A Child Lost In Time

My OC for @felostheir! I’m so excited about Val since I’ve been working on them for awhile 

Name: Val

Gender: Non Binary (They/Them)

Age: ??? (Vaguely 22)

Class: Marionette

Secondary Class: Swordsperson

Affiliation: None (Made in New Plegia but just kinda does their own thing But has home country pride)

Battle Skill: No Strings Attached - When health reaches below 50%, character will ‘resurrect’ at the most, two previously fallen foes who will each have 15%-35% health to act as a barrier

Background under the readmore! (Written by @dextronoms sob sob the tru mvp)

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Positive Vibes (ALiL Deleted Scene)

Summary: (College!AU) In which you do something for Bucky that brightens his bad day. 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,923

A/N: An anon requested “reader does something spontaneous and romantic for Bucky that she doesn’t even think of as romantic! And he is just floored by her thoughtfulness.“ This takes place between “The Little Things (Part Two)” and “The Get Together”. Here’s a track list for the CD mentioned in this part. 

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

@avengerstories - thank you for existing and being my very best friend/editor

Originally posted by veronikaphoenix

You’re stuck in the middle of a heated debate between Bruce and Helen Cho about gamma radiation when Steve walks by. He scans the dining hall, letting his gaze fall from one table to the next, before balancing his tray in one hand so he can rub his forehead. As he does, he discreetly scans the room for a second time, reminding you of a lost child desperately seeking out his mother.

"Steve!” You call out, making sure your voice is loud enough to be heard over all the chatter. He turns around immediately, a relieved grin overtaking his features as he walks towards you.  

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anonymous asked:

What about omega Steve going into the ice pregnant with alpha Bucky's baby. And they survives with him?

Oh my goodness! 

Can you imagine, Steve coming out of the ice in a world that doesn’t make sense and he’s alone, missing Bucky, to find that he’s pregnant. With Bucky’s child. His Alpha. But Bucky’s not here, he’s lost in time, far away and as far as Steve knows, he’s dead. 

But then, when he meets the Winter Soldier on that bridge and finds Bucky staring at him. And maybe, Steve’s child, their daughter, happens to be at the bridge too, maybe the timeline is a little different and they were ambushed. But Steve’s not with Natasha and Sam, and he was dropping little Sarah off to stay with Clint (let’s say Natasha and Clint have a safe house together), but got stopped by this strange man. 

But as soon as the mask comes off, it’s Sarah who squeals, because she knows her dad, she knows and she runs up to him, “papa! Papa!! You came back, look dada, papa came back, he’s here!” 

And Bucky looks down at her and then he sees it all. He sees blond hair, blue eyes, he remembers a man’s skinny body and loving him. He remembers everything before the war, during it and after. 

And it’s all by Sarah’s big doe eyes and her scent, the smell of baby powder and Steve’s sweet omega smell, he feels like a key is being put into a lock and suddenly everything is set free

“Papa!” Sarah smiles, big and dopey, and Bucky stoops to her level and brushes some of her curly hair back, “papa?” 

And Bucky’s resolve breaks. He drops his gun and hugs her tightly and he’s crying, and he’s saying, “yeah, I’m your papa, baby girl. I love you so much.” 

When he pulls back to get a look at her, she wipes his tears away and kisses her father’s nose and says, “dada’s been really sad without you.” 

Bucky looks up and stands, Sarah clinging onto one of his hands, the flesh one, seeing Steve standing there, looking lost and torn. 


And Bucky opens his arms and smiles, “yeah, Stevie. It’s me, sweetheart.” 

Steve’s walls crumble and he staggers into Bucky’s open arms and sobs. Bucky wraps his arms around Steve and holds onto him, keeping him close and kisses his face all over, their bond mark and then scoops Sarah up and they hug, the three of them. Finally, together


Harry Styles Oneshot: Why Not

Second Person - Words 1.4k - No visuals

Trigger warning: Miscarriage

Inspired by some of the asks @trulymadlysydney was getting a few weeks back. Check out her writings.


Your wedding ring sparkled under the fluorescent lights of the grocery store. You probably looked like a complete idiot standing in the middle of the aisle staring at the small but expensive sign of the love you and Harry shared as you reached for a packet of tampons.

Five years of marriage, almost 30 years old and you were yet to have a nine month lapse on needing the product.

Exhaling you threw the coloured packet into the trolley and continued to load everything else that you needed from your list.

It wasn’t that you weren’t ready or you didn’t want kids, you and Harry just wanted to concentrate on your careers and relationship first, there was plenty of time for babies. Although now you swore that you were starting to hear the ticking of the proverbial biological clock.

You hadn’t told Harry about how you had felt for two reasons. One you didn’t want to pressure him into it since he didn’t want it just yet and secondly it was a sensitive topic after what happened a few months back.

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anonymous asked:

idk if this is too much but how do the main three deal with their s/o going through a miscarriage? (can be early or pretty late into the pregnancy! or the baby could be stillborn)

You guys just feed on sadness and melancholy, don’t ya? Hope this brings you to tears! ^-^


  • Some people believe that feeling too much happiness means something will eventually go wrong, and Yuuri was one of these. During the whole pregnancy he was so attentive, sometimes too much.
  • Everyday he woke up and throughout the whole day it would be him following you around all worried.
  • “Yuuri, I can walk just fine!” You giggled. He was so awkward around you, but that’s what made you love him so much.
  • “I just worry.” 
  • Lately you had been having constant lower back pains, sometimes in the abdomen area, and you had been spotting for a week now. You had discussed this symptoms with Yuuri and you both agreed to go to the doctor tomorrow. 
  • You were walking towards your room when you suddenly felt a very strong wave of pain in your lower abdomen. You fell to the floor, your legs giving away to the pain. You screamed out Yuuri’s name, urging him to come over.
  • “Y/N! What’s wrong?!” And that’s when he saw it: Big stains of blood on your pants.
  • “We need to call an ambulance! There’s blood!” When you heard those words you looked at yourself, inspecting to find the blood he was talking about. When you saw it your tears just started flowing out and your screams became much louder.
  • “The baby! Yuuri, the baby!” You were sobbing at this point. You hoped that the baby was fine, but you knew he was gone.
  • When the ambulance finally came to take you to the hospital, time seemed to pass by slower for you. Even though you knew the ambulance was rushing through the street it was still too slow. 
  • “Please go faster. Please save my baby..” You would whisper, hoping that somehow it would magically transport you to the hospital. 
  • When Yuuri would hear you say that he would just grab your hand, hoping to calm you even if just a little.
  • Finally at the hospital, everything seemed to happen in slow motion and every noise became dull. The nurses rushing through, the doctor taking you in. Suddenly everything seemed calm, but there was a strange tension in the air.
  • “I’m sorry. It seems that the fetus had been dead for two to three days already. Did you not notice any symptoms, ma’am?” And that’s when everything came together. The spotting, the pain, and how you could no longer feel the baby kick. It was so obvious, but how could you have not noticed it?
  • After discussing everything through, the doctor left, leaving you alone with your husband.
  • “Y/N?” Said Yuuri while slowly approaching you. His voice quivered, his steps were hesitant, and it was obvious he was trying not to cry.
  • When Yuuri grabbed your hand and kissed it, the emotions just came rushing over. You started screaming and sobbing, Yuuri followed, hugging you tightly.
  • Even though Yuuri felt devastated he was trying to be strong for you. Because even though he was suffering the same loss you had been the one carrying the baby around inside of your body.
  • He just hugged you and let you cry your heart out, giving you small pecks and running his hand through your hair. 
  • After some time passed, you became an empty shell. You wouldn’t get out of bed, you wouldn’t eat, you wouldn’t do anything.
  • Yuuri would try and get you to at least walk around the house, he would cook small meals to see if you would eat a little bit, but his efforts were futile.
  • One day Yuuri just couldn’t take it anymore.
  • “Do you think you are the only one who lost their child?! I haven’t had time to grieve taking care of you! But you won’t even TRY to help yourself!” 
  • “Do you think this is easy for me?!”
  • “Do you think it’s easy for ME?!”
  • Each day you and Yuuri would argue about the same thing. Your relationship was breaking apart.


  • Viktor had just gotten back to the hotel from the gala that had been held after the Grand Prix (in which he won gold). This time he was alone, his wife had stayed back in Russia since he had insisted on her resting as much as she could.
  • When he checked his phone he found that he had eighteen missed calls from you and Mila. He called your phone but the voice that answered was Mila’s.
  • “Viktor! I have been calling you and Yuri so much but you wouldn’t answer and my god I don’t know what to do this is bad really bad you need to come back to Russia NOW!”
  • “Mila! Speak slowly, I couldn’t understand you.”
  • “You need to come back to Russia. Y/N had a miscarriage.” Viktor didn’t have to hear anything more. He quickly threw everything in his suitcase and rushed over to the airport, booking the next flight back to Russia.
  • When he finally arrived in Russia and made his way to the hospital you were at he was a nervous wreck. He rushed over to your room, ignoring the calls from people who noticed who he was. His goal was to see you as soon as possible.
  • When he reached the room and finally saw you, he ran over to you and hugged you. 
  • “Viktor… I missed you” You hugged him back tightly, you needed this.
  • “I’m so sorry for not being here.”
  • “It’s ok. If it wasn’t meant to be then we just need to keep trying, don’t we?” You said, trying to sound confident but the tears started falling.
  • “We knew there was a high chance of this happening so we just… we just need to keep trying.” As much as you tried to mantain a strong expression, it was too much. Both of you were prepared for something like this to happen since the doctor had already told you you had a high chance of having a miscarriage early on in the pregnancy. But actually going through one was terrible.
  • It broke Viktor’s heart to see you like. He wiped your tears away and started kissing your whole face trying to cheer you up.
  • “Just like you said, we will keep trying. When the time comes you will have that baby in your hands. I love you” He soothed while petting your hair.
  • “I love you too..” It was a bittersweet moment, but you knew that this was life and if you fall down you just have to get up and keep going.


  • Yuri was such a caring husband. He would do anything for you, any time and anywhere. Of course you knew that he was treating you extra special only because you were pregnant.
  • If you wanted something and he was in practice, he would just ditch a very angry Yakov and go get it. If you felt lonely, he would ditch a much angrier Yakov and go to you. Eventually Yakov just gave up and told Yuri to take “maternity leave”.
  • The day finally came, your water broke and Yuri became a nervous wreck, running around the house getting all the bags and everything necessary. 
  • “Are you ok? Are you dying?!” He said while driving like a maniac.
  • “Well, I won’t die if you drive slower.”
  • At the hospital you are quickly taken in and let time pass as you dilate. Yuri wouldn’t stop pacing around the room, when you got waves of excruciating pain you would curse Yuri’s existence. In short, even though it was hectic, everybody was excited and patiently waiting for the little baby girl to get here. It was a happy atmosphere.
  • “Ok! You are completely dilated. Let’s push!” And so the very awaited moment came. 
  • You pushed and yelled, Yuri cried a little from his hand being crush. It was such a beautiful moment. After hours of pushing the baby was born. But what everybody was waiting for never came: the cries of your child.
  • The doctors rushed around, trying to revive the poor baby. But every attempt was futile, your baby was dead.
  • “I’m sorry to inform you that your child has passed away. We will give you some time.” You hadn’t really been paying attention to everything that had been going on so when you heard the doctor say that you were confused. You tried to stand up but you couldn’t, your body was too weak. 
  • “Yuri, what did the doctor mean? My baby is dead?” You couldn’t believe it. You turned to look at Yuri to find him over where the body of the lifeless baby was. He wasn’t showing any emotion, he was standing still just looking at it.
  • You kept calling his name demanding to see your child. Yuri looked at you and started crying.
  • “She’s dead. My baby girl is dead!” He yelled, punching the wall. You also cried, feeling frustrated that you couldn’t go see her, feeling heartbroken because you had just lost your baby.
  • After the loss of your baby, you and Yuri relied on each other for support. The both of you would stay together all the time because if you were left alone the thoughts of your deceased child would take over your mind. But as the years passed, it would become easier to cope with the pain. And even more when you were expecting another child.
  • “I miss her. Even though we didn’t get to live with her outside of the womb, I still felt a connection to her.” Yuri said as he lied his head on your lap, letting you play with his hair.
  • “I miss her too. But right now we have to give it our all for our baby boy. We need to make sure it doesn’t happen again” You smiled. 
  • “Your right,” said Yuri as he kissed your belly. 
  • “Let’s give it everything we’ve got!”
I, Emma Take Thee Killian

An EF AU very loosly based off the infamous “I, Ross take thee Rachel” scene, inspired by @sailorkillian and the anon who sent her this ask.

also tagging, @colinoslayme, @blowmiakisscolin, and @kmomof4

4.6k words ~ also on ao3

The Charming family has finally defeated the Evil Queen. After years of torment and suffering, they’ve vanquished her for good—banished her to a far off land, that she’ll be unable to return from. All it took was the help of Rumpelstiltskin. The man who had previously been unwilling to aid them against Regina had finally found something worth his interest or, to be precise, his son’s interest.

Emma met Neal when she was 17.

She had been preparing to take her horse out for a ride when she saw movement in her peripheral vision, a blur running through the forest. Grabbing a sword, she headed after whatever she had spotted to discover a young man hiding in the trees.

He told her his name was Neal and that he was hiding from his father. He didn’t ask her for help but she had been raised by, whom she is sure to be, the most compassionate rulers to ever live and she had learned to spot a soul in need. So she offered him food, promised to keep his secret, and began to spend time with him.

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Ruined Childhood Full History Declassified

The Full Story Of The Fucker “Ruined Child” Web Site. All Secrets Exposed By Seymour.

-2: Ruined Childhood Created From A Block Of Volcanic Glass. Hewn Into The Shape Of A Ruined Child By Ancient Sculptor. His Dark Creators Name Was Lost To Time… Scholars Believe Using Modern X Ray Rifles That His Name Could Of Been “Bipp Jinner”, Or “Slud”

Month Later: Ruined Childhood Mashes His First Child In The Great Masher (Scunbolt’s Peak, Ostralia). He Is Banished From His Home Realm After Wizards Council Finds Out His Huge Crimes.

2000,1 A.C: Ruined Childhood Learns The Last Wizard Of The Council Died By Elephants. He Returns To Our Realm And Makes The First Gomputer Out Of Wizards Bones, Or Skin.

Christmas: Ruined Childhood Makes His First Post On The Internet. Post Reads As Follows…

Hello Hello I Am A MotherFucker Boy. I Cant Wait To Put More Childs In My Great Masher And My Kids Grinder. Please Send Me Your Boys. Love Ruined Childhood

Thanksgiving, Second Minute: Ruined Childhood Gives Danes 1000 Ships To Invade England. Jesus Christ The Son Of God Is Killed By A Dane On The Shores Marking The First Thanksgiving. Ironically One Of The Only Goods Ruined Childhood Ever Done (Made Thanksgiving) But At A Most Terrible Price So Hes Still Bad.

Third Trimester: Ruined Childhood Invents A New Weapon Called: Thweng. Ruined Childhood Uses Thweng To Chunk The Moon Into Existance. Night Beasts Get Powers From The Moon. Ruined Childhood Laughs Gleefuly… His Children

Evening: Ruined Childhood Hides In The Shadowey Woods And Gobbles Up Cars From The Highways (Ongoing Event)

June 16th, 1982, 9:46 PM: Ruined Childhood Descends From An Area Of The Sky Near The Star Vega Upon A Small Town In Northern Utah And Turns Two Dogs Into Sixteen Meter Long Three Inch Diameter Stainless Steel Rods

Right Now: Ruined Childhood Posting All About It On The Intornet Like He Didnt Do A Thing…

If I Could Do It All Over Again

Masterpost: {x}

Part: 16/16

Pairing: Hamliza

Inspiration: this drawing

Summary: After Alexander died, he realized the existence of reincarnation. While most didn’t believe in the possibility, Alexander was one of those special few who remembered everything in their past lives. Because of this, he spent almost all of his lives searching for his dear Eliza. As his lives went on, things began to seem hopeless, all until he runs into her one day in the most unexpected place.

Warning: mentions of death

Word Count: 3,771

Dedication: y’all bc you have to wait

Tags: @bunny-yams , @ufo-pearl , @sullkid700 , @aswimmerlife , @nefarism , @mishaisakitten, @embershine0521, @tellchickfilaimqueer , @woahtherebuddyfriend , @gum-and-chips , @tinymugs , @waitwhat-24601 , @hell-yes-puns-and-ships , @jeffersonwiki , @burr-ito , @xfallingsnowx , @aswimmerlife , @bad-l-ands , @firejearthm ,  @cutebridge , @hamil-fandom , @pipindaae , @beafayette , @karmana-stevens-569 , @starfreckledlaurens , @thedisneyderp, @aleciamagic, @genericusernameblahblahblah, @elizahamilton1776, @seiteixnalaicos, @isntthisenoughwhatwouldbeenough, @ichbindeindod, @sassyrickgrimes, @cheerioscheerios, @qwertyfries , @weareallhamiltontrash , @starfallen-keys, @betweeneverytwopines, @drunkenkid 

A/N: I’m sorry I keep updating late!! I am just so busy!!

Alexander’s hotel bed felt just a bit bigger when he woke up in the early morning. At first, he hadn’t noticed. He’d been sleeping by himself for over two-hundred years without a woman in his arms but when he couldn’t go back to sleep for no apparent reason, he realized something was missing.

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fun game: listen to this while imagining throam but volume three is set decades later


Originally posted by boyfriendlmj

Screams, tears, sorrow. It wasn’t until it got physical I realised how deep this fight had become. A hard slap across the face from me and shove to the wall from him arose my inner common sense that had obviously been put aside in the last 20 minutes.

I needed to get away from Justin before he or I did something we would both regret, and more then likely end up on the Internet for the world to see. “Where the fuck are you going?!”

His voice was raspy from all the previous yelling but the unedifying demand in his tone suggested that he was no where near ready to drop his guard and finish this argument. He had not reached his senses like I had which was odd. It was usually him who would walk away or stop our bickering.

“Away from you. I can’t stand in this room any longer . It’s suffocating me.” I muttered, making my towards the balcony of our bedroom.

His shouts continued to echo throughout the room behind me, no doubt him cussing me out for whatever reason his mind could muster up but my choice was a lot smarter. Just ignore his banter and release a little tension.

As I sat on the chair swing bolted in the ceiling, I couldn’t help my eyes but to wonder over to the outdoor coffee in front of me.

Laying next to the ashtray which was seemingly empty of any cigarette ashes, was a packet. Full. Just the way I left them.

But do I really want this? It’s been so long, I’ve done so well so far. Do I really want to spoil it because of one stupid fight that escalated a little too quickly between Justin and I?

Yes. I really do.

Before I could change my mind, I quickly flipped the packet open and swiped out the first one I found, using the lighter on the table to ignite it. The now recently used packet in my hands was thrown carelessly back on the table as I sat back and huffed on the burning cigar.

One inhale in and a large amount of smoke followed on the way out. It burned my lungs after not having one in so long and i knew that I was really only cheating myself but it calmed me. And it was either this or worse. I could have gone back to my teenage years and swiped a blunt up, or even resulted to my depressed days and brought out the razor. It’s stupid I know, but it’s how I convinced myself that what I was doing right now wasn’t so bad after all.

A few more hits later and I could finally feet my body relaxing to the addictive nicotine. Savouring every breath of the now half smoked cigarette.

It was a quiet night out. No one was heard, not even the cars from the busy street below. Justin and I’s house was to far from the actual road to hear the noise, with having such a large and grand front yard.

But that silence was quickly disturbed may I say very suddenly, when one of the double doors to the bedroom unexpectedly began to creep open.

“Y/N?” I couldn’t see his face, it was blocked by the door but that didn’t stop me from imagining what his face looked like from his tone of voice.

He sounded sorrowful and broken. Maybe a little guilty? His voice was sad and weak and although he knew I was out here, he also seemed a little unsure.

I decided not to answer and rather just grab another puff of the cigarette in my hands, looking out across at the beautiful LA view.

From the corner of my eye, I watched as Justin stepped away from the door, closing it behind him without yet taking a good glance at me. With a tired sigh, I let my hand holding the cigarette fall to the side, gripping the addictive drug in between two fingers.

Justin peeked over at me, his once beet red face from earlier now a pale complexion, something he showed when he was nervous. Followed by his paleness was a mark on the side of his face that was tinted slightly different to the rest. A hand mark that fit my hand perfectly. A sigh similar to mine escaped his lips, his head falling to the floor in shame. “Baby. I’m so sorry. I should have never touched you.”

By the tone he used, I could hear just how sorry he really was, and I could tell that it really was eating him up inside.

I really couldn’t blame him that much. I did fire him up by slapping him but he knows to never touch a girl. He hurt me be slamming me against that wall. Not just physically.

Once not receiving a reply, I watched as his eyes fell into desperation, begging for my forgiveness. “Baby girl?” His voice barely anything but a whisper.

I ignored his pleas and instead, lifted the cigarette to my mouth, sitting it in between my lips before taking a puff.

Justin’s face grew from sad to shocked in a matter of seconds, and I watched as he quickly shuffled over to stand in front of me, grabbing a hold of the cigarette box on the table. He opened the lid, taking a peek inside to spot the one missing cigarette before turning to me.

“Your smoking?” His voice was laced in disbelief.

“Is there a problem?” I spat, barely sparing as much as a glance in his direction.

“You’ve worked so hard to stop your addiction.” He stated.

“Well, not hard enough.” I shrugged as if it wasn’t a big deal.

Justin was silent for a few more seconds, his eyes flickering between me, the box in his hand and the lit cigar in my fingers before he suddenly stood and prepped his arm back.

My eyes widened once realising what he was doing but it was to late as I watched the box of cigarettes be thrown many meters out, until it landed somewhere along the road in the distance.

Blood boiling as I shook, the cigarette on my hand was dropped to the floor, still sparking in a flame as I stood, my eyes squinted towards Justin who was almost admiring his work over the balcony.

“What the fuck?!”

“Don’t ‘what the fuck’ me. You broke your promise.” He spoke.

“That promise was to myself, it had nothing to do with you!”

“Don’t you dare say that!” He shouted but it was rather calm in a way, as if he was really trying hard not to work himself or me up. “You know just as well as I do that your smoking has a lot to do with me.”

“Yeah, well fuck off!” I grunted, throwing myself back into the swing. It was silent once again as I bent down to pick up the burning cigarette, bringing it closer to my lips to take another puff. But it was Justin’s voice which caused a halt my actions, my heart almost shattering in the process.

“I just want you to be healthy. I don’t want a repeat of last time.”

His voice was so broken. It hurt.

“Last time was a mistake.”

“Then Don’t make that mistake again. Please Y/N.”

“The chances of me getting cancer again is low. One cigarette won’t kill me.” I muttered.

“That’s what you said last time.” He sounded like a lost child. It broke my heart.

“When the doctor diagnosed your lung cancer, it literally felt like my whole world had just crumbled in front of me. I did so much research on it after that.” He began, looking out into the distant city.

“Do you know how many people survive having Lund cancer? 4 in 100.” He continued. “4. Only 4. If I ’m being honest Y/N, I thought you were going to die. And seeing how sick you were, i felt like I was going to die. So when they announced you cancer free, I was so happy I was ready to jump up and do 100 summersaults.” As if remembering and old memory, he chuckled, but it was short lived as he fell back into a hole of sadness, head dropping.

“Please don’t do that to yourself again. And if I knew that the argument we had would lead to you coming out here and lighting a cigarette, I would have kept my mouth shut, locked every door in the house and held you so tight that you would only have the choice but to fall asleep in my arms. You wouldn’t have even thought about a cigarette.”

The only thing I could do was listen to every word he spoke. This was the first time we had spoken of my illness since it happened last year, and to think of it again scared the living shit out of me which really made me wonder. what the hell am I doing?

Without another thought, I dumped the cigarette in my hand on the floor and butted out the stick, before leaning over and throwing it over the balcony. Left for the wind to carry away.

Justin watched in slight relief at my actions and quickly opened his arms for me, which I quickly up took. Throwing myself in his hold, I felt as if he were to squeeze the air out of me from how tight he was holding me.

“I’m sorry.” I whispered into his chest.

“Shh princess, it’s alright.” He hushed.

We stood like this for a few more minutes, enjoying each other’s embrace before Justin began shuffling around, then muttered. “Let’s get you inside. It’s cold. Why don’t I run you a hot bath?”

The thought of a bath made a shiver run down my spine just realising how cold it really was out, and the fact that I was wearing nothing but panties and Justin’s old hockey jersey was not helping.

“Thank you.” I whispered.

“Don’t worry about it. Besides you kinda need it. Your hair smells like nicotine.”

We both chuckled slightly as Justin began leading us back inside, where the rest of the night was spent bathing and cuddling in bed.

Alright, and maybe a little make up sex.

But none the less, I was just glad to be here with Justin. Like he said, 4 in 100.

But right now, it felt more like 1 in a million. Cause that’s what he makes me feel like.

** Don’t do drugs kids. 😎

Lives Were Saved and Lives Were Lost

Lives Were Saved and Lives Were Lost

Requested: No
Warnings: Yelling, Harry being a dick

Your short battle with a yet to be named meta had ended with the loss of a life. The meta with the ability to move with shadows had taken a teenage girl hostage and you and Barry found out about it a few minutes to late.

This hurt both you and Barry immensely. Barry saw it as another person he couldn’t save, and you saw it as another time you screwed up.

Your powers were difficult. You could see the past, present, and future, but only in small sessions. You saw the shadow meta take the girl, but not kill her. You could fight well, not like Barry but enough to hold your own in battle and it helped that you were a licensed paramedic.

Barry ran you into the Cortex and set you in a chair.

“Great job guys,” Cisco said sitting behind the desk eating a bag of skittles.

“Cisco that girl died,” Barry reasoned.

“She has a name you know. It’s Anna. Anna Jacobs. And now she’s dead because (Y/N) wasn’t able to see everything in the future,” Harrison Wells stated rather coldly from the other side of the room.

“I can’t choose how much of the future I see, Harry. I’m sorry,” you say sinking into the chair wanting to disappear.

“Traveler, that the meta’s name now, had twenty other people held captive, one of which was a four year old!” Cisco spoke standing from his chair.

“A life was still lost,” Harry glares at you harshly.

“All of those people are alive right now- because of her!” Barry yelled, “We wouldn’t have found Travelers hide out with out her and who knows how many more kids would have died.”

“We just got lucky.”

“I’m so sorry that I screwed up, and I know that it happens all the time. I’m sorry that a child lost their life and you may not think this, but it hurts me a lot that I couldn’t save her. This isn’t the first life lost on my watch and I sadly say that it probably won’t be the last. This is the line of work we are in. I hate that people die in the fights, but I’m happy that the evil in this world is getting stopped. I try so hard, but you need to accept that sometimes I can’t save everyone. I will do everything to try and do just that, but there is always going to be casualties.”

You stormed out of the cortex and let the long held tears fall.

Little to know that Anna Jacobs was Harry’s daughters bestfriend on Earth 2. And she was like a daughter to him as well.

I don’t suppose you’ve come to your senses and started offering Darjeeling?”

“No, Malfoy. Why don’t you just go to the Ritz?”

“Are you this rude to all your customers?”

“No, only the ones who’ve been rude to me for their entire lives.”

“You can’t mean me. I didn’t even meet you until I was eleven.”

“You made up for lost time.”

“I was a gifted child.
—  What the Werbelande Blew In by khalulu

Superhero AU headcanon where Ohm’s first costume was his GMod Rabbit suit and it was good at scaring the shit out of criminals in the dark, but when he had to save a lost child while wearing the suit, he decided that maybe it was time for a change when the child began screaming and crying for about an hour while he tried to find his mother while in a slight panic.