A Carnival Evening

Ready When You Are - TippyTypewriter - Life Is Strange (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
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Title: Ready When You Are

Fandom: Life is Strange (Pricefield)


But she’s also endeared to Chloe’s confidence–and more so to the little nervous glances she catches when Chloe thinks she isn’t looking–so she follows her anyway.

Or: “the one where Max always lived in Seattle and Chloe is a carny and they engage in summer romance.”

Sooo here’s another, longer, Pricefield fic.  This one’s a really, really fluffy AU, just in time for the end of carnival season.  Even episode four can be fixed with fic, right?  I hope y’all enjoy it, and if you (or don’t!), please leave a comment on AO3 or drop something in my ask box.  Feedback fuels me.

After this I wonder if Emma is gonna use the dreamcatcher to see other people’s dreams and use them to manipulate them.

It would explain Hook’s dream in the previous episode. 5x04 could end with Emma holding the dreamcatcher while “watching” Hook’s dream.

I wonder if even the carnival is a dream, maybe Henry’s who arrives on a horse and gets a kiss from the girl he likes….

If that’s the case….I’m scared to see Regina’s dream cause it could potentially ruin the character forever. The terrible Evil Queen dreams of getting pregnant and cooking meals for her manly man and the kids he had with other women. Ew. No.

anonymous asked:

Can I get Candy and Lysander with no.7 please? uwu

Hello! Thank you so much for sending one in! I hope you like it!

Send me a number and a pairing

7) I almost lost you

Candy could feel the panic pulling at her as her eyes darted around for any sign of Lysander. What started as a nice date between the two of them was quickly turning into the worst time of her life. The carnival seemed to be even more crowded now that she was alone. She was practically drowning in the sea of people as her heart beat rapidly in her chest and it got harder for her to breathe.

She wasn’t sure how they got separated or who accidentally left who. She suspected it was both of their faults. She had a tendency to not really pay attention to things and he tended to wander without a second thought. She knew she should have just held his hand the whole time- as embarrassing as it would have been, it at least would have kept her from getting separated from him.

She could already feel the tears bristling at her eyes. She hated being around so many people. It was so overwhelming. She needed to find a way to calm down, fast, but she doubted that that was ever going to happen, especially if Lysander wasn’t there to help her. Her short breaths became small hiccups as she continued her dire search.

It seemed like forever before she found him. She found herself bumping into his chest as he looked at her a bit shocked, his eyes wide as he looked down at the sight before him. Her tears were streaming down her cheeks and he could practically hear the erratic beat of her heart in her chest.


His voice seemed confused and a bit taken back at the sudden collision. If he were being honest, it was most likely his fault for her current condition. He knew that she hated crowds, yet she really wanted to come to the carnival to ride some of the rides. He should have been more careful and not have wandered off without checking to make sure she was with him.

The sight of him caused her to be flooded with absolute relief. Before she could even stop herself, she had her arms wrapped around his waist as she hugged him tightly, burying her face into his chest.

“…I almost lost you.”

Her words, spoken so softly he barely even heard them, nearly broke his heart as his expression softened. He hugged her back gently, rubbing soothing circles on her back as he placed a soft kiss to the top of her head.

He hated seeing her like this. So broken. So genuinely upset. He definitely hated the tears on her face and how her words wavered with emotion. He vowed to himself that he would never leave her like that again- he didn’t think he could stand to see her in this condition a second time.