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i just finished sbr and would love a good dino diego :'D i miss him

i was pretty neutral-eh abt diego as a char but i appreciate him a bit more now (so long as i block his gaudy-ass dinosaur design and the overall way araki draws dinosaurs out of my memory kgjldfkjg)

listen i know this banner is ugly and cringy but i love my cheesy snapchat stickers
anyway! i just hit 300 which isn’t really a lot but i want u all to know how much i truly appreciate u! so?? here!!! i love all of my followers so much, mwah!

my lovely gf + my amazing qpp that i would give my life for
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my wonderful friends that i absolutely adore (even if we haven’t talked for six months)
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if you’d like me to add or remove, please lmk! i love you guys!


“I feel like I could eat the world raw.”

Please consider Song of Achilles au for tododeku im crying at a dennys

(click for caption)


i really hate to do this but would anyone be willing to donate to my paypal/boost this post?? im a chronically/mentally ill disabled l/esbian who is currently not in a great financial situation. dont feel obligated but i literally have less than a dollar in my bank account and i need a bit of money for food/basic amenities. tysm!!!!

my paypal email is shylalilliank@gmail.com ty all!!!