’s relationship. Esposito somehow realized that things were right between her and Castle, and he recognized the significance of coffee for them. He hands her a cup of coffee in a gesture that reads “I got your back no matter what, even if it’s emotionally.”

The scene from 4.22 is another one of these glossed over, but chock-full of meaning moments. I think opinions may vary about what Beckett and Esposito’s conversation is really about since they kind of just jumped right into the middle of it. My personal thought, however, is that Esposito once again brought Beckett coffee when he realized that Castle wasn’t doing it anymore. It’s hard to clearly hear what Beckett says, but I think it’s something along the lines of “[I thought] you said you didn’t like coffee,” to which Esposito responds, “I like vanilla lattes.”

To me, this suggests that Espo brought the coffee specifically for Beckett (note that she usually drinks a variation of vanilla lattes), and to make it not seem like he’s being overly obvious about his care for her, he masks it maybe by saying that he bought it for himself, but didn’t want it anymore. Again, this is totally my own interpretation of the scene, but I think it fits with the overall theme that Espo always brings Beckett coffee when Castle fails to do so.

Anyhow, sorry for the long post. Apparently I’m in the mood for character/relationship analysis. This is my second one in less than 24 hours.