i was tagged by konketsuu ddaisuki and otaku-one to put my music on shuffle and pick the 1st ten songs : ) 

1. Whiskey Waters - Tiny Moving Parts 

2. Cop Graveyard - Teen Suicide

3. Killing in the name of - Rage Against the Machine

4. Antidote - Travis Scott

5. 679 - Fetty Wap 

6. GB Eating GB Whilst Listening to GB - Crywank 

7. On Melancholy Hill - Gorillaz 

8. Teleport 2 Me, Jamie - WZRD

9. Please Stop Making Fake Versace - Father

10. Reason - Spooky Black 

i tag sasuke4prez meditite headcoma deadmom420 reikage fuckingpunchmeintheface and s0-cha0tic  but you dont have to if youre not feeling this 

8 Perfect Summer Moments Captured With Olloclip
The sun is setting on another summer filled with adventures, good eats and #skyporn. But there’s one thing that Instagram users won’t stop using even when the season changes- portable phone lenses. The following are photos that give a taste …

The website ink361 decided to share a few photos that they felt summed up summer through an olloclip. 

Their list includes users such as photo-wzrd, bag-of-roks, and many more! 

anonymous asked:

sup wzrd can you teach me how to produce?


1st let me teach you what a handout is.

no one teaches you anything

life teaches you

i dont know how old you are

but you’re on the internet