A Deadly Affair


In the same episode that they share a bed, Napoleon and Illya sit down to rest after a fight on the same chair. How much closer can you get? Not much closer. Bonus: sitting so close at the end of the episode that their chair legs are jammed together. (Illya, do you ever stop eating? Are both those plates yours?)

  • Richard Castle: You know what these bodies are? A sign!
  • Kate Beckett: A sign?
  • Richard Castle: A sign. A sign from the universe, telling us that we need to solve these cases together. You don't want to let the universe down, do you?
  • Kate Beckett: You're not gonna go away no matter what I do, are you?
  • Richard Castle: I respect the universe.

Napoleon and Illya ►  How They Dress On a After Mission Date
Illya likes to wear his reddish suit, Napoleon likes to wear different hats because he thinks it’s fashionable.