After Love...a compliation of songs

After Love…..

Keyshia said it best, Mariah said it best, Fantasia said it best
Now I’m here to finish the rest
“I just want it to be over” ,cause “Love I thought you had my back”
So like Mariah Carey I’m gonna “Shake it Off” just “Like That”
Yea , you said you loved me
But then you let me go

A couple of times I thought “I should have cheated”
But “I changed my mind” though

The many times I “Catered to You” cause the way you made me
“Lose my Breath”
Now I’m “Through with Love”
Cause the love you gave me wasn’t kept

The symptoms after love, yea that’s how I feel
If you don’t want to me then don’t talk to me
So go ahead and “Free Yourself” “I ain’t gonna beg you no more”
“I’m not gon cry”, so like Mary
I’m search ing for a “Real Love”
Even though that may be hard to find

See, I don’t understand if you love someone
You just don’t treat them bad, so like Donnel Jones
Free , I guess is “Where you wanna be”
But don’tcome back running back to me
So like Monica, so long cause “I’m Gone”

“You should’ve known better” then to treat me so wrong
I “mesmerize” like faith saying,
There’s nobody “like you” but I guess
This ain’t no Usher & Alicia Keys “My boo”
Even though I thought we were “Unbreakable”
I had to realize this ain’t no Will and Jada

Even though you had me “Falling” in love and out of love with you
I take it back to those days “You didn’t know my name”
And the phone calls with long conversations’
Not wanting to get off the phone was our game

Now, “All because of you” I’m feeling like this
Like Ashanti I was “foolish” I was “Always on time”
Always claiming you, saying the “Boy is Mine”
Now the loves over it’s after the fact
Even though “I’m tryna” act like I don’t want be with you
There’s no holding back
So after love, my medicine is to “Leave”
Like Deborah Cox and RL
“We can’t be friends please”

Thank You.....No, Thank You

Sometimes, don’t you just feel like saying Thank You ? Leaving no explanation behind it, with you being the only person knowing the reasons why

It may be a plethora of things that Thank you hides, but realizing it is said with a smile.

Thank you

For the love, for the hate
For the success, for the unsucessful
For the pain, for the hurt, for the tears
For the fun, for the joys, for the laughs
For the sorrow, for the grief, for the lost
For the hope, for the optimism, for the challenge
For the guilt, for the shame, for the embarassment
For the truth, for the lies, for the misconception
For the blame, for the regrets, for the insomnia
For the bliss, for the lust, for the butterflies
For the memories, for the moments, for the beginning
For the end, for forever , for tonight
For today, for tomorrow, for yesterday
For the unseen, for the seen, for expected
For the unexpected, for the advice, for the opinion
For life, for death, for living
For deciding, for undeciding, for leaving
For staying, for coming back, for never getting up
For the glow, for the thought, for the present
For winning, for losing, for aspiring
For inspiring, for the passion, for the pen,
For the past, for the future

Thank you for the thank you’s