A Child Lost In Time

The royal family of Avalor was royally screwed up by Shuriki. Due to the sorceress’ conquest this family will be hurting for a long time.

The grandparents lost their only remaining child which alone is terrible but due to their magical exile they are now bound to live in a completely different world. All their peers are dead. They have to get used to new customs, new fashion, new technology. They missed years of their grandson’s life whom they were raising as their own son for a while. Plus the guilt of leaving Elena and him behind to deal with Shuriki while they are safely out of her reach. Then they have to get used to the fact their little boy has (for them overnight) become a grown up man they hardly know.

Similarly Isabel has lost her childhood friends because they have moved or simply became adults (also not all people are lucky enough to survive into adulthood even nowadays, in the past it was a lot worse). The family is all she has for now before she builds new relationships and when Esteban, Elena and grandparents are busy running a kingdom she must feel very lonely. Also from her point of view she lost her parents yesterday. She’s still very much mourning, same for Louisa and Francisco.

Elena spent decades in magical prison and we don’t know how conscious she was. She may have been in magic induced coma, she may have been perfectly conscious without the ability to communicate with the outside world. Four decades of forced isolation does a number on your sanity. Also technically she’s 57, has body of a 16 years-old teenager but her mind is neither a normal teen nor a fully matured mentally intact adult due to the lack of contact and magical effects.

Esteban had it rough, too. Given he’s 50 in the present, he was 9 when Shuriki murdered his uncle and aunt and caused the rest of his family to vanish out of his life in one way or another. Mind you, we’re talking about a guy who lost his parents when he was a kid and his secondary parental figures disappeared for 41 years. Then he was probably taken as political hostage as the only member of the royal family who’s alive and present in flesh and blood, therefore he may have been useful for Shuriki. There’s a high possibility she wed him to increase her claim to the throne to fend off conquerors from other countries. Granted we’re speaking about a tyrant with supernatural powers who has no problems with murdering or enslaving and possibly brainwashing people so the marriage was by no means a happy one.

He had to juggle the whims of a dictator with the needs of the people. And he not only survived living with a fickle, extremely selfish enchantress, he made the land to prosper! So he spent a large chunk of his life as a puppet ruler who actually cared for the kingdom and managed to outsmart/outmanipulate the actual manipulative ruler. He can be mean about Elena’s mistakes but, like others, he’s still in the middle of dealing with his issues. And more over, he may be very well afraid one kooky woman is going to get replaced by another. Elena’s dismissal of some council’s decision don’t make it easy for him to trust her judgment.

Long story short: each member has heavy emotional luggage. Good thing there are Naomi, Gabe, Mateo, Higgins and others to help them.

Samantha’s Face Claim!

So here we have it! Samantha’s faceclaim is Rune Balot for Mardock Scramble! Thank you @isolatedcountry for finding her! Tomorrow I will be working on more icons for get ready for more replies with icons! 

Closer | River & Aiden

Aiden was running later, as always. He dropped his copy of the Cursed Child on his way out of the library; he had lost track of time. When he reached his SUV, he threw everything into the passenger side and made his way to the Gypsy. River was setting up for his performance that night, and Aiden promised to meet him there before he discussed everything with the manager. Steve should be enough of a distraction to give Aiden some time to drive there. 

He pulled up, his teeth clenched. He was only five minutes late, but he got lucky. He jumped out, smoothing out his black tank top and leather pants. Taking a deep breath, he opened the doors to their third place that reeked of stale beer and cigarette smoke. Home sweet home. 

It didn’t matter how popular River became, he still returned to their bar. He spotted Steve first, busy yacking away on his phone. Jade found olive, a bright smile pulled at his husband’s beautiful lips. His left arm snuck around River’s back as he strung his guitar, pulling him in for a side hug. He kissed River’s cheek, and whispered into his ear before giving him his space. “Hey, beautiful. Did you miss me?”

Holy Smoke || Jesse & Santanico

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As each week passed in Ashgate, it got harder and harder to believe that this was anything other than Hell. The notion of trying to preach here, trying to give any sort of comfort or solace to these people, seemed as sick and demented as the rest of the establishment. Jesse hadn’t been much of an idealist for a long time, but all the same, he’d never felt quite this jaded. He and his lover had lost a child once upon a time, he’d lost his father in a manner too violent to ever quit dreamin’ about, and he’d even lost his town. But here in Ashgate, Jesse Custer was afraid that he was going to lose something that he’d never really been sure was his to begin with – his faith.

The chapel was spotlessly clean, as he’d had too much damn free time on his hands that day. They weren’t allowed candles in here, as giving inmates access to that much fire was allegedly too much of a risk, but Jesse was hoping to change the management’s position on that, at least for Sunday sermons. Considering how to do that, how to explain that it was important for a sanctuary to look different, to carry some old traditions, was a much more pleasant diversion than thinking about his slow plunge into faithlessness. 

When the door creaked open, Jesse turned in surprise. The inmates didn’t usually come in here, which essentially left the preacher alone most hours of most days, but a visitor was always welcome. Jesse put out the cigarette he’d been smoking and stepped away from the wall when he saw the young woman enter. 

“Welcome,” he said, his southern accent obvious in even just that one word. “You just come to pray alone, or is there somethin’ I can do for you, miss?" 

It was a struggle to try and sound as friendly as he actually felt, but Jesse managed it, he thought – well, he hoped. The prison wasn’t the place for soft or kind people, even when it came to employees – maybe especially when it came to employees – but Jesse tried not to come off as a goddamn douche. Lord knew these people needed some kind of comfort in their lives. Even if he couldn’t find ways to give it, he didn’t want to be the asshole who only took more of it away.

Last time I volunteered at the school (this being the same day a shelf collapsed on my fucking head but thankfully NOT the time I ‘lost’ a child while playing hide and seek) I ended up giving this one five-year-old the 'girls can marry girls and boys can marry boys and it’s perfectly normal’ talk and it’s probably the best thing I’ve done for the world all year.

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  • Favorite anime/manga

I’m not really an anime/manga person, which I know is heresy for someone with quite a number of anime friends in school, but I liked the artwork in Emma. It was set in the Victorian era and I mainly read it because I like the artwork. My friend once showed me Ludwig Kakumei which I found hilarious, as it’s a send-up of fairy-tales. And Cinderella has big feet!

  • Favorite video games

I haven’t played those in years. Maybe a decade. I do remember as a child I was pretty addicted to Bugs Bunny Lost in Time, but my parents disapproved of the time I spent at the computer, I wasn’t a good strategist, and I discovered books, so …

  • Favorite books

Almost anything by Diana Wynne Jones. Jane Eyre and Villette by Charlotte Bronte. Mansfield Park by Jane Austen (Severely underrated!) The essays of William Hazlitt. The poetry of Keats. I love the 19th century. 

  • Favorite TV shows

Don’t watch much TV but once I was into 80s British sitcoms, Allo Allo!, Yes Minister, Dad’s Army and Are You Being Served? during my second year at uni. Those shows basically saved my life. Off and on I watch Big Bang Theory but more out of curiosity as to what happened, not because I’m a fan.

  • Last song I listened to

I last listened to Clara Haskil’s Brahms, I think, but that’s not strictly a song. The last song I listened to was some time ago, maybe a week or two ago, “Don’t Know Why,” by Norah Jones, the jazz version.

  • First Language


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