a list of things i think about whenever i write otayuri, part one

or, in which angel dumps all her otayuri HCs from twitter (originally here) to tumblr

  • beka has a really awkward, snorty laugh when he really gets into it; yura loves it
  • yura can actually cook; he learned from his grandfather. but he can only cook specific things. beka has a bigger repertoire of recipes.
  • beka loves playing with yura’s hair. he’ll absentmindedly braid it, or card his fingers through it, or twist it around his finger a lot
    • yura likes it when beka slicks his bangs back but likes it better when beka’s just showered, so his hair is loose and floppy and soft
  • they communicate by touch almost as much as by words. when they’re on the couch and yura has his feel propped in beka’s lap, beka will gently squeeze yura’s ankle to let him know he’s getting up; they’ll touch fingers to the back of a hand, lightly tap a shoulder.
    • when yura is anxious, beka lays a hand on the small of yura’s back to ground him; when beka is angry, yura will put a hand on his arm to calm him
    • a lot of their time together is quiet, comfortable, always touching; cuddled on the couch, tangled together in bed
  • when yura has panic attacks (bc he does, ofc he does), beka takes him gently by the wrists, presses yura’s palms to his chest so yura can steady himself to beka’s breathing and heartbeat. he doesn’t say anything, doesn’t pull any closer, just waits and is there 
    • when beka is lonely, homesick, yura cooks lamb pilaf, the only non-russian dish he can reliably make (that isn’t pasta), or they go out for shawarma and kofta. he asks otabek to tell him things about almaty, about his travels. on really bad days it’s yura who talks and talks about everything, and beka just listens and smiles, and lays his head in yura’s lap. (yura is blushing like heck; otabek thinks it’s adorable) 
  • beka is a huge sf/f nerd. yura prefers scifi to fantasy. they have 100% marathoned star wars together. yura hates the prequels; beka thinks they’re necessary to the story of darth vader/anakin skywalker. they bicker a lot about who’s the strongest force user. (nerds)
    • they have also watched lord of the rings together. yura did not cry when boromir died, what the f/ck beka, that is a LIE 
  • beka likes asking yura to listen to tracks and mixes to get his opinion or just share what he’s doing. sometimes he also plays songs on the guitar (it’s more portable than a piano), singing quietly. his voice isn’t the best, a little raspy, but it’s warm and full. yura loves it.
  • they challenge each other in skating a lot, sending each other snaps and clips of new routines, new moves. yura is angry but proud when beka nails a quad flip before he can (it’s victor’s signature move, damnit!!) but beka is so happy when yura gets his 3Lu3Lo combination

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One thing I don’t get is people say they don’t like a ship or character and make posts about how much they don’t like them, but if you don’t like that character or ship why are you making posts about them so much? Why don’t you make a positive post about the characters or ships you do like instead of making negative posts about characters or ships you don’t like?