Hey Yvonne. 

So I guess you’re leaving for California soon, huh? Well, I’m not really sure what to say to you, but I guess I’ll try my best. 

We’ve known each other for over a year now, and we’ve always been close friends. We could tell each other everything, and we were always there for each other. Even when other friends failed to be there for me, you still never left me. You never walked out of my life once. You always make time for me, and you visit me whenever you can. You always come support me at my dance competitions, and I remember you being there for my very first one. You’re always proud of me no matter what. Even when I’m having dance practice, you’d stop by to see me. I miss the sleepovers where we just did stupid shit like me going to Tim Horton’s at 3 in the morning in my boxers, and you would take stupid videos. I remember all the real talks we would have, and all the poking fun. I miss all of it. I even miss you coming over to my house for a pit stop because it just reminded me of how much fun we used to have together. I even bought this stupid Obey shirt so we could match. Here’s a polaroid picture we took together. I never told you this, but I keep it in my wallet at all times. Whenever I take it out, I would think about all the good times we had together. It makes me sad, but I still smile. Now I’m getting a little teary-eyed while writing this at the thought that I’ll never see you again. You were always my ride or die friend, always down for anything. You suck sometimes, but you’re awesome. Thank you for everything, I love you to pieces. Don’t forget me :’) ♥

I love you Yvonne.

I would never spend an entire shift at anyone else’s workplace like I did for you. That was boring as hell, but I didn’t mind. We always do unplanned shit which end up making the best memories. You’re making me cry right now. I never cry. I hate you, but I love you unconditionally.