Beauty Recap: February 9th, 2016


Kiehl’s and Derek Zoolander team up for the “Derek Zoolander Center for People Who Don’t Age Good”

Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit sells out in under 30 minutes, line expected to expand into full cosmetics line
WWD.com, Bustle.com

L'Oreal Professional taps into the denim hair trend

Estee Lauder launches special Year of the Fire Monkey limited-edition versions of its products

Marc Jacobs Beauty names lipstick shade after Princess Charlotte

Lancome debuts a cafe in Dubai

Of A Kind launches personal care marketplace

Elizabeth Arden virtually debuts its products on YouCam

New Milk Makeup line to be available on Sephora and Urban Outfitters

Dickinson’s Witch Hazel celebrates 150 years and launches new products

Jessica Alba’s Honest Beauty line to launch at Ulta

Boots UK fixes gendered pricing differences on razors and eye roll-on after Change.org petition
Boots-UK.com, Change.org

Kristen Stewart becomes new face of Chanel beauty

MAC announces Select, its reward program, in the US and soon the UK
MacCosmetics.com, TeenVogue

Mac Future Forward to feature collaborations with rising stars like Tinashe, Dej Loaf, and Halsey
Popcrush.com, Allure.com

NARS teams up with Facebook to launch 360 degree commercial

Unilever drives two giant clay lips around the world to promote Vaseline

Dermaflash razor sells out on QVC

Marinello School of Beauty closes all locations after US federal funding cuts

“Your complete guide to drinkable beauty products”

Jean Paul Gaultier releases “Fragrance Factory” advertisement

Galderma launches “Mom Genes” campaign, presenting results of survey on mother-daughter skin ageing

Tarte launches separate lines for Sephora and Ulta


Shiseido to open new plant in Japan, populated by robots

“Beauty and the East: China’s plastic surgery boom”

New makeup launches from Modi x Unistella, 3 Concept, Holika Holika, and more!

New skincare launches from Apieu, Mamonde, Euphytos, Hanyul, and more

Preview of events and lectures at Makeup in Seoul

Lotte Duty Free plans expansion in South Korea and Japan

Animal masks are top sellers at Skin Garden in Japan

AmorePacific and LG Household aim to knock Shiseido off the top spot

Kao’s full-year net profit jumps 24.2%

South Korean regulations may be hindering development of cosmetics

3 South Korean beauty secrets for blackheads

Halal Cosmetics and Personal care conference to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

France to invest 1 billion in India. L'Oreal CEO wants Indian regulations aligned with Europe’s

Indian survey finds men are buying more products than women

Indians’ willingness to spend on beauty and cosmetics on an upward trend

Research and Technology

Antiperspirants and deodorants change your armpit’s microbiome

Beiersdorf study shows effect of complex in Eucerin against atopic dermatitis

Cosmetic safety and testing in a post-animal testing world

Research optimizes sun protection and Vitamin D production

Study looks into the role of stem cells in hair loss and ageing

Outreach and Sustainability

Australian retailers commit to phase out microbeads

German study examines carbon footprint of glass vs plastic cosmetic packaging

New liver cell culturing technique leads to new animal-free toxicity testing methods

Singaporean scientists develop animal-free automated kidney toxicity test

Market and Trends

Is crowdsourcing the next big beauty trend?

Is 2016 the year of algae?

California’s Prop 65 to list Aloe Vera, whole leaf extract as a potential carcinogen

Emollient esters market projected to reach $226 million USD by 2020

Sucrose esters market projected to reach 74.6 million USD by 2020

BASF raises Vitamin A products reflecting global supply and demand

Turkey restricts use of UV filter, 3-Benzylidene Camphor, in cosmetics products

Russian cosmetics market expected to bounce back

Corporate and Finance

Rachel Zoe’s DreamDry and Spruce and Bond merge

Shareholders initiate investigation into Coty for potential wrongdoing

The Honest Company is working on an IPO

Consumers revive class action suit against Hain Celestial corp. over “natural” skin care claims

Estee Lauder reports second quarter results

LVMH releases 2015 earnings report, revenue up 16%

Estee Lauder’s sales increase 3% on strength of haircare. Lowers forecast for per-share earnings
WWD.com, WSJ.com

Interesting Reads

Man wearing Jack Sparrow wig steals £650,000 worth of cosmetics

US presidential candidate make-up artist, campaigns against the opioid epidemic

“All the differences between a $200 skin cream and a $20 one”

“Why I spend Saturday nights naked with my neighbours in a sauna”

Mauritius bets o the beauty business

“Why I obsessively wash my face four times a day”

“How to practice self care” by Marina Watanabe


Ciara Teams Up With Keds For New Collection & Spring Campaign + CiCi Allegedly Files $15 Million Lawsuit Against Future

Ciara has inked a new deal with another brand. But, she also (allegedly) has a new lawsuit on her hands. She’s supposedly suing Future for defamation.

Following a successful campaign with Roberto Cavalli, Ciara is teaming up with another brand. This time the R&B songstress will be the face of footwear brand Keds, along with singer Tori Kelly and actress Allison Williams, dubbed the Keds Collective.

CiCi will flex her model skills in the footwear brand’s Spring 2016 collection to celebrate the company’s 100th anniversary.And we’ve got the first sneak peek at her spread above.

Not only will she be featured in the new campaign, she’s also creating a customized Keds collection in collaboration with TopShop (another brand she faces), according to WWD. The new collection is expected to hit stores in March.

The “I Bet” singer will perform at the “100 Years of Keds” event in West Chelsea (NYC) held at Refinery 29 on February 10th. Congrats CiCi!

Today, the singer debuted a new blonde hue after ditching her long, dark tresses. She seemingly seems unbothered, especially with these new reports that she filed a lawsuit against her ex-fiance Future.

According to The Jasmine Brand, CiCi pulled the trigger on a $15 million defamation lawsuit last month claiming the ATL rapper is trying to ruin her career with false statements and accusations.

She’s trying her damndest to keep Future from talking about her negatively and to keep their son Future Wilborn’s name out of his mouth.

The lawsuit was filed in Fulton County, Georgia on January 21st with accusations of defamation, slander and libel. She claims over the past year Future has made false statement regarding her character and her parenting skills. She claims he dragged her name in the media in an attempt to boost album and tour sales.

You’ll recall his attempt at dragging CiCi via Twitter with claims that she has control issues and that she was keeping him away from his son.

She mentions her current boyfriend Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson in the suit as well. She says Future is exploiting her new relationship, using lies to help promote his new music.

She also recalls that HuffPost interview that Future did where he disclosed details about their sex life. She says he inappropriately revealed details about their personal life that should have remained under wraps. She points out another interview Future did with XXL where he called her evil for letting Baby Future attend Russell’s NFL training camps and being photographed together.

The suit also says since December 2014, Future has seen his son a total of 19 times, with some occasions spanning several days. 19 times? Really Future? She claims she has gone out of her way to bring her son to Georgia to spend time with his dad, but to no avail.

As Future continued to blast her in the media, CiCi finally decided she’s no longer keeping quiet and is now taking matters into her own hands…legally. She’s demanding $15 milli in damages and another $25K in legal fees.  This could be a move to simply get him to shut up.

As of now, Future has not responded to the pending lawsuit. This could get messy….

anonymous asked:

Nigel Marvin comes to you and says "We're going to make a new WWD together." You get to pick the six episodes. GO.


Episode 1: Northwestern Argentina, Late Triassic. I’d do the earliest dinosaurs. Eoraptor, Herrerasaurus, Pisanosaurus, and of course all the other weird animals that lived at the time like Hyperodapedon, Probelesodon, Ischigualastia, Exaeretodon, and I’d probably have a Silesaurid, a “prosauropod” of some sort, and an early pterosaur - since it was still Pangaea back then, existing genera could even be used for those. All Avemetatarsalians would be floofed. The story would probably center around the Silesaurid I think - no it’s not a true Dinosaur but it is a Dinosauriform and we never talk about the weird almost dinosaurs

Episode 2: Siberia, Middle Jurassic. Kulindadromeus is decidedly the star of this one. From that specific fossil site there is also a medium sized theropod and other random Ornithischians. I’d probably have something similar to a Cetiosaurid, or a Mamenchisaurid, or a very very early sauropod to show how small and weird they were to start out with. I’d make the theropod a compsognathid, and because it’s in Siberia, everything would be fluffy except the sauropod, because cold. Maybe even a primitive thyreophoran. Kulinda’s the star though. Kind of like the Leaellynasaura in the original show - they really carried that episode mostly by themselves. 

Episode 3: TENDAGURU, Late Jurassic. Everyone aaaalways does the Morrison well I’M BRINGING THE AFRICAN DINOSAURS. For sauropods I’d have Giraffatitan, Dicraeosaurus, Tornieria (yes, I’d insist on Tornieria being a dull orange color), and Tendaguria. There’d be Ostafrikasaurus, Elaphrosaurus, Ceratosaurus, and Veterupristisaurus, with the first being an example of an early Spinosaur and the last an example of an early Carcharodontosaur. Pterosaurs we’d have Tendaguripterus, Pterodactylus, and Rhamphorhynchus. Then for Ornithischians we’d have Dyslatosaurus and Kentrosaurus, and Kentrosaurus would be the focus of this one because when do we ever focus on stegosaurs oh that’s right never

Episode 4: Alright, I’m giving in and doing Early Cretaceous North America. Yeah, it’s in When Dinosaurs Roamed America, but let’s make that floof up to date. Since we haven’t focused on a sauropod, Sauroposeidon is the star. Plus, it’s a sauropod star in the Cretaceous - your average viewer wouldn’t expect that! Then we got Acrocanthosaurus, Deinonychus, Tenontosaurus, Astrodon, and honestly even though that’s all from the Antlers Formation in Oklahoma and Texas, I’d probably include some fauna from the Cloverly Formation and Cedar Mountain Formation - Sauropelta, Microvenator, Eolambia, and Falcarius. There would be appropriate floof, and there wouldn’t be any raptors just… not running away when lit on fire. 

Episode 5: MIDDLE CRETACEOUS ASIA. Why? Achillobator. It’s time to give the weird giant raptor some love. Achillobator would be the focus because I recognize I had not given time yet to a theropod of any sort. Alectrosaurus, the early tyrannosaur, would also be there and would be kind of like the lion to Achillobator’s hyena, with them taking advantage of each other’s kills and stealing, but not actually fighting or anything like that. There would be a lot of therizinosaurs like Segnosaurus, and they’d also be Talarurus and Bactrosaurus and an unnamed azhdarchid (I’d probably call it Azdarcho). 

Episode 6: NEMEGT FORMATION OF THE GOBI DESERT, LATE CRETACEOUS. The star? Duck Satan Deinocheirus. This also was a formation with a lot of Oviraptorosaurs, so there would be a scene where just all of them would wander by in a herd of weirdness and what the hap is fuckening - Ajancingenia, Avimimus, Elmisaurus, Conchoraptor, Nemegtomaia, Nomingia, and Rinchenia, in one of the best animated scenes of all history, a chorus of different pitched squacks (the narration at this point would need to make a comment about bird watching). There’d also be Adasaurus, Borogovia, Gurilynia, Judinornis, Tviornis, Tochisaurus, and Zanabazar, and they’d all act like birds and it would be hard to tell one apart from another, even the Avialans - they’d all look like different types of birds. Theeeen we’d have Alioramus and Tarbosaurus representing the tyrannosaurs, Therizinosaurus, Mononykus, and Gallimimus for the other Coelurosaurs; the actually decently known titanosaur Nemegtosaurus, and then Barsboldia, Prenocephale, Saurolophus, and Tarchia to represent the Ornithischians. I’m not sure what the story would be, but it would not end in the K-T Extinction. 

And that’s my idea! Now I want to do this. What have you done. 

[TRANS] 160202 WWD Japan Interview - B.I

1) WWD JP: iKON is what kind of group? And what kind of piece is iKON’s debut album?

B.I: iKON was formed 1 and a half years ago but if you count the years from the WIN auditions, it has already been 3 years. We are a group who has deepened our bonds to overcome all the twists and turns. The uncommon things we have with each other seems to have gathered up which made us an individual group. The strength of our teamwork is our distinct quality/special ability.

2) WWD JP: What is your favorite style that caught your eye from the 2016 Spring Summer Men’s Collection?

B.I: SACAI. It gives off the smell of hip hop and street style which symbolizes our roots. I like it.

3) WWD JP: Your seniors from the same company such as GD and CL of 2NE1 are recognized as fashion icons. In iKON, who is the most ideal member of being a fashion icon?

B.I: I think Donghyuk would be the most potential member. He checks out the latest fashion trends and he also has a lot of clothes.
Chanwoo: Donghyuk.
Donghyuk: There’s no such thing as that! (Laughs) For me, I think it’s B.I

4) WWD JP: Where do you usually go for shopping?

B.I: Right now, I’m very thankful about the fact that I’m driven to work. With that, I barely go out and shop. So when I get the time to shop, I consider and choose things out earnestly.

5) WWD JP: With 7 people living together in one roof, do you lend and borrow clothes among each other?

*No answer from B.I but June, Jinhwan and Bobby all said yes* 󾌴󾌴

6) WWD JP: What are your impressions working as a model for NONAGON?

B.I: Since Nonagon itself is a strong Hip-Hop and Street Color brand, it overlooks our 2 main origins. I’m getting shy, we are still far away from the term “model”.

7) WWD JP: Unlike the usual, today’s wardrobe gives off the adult impression.

B.I: By changing the “street” look atmosphere, I got worried. Though there is a sense of unity with the color black, each member’s personality was expressed through the details of the design and embroidery (of the wardrobe).

8) WWD JP: Your enthusiasm about the Japan Tour that will start on 2/11 is?

B.I: Above all, we have been working hard since the formation of our group which has already been 1 and a half year long. We will respond to everyone’s expectation through the different types of songs found in our album and through performances.

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