Beep Beep I’m a Sheep,
Furry Edition

by Minus8 / @chtkghk8

EDIT: Uhh, I just realized that I forgot to add the disclaimer: This is NOT mine. Someone replied to this post mentioning “Minus8”, so that’s probably referring to the creator(s).

EDIT 2: Someone reblogged this saying that the creator is @chtkghk8 (which for unknown reasons won’t activate into an @mention here). So, all credits go to them.

EDIT 3: so, “Minus8” and @chtkghk8 are the same. Credits to them as the creator of this.

EDIT 4: While the animation is by Minus8, the song itself was apparently created by @thetomska . So if the song had become an earworm for you, blame them 😁