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A New York, Reflection 2013

A New York, Reflection 2013
4:15am Feb. 1st 2013…

This is my reflection letter that I felt the need to write, as I make 2 years 4 months, to the day that I moved to New York, from Hollywood, CA.
As I quickly approach a new decade in Life, I’d like to speak freely and share my head space & my outward appreciation for Our Lord…
I have a tremendous amount to be grateful for from God and Jesus! When I made the choice to move, it was like God spoke in my ear, @ 3am in the morning while I was on my run.. “its ok, to move on”.. I mean I’d spent the last 15 ½ years (then) of my life grinding, living and growing in Hollywood.. Leaving wasn’t the easy thing to do. Why? Because I asked God for that too.. and I got it.. Honestly I Love Hollywood!! I grew up knowing that I would be in “That” Business. I’m a Hollywood Kid. (However, I had No Clue I would have ever become a Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist, that’s for sure.) 
During 2010, I had continuous thoughts of whether or not, I would and could “make it” outside of Hollywood, considering Entertainment is the only business I knew??….
  Fast forward to this Friday Morning, I am excitedly nervous about show (the TV Event, later.. Lol) that airs Tonight @10pm, that I’m being featured on. 
((Ok, I gotta say this… It’s sorta odd and crazy how we don’t realize the Power Of Speech we have!! We can call “Anything” we want into our lives, that’s good or bad.. I’m learning to pay better attention.. If you’re reading this, YOU should too. Its a good look. ;))
About this show.. I have to be honest, I hadn’t heard of nor was I aware of the Wedding Phenomenon, that is The “Say Yes To The Dress” Franchise on the TLC Network.. Clearly I was the only person left on the planet, that was clueless about these shows.. lol.
At the time, I had only worked 2 ½ weddings (the ½ I did the Brides MU/Hair but didn’t attend Monica Ewing’s Wedding) before, and my background is long in production.. It would be more likely for me to be working on the show, instead of being featured on it.. Haha.. As it stood, God bless me with a great client (then, Autumn Levine), that booked me to be her Personal Artist, for her 3 Main Events.. The Engagement Party, Bridal Party, & the Televised Dual Ceremony Wedding. (which was shot Summer 12’)
Reflecting on all that has come to be and all that has come to past. Working in New York can be super competitive and hard. I’ve utilized the net and social media to market/promote myself and Brand. It was my plan to use them as an agent & my visual resume of sorts. However, there had been hard times that’s for sure.. Even as a freelance artist with a notable background. :-/
I realize New York doesn’t just except One’s Claims to be the Sh*t… New York say’s “O’yea? Show Me! and Dont Stop Showing Me!!! Tried Yet?? Well, keep Showing me!! Because I don’t care!! lol.. Its hard, yea.. But, I never gave up… NY can eat you up and send you packing.. But, you gotta love that rawness and hungry energy.. It pushes you to be more.. It Did!!

I kept that thought in the forefront of my mind.. That I didn’t come to New York to Fail, with or without a support system.. God didn’t speak to me, To make this move & To Fail.. Something IS there for you, I kept feeling and hearing that message spiritually.. I believe that God has been my Agent, Publicist, & Manager!!

So, after being sent to Baku & London to work with 2 Olympians, Getting 3 NY Red Carpets(On Camera), Shot a Reality Show Pilot, Working on a Talk Show, Was invited as a Guest to Millennium-Harms Event with Ted Gibson Hosting (On Camera), Auditioning for Carla Hall on ABC’s THE CHEW for their Hair Dept but didn’t get, Working with 3 NY Designers (all work featured on their sites), I was up for, but didn’t get Tyler Perry’s (Cross, Film), Editorial Shoots w/Countless Agency Represented Models (& Many NY Photog’s), I supported Help-Portrait Charity for 3 years, My work has been Featured in Manhattan Magazine, I’ve also been featured on Dr. Oz (in a behind the scene segment @ The Chew with Co-Host & Daughter Daphne Oz while doing her hair, the same day I auditioning for the show), I worked on 3 Indy Vid’s, Work with Food Network’sChopped” Featured: Chef Kenny Minor, I’ve earned a Makeup Artist position on the National Style Squad for Soft Sheen-Carson/L’Oreal, I was up for but didn’t get to work with Oscar Nominated Actress: Viola Davis (for President Obama Second Inauguration), & I’m also featured in Marketing Vid’s for Kerafiber-Hair Thinning Solution.. 
I realize for Me… Today, that I didn’t Fail.. Amen!!!
  I’m sharing and saying all of this aloud to genuinely acknowledge how Great God is! I will be completely honest… All I came to NY with was 3 bags of all I could take with me from Hollywood, my important doc’s, my Kits, and my undeniable determination to Rebrand, Rebuild and to Succeed.. I knew but a handful of good folks here, but it was my choice and responsibility to make it in, New York.. As I think back in hindsight, I Smile!! And I Thank you, New York!! I Love You..
Giving God and Jesus, their Graces! For always being there for me, when all I had was my drive “To be More & Better then I was, so I can be better to others”.. I welcome all that God has for me and I am most grateful..
Respectfully sharing apart of my story and journey, in New York City… The Rebel