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‘Score’ Go Dong-bin’s Friends and Untold Stories

[박상진의 e스토리] ‘스코어’ 고동빈의 친구들, 그리고 못다한 이야기
2016.02.08 00:01 KST
Writer Park Sang-jin @_Wallenstein (vallen@xportsnews.com)

As a team game, League of Legends involves the process of saying hellos and goodbyes to one’s many teammates. That is especially true for a player like Score that has been active ever since the early stages of Korean League of Legends. What did Score think about his teammates and rivals ever since his StarTale days to his current team of KT Rolster?

SK Telecom T1 Coach ‘kkOma’ Kim Jung-gyun & ‘Vitamin’ Lee Hyung-jun: Both Jung-gyun hyung and Hyung-jun hyung are good people. Jung-gyun hyung was really considerate and took good care of us even though there was a large age difference between him and the rest of us. Vitamin hyung was also very friendly and approachable.

‘Mafa’ Won Sang-yeon: He was the only one of my teammates that was the same age as me. He was the Support I worked best with when I was an AD Carry. It’s best to describe him as my soulmate (*”Partner of the soul”)

‘Ryu’ Ryu Sang-wook: He has a playful personality. And he’s generally friends with everyone, talks a lot in-game.

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