Listen, I couldn’t care less about polls but Bob is talented af and works so hard to give us the best Bellamy we could have asked for.

The winner of the poll gets an interview and this is great promo for him.

This man needs more appreciation and deserves to be recognized for his brilliant work ok? Did l make myself clear? 

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Let’s vote nonstop: http://www.eonline.com/news/846427/alpha-male-madness-2017-vote-in-the-final-round

I’ve been thinking a bit lately about my 100 inquisitor giveaway challenge thing and like…i feel like it might be time to quietly just kind of call it a failure. The idea of starting it up again and doing ten more portraits at a time five times over is just so overwhelming, considering that when I started it over a year ago, a portrait took between 20-30 minutes, and now i take upwards of several hours per piece. 

It’s hard to justify the time spent when I could be putting that towards paying work or working on my own artwork and fanfics. I ended up with 46 portraits, which is still a lot of free artwork. 

I do want to host another giveaway, since next month is my birthday I might time that to coincide with it! I feel like dropping the project will give me more freedom to host other fun stuff more often.