Chicago Wk 11 Saturday

I’m falling behind on my blogging! Yesterday I ran 14 miles with Chicago Endurance Sports. This is definitely a smaller group because I got both the 7:30 and 8:00 pacers all to myself.

I didn’t make any demands, so we ended up right on an 8:00 average. I would have guessed we were going faster than that, but letting others dictate kinda throws me off. I ran behind them and had to shorten my stride a little. Plus I’m talking a lot which requires some extra effort.

Still lots of fun though. Two really nice people who don’t complain when I recount the same running story for the third time.

anonymous asked:

I've been with my boyfriend for 7 years. We always had a passionate relationship but the past 3 months he has completely stopped wanting sex. I am 27 wks pregnant now. I asked him whats up and he says "Nothing, I still want to have sex" but he does NOTHING to initiate, and if I try to, hes either too tired or doesnt feel well. It makes me feel so unattractive on top of being huge. The couple times we have tried, he intentionally hurt me down there so I'd quit wanting it. Idk what to do.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together, when you’re pregnant sex can change. The problem may not he whether or not he is attracted to you or how much he loves you. There can be lots of reasons he isn’t feeling it right now. Men go through a lot of emotions during pregnancy too. He might be scared to hurt you or the baby. He might legitimately be tired. My husband and I didn’t have sex for about 6 months during my pregnancy and when we did it wasn’t very romantic or sexy, just really uncomfortable. Maybe try just being intimate in other ways? Cuddle and foreplay can help you feel connected again. Try talking to him, like really talking to him about how he feels and why he doesn’t want to have sex. Communication is always important. 


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrive at the Portsmouth Historical Dockyard as they attend the America’s Cup World Series event on July 26, 2015 in Portsmouth, England.