I’ve never really had a real brother since I’m the oldest of 4 children and all my younger siblings are girls, but my best friend Tyler (@tyjikun) is the closest I’ll probably get. We’re pretty much the same (same birthday, both dads filipino, both moms japanese, about same height, both dads drive tacoma, both look naturally mad when alone, etc.)  and the list can go on and on but there’s one distinct difference that I’m envious of: Drive. And no I’m not talking about the fact that he has a car and I don’t, but the fact that he has so much motivational drive to get things done. If he puts his mind to it, he won’t stop until it gets done and I envy that. It’s a psychological trait that I don’t have, although when it comes to film I try my best, but unlike him it’s not applicable to everything else in real life for me and that’s why I look up to him. As much as I want to get in shape, I will have my motivation for a short period of time and promise myself I’ll keep consistent, but I lose that drive so quick and I hate that. I can’t help how quick my fuse goes out, but after having a talk with him about motivation, watching the video playlist my friend Jhon sent me, and seeing how much progress I’ve made in the gym in just the past few weeks, I think that drive rubbed off on me. Knock on wood, I hope this isn’t just a temporary phase, but either way I’m glad to have him as my bro.