I always get paranoid making these lists because I end up forgetting people and I feel bad, that’s why I made a blogroll this year! I love everyone that I follow, you mean the world to me. I don’t know what I’d do without each and every one of you. Some of you I’ve known for years, some I just met this year, but all of you mean equally as much in my heart. Thanks for always being there for me and thank you for accepting me. Thanks for continuing to stick around and dealing will my shit! I love you all with every fiber of my being and y'all make every year worth living. (’:

SPECIAL SNOWFLAKES (◕‿◕✿): andreii-tarkovsky, baskervelle, bickle, blushingsteve, breaking-bad, britneyspears ♥, christianbaled, closeyourloop, cooperspooper, cramitwithwalnuts-ugly, dicapriho, dragneto, dragqueeneames, femmekillersquid, femtarantino, finching, hanszimmer, hyperionhunter, imgoingtodrinkmymugoftea, itsadamparker, jamesbadgedale, junjihyun, kinghardy, lolahardy, louisbloom, marcelozzz, marioncotillarding, mcavoyjames, merry-chases, pawsthomasanderson, realworldfire, suits, tarntino, thatstupidache, tomhardies, tomhardysswag, whatatragedy

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 This year is nearly over and let's just be honest and say I spent too much time on    this website. Still don't know if I regret it or not but anywaysthis year was amazing   and my dash was really beautiful.  Here is a few bunch of people who made this year special. They are really talented and nice so please feel free to follow them.
Have an amazing holiday !! Love you all ! ♥

NB: Here is my blogroll because I'm trash and can't put all of you here and I am positive that I'm going to forget someone. Sorry in advance


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 Thanks to  xkit-extension  for saving us as always.


I’ve been on tumblr for like 4 years now and I’ve never done one of these, and I’ve met so many amazing people that I just wanted to show my appreciation for. If you’re not on this list and you think you should be, just know that I probably just forgot you because I’m a dumb dumb and I’m following you for a reason!! 

special snowflakes: Alyssa, Ihsan, Bee, Kyew, and Mel

super glad inception brought you to me:

CrystalShannonAshleyKaitlynSarahSaraKateKaeRachelLibby, and Clara


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Every single one of you brighten up my dash! Thank you for being wonderful~~

(my handwriting looks like poop wow)