Someone once sent me a message asking me why I liked Diana so much since she was such “a stuck-up bitch” or something along those lines but like okay. Show me. Show me where she is being a stuck-up bitch. Please.

When people say she’s bound to win the relay and she’s all they can talk about, she doesn’t boast or brag about how she’s going to dominate the race. All she says is she’s going to fly as she always does. She’s not showing off or making herself the center of attention. Everyone else is.

And when they say she’s a shoe-in to be the Moonlit Witch, she thanks them, but tells them it’s still too early to tell. She doesn’t say “I know it will be me, I deserve this” or something like that. She acknowledges it very well might NOT be her. She isn’t getting ahead of herself. She isn’t being stuck-up or believing she deserves this just because of who she is.

These were small, brief conversations, but they were two major instances where Diana absolutely could have bragged and boasted about her own greatness. But she showed us an entirely different character. Not a stuck-up bitch. 

There’s a saying that “Character is what you do when no one’s watching” but a teacher of mine once said “I think character is what you do when everyone is watching.” Both can be argued, to some degree (are you going to steal when no one is around? are you going to do the right thing in front of thousands of people?) 

Diana could have shown off to the public in the interview (when everyone was watching), or shown off to Avery and her friend behind-the-scenes (when no one was watching). But she doesn’t do it either time. Both times, she shows that her character is humble, that she knows she isn’t entitled to success. 

She doesn’t want to be handed things on a silver platter. She wants to work towards and earn things just as much as anyone else does. 

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can you draw taeil secretly judging doyoung for trying to act cute?????

how to see less upsetting photos on the internet? google search

so here i am making another one of these because i’ve somehow reached 300 followers! that’s hard to imagine given that i never expected to have even 30 followers in the first place, much less 300. i still can’t believe people are even interested in me writing an au version of a character that’s already not incredibly popular, but i’m also very thankful that people have given this blog a chance. i’ve had some fun times writing here, & have been able to expand my portrayal of digger far beyond what i ever thought i would. i’ve been lucky enough to have followed, befriended, &/or interacted with some awesome people, so here’s a little shoutout to them. know that i appreciate every single person that follows me, however, & would like to say thanks to all of you!~

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