I got to see Clark Gregg’s new film Trust Me at the Tribeca Film Festival today, and it was fantastic! (And that’s true even after correcting for fangirl bias). I heartily recommend this movie… if you have a chance to see it, go. I spent around $150 on my little day-trip, what with travel costs and all, which is pretty much my discretionary money for the month, and it was totally worth it. The entire cast put in some excellent work on a really great script (dammit, that boy can write!), and young lead Saxon Sharbino is clearly going places. She is incredibly good :’) The editing and post-production all were very well done - Trust Me is the total package.

Clark did a brief post-film Q&A session which offered look into some aspects of his creative process, and of the whole process of getting a film into production. Very interesting stuff!

Before the movie, I got to meet, talk briefly (and no doubt incoherently) with, and get some photos of (and WITH!) Clark. (The above shot? Mine! I make no claims to being a great photographer, the man is just ridiculously photogenic :’)  Outside the theatre after the film, he asked me how I had liked it, and I got a hug… I consider it a triumph of self-restraint that I did not follow him down the street like a puppy after that :’)  Clark really is just as sweet a guy as everybody says.

I’ll post a few more pics later, I have got to fall down now