I love everything about her. Her artistry how she represents women to not only be themselves but to express themselves the way she expresses herself through music and how she caries herself I love everything about her so I always wanted to work with her.
—  Kendrick Lamar on collaborating with Rihanna on “LOYALTY.”
I wear makeup because it’s the way I like to look. More like why a woman wears makeup: not in terms of looking feminine but just to look a specific way. Maybe “attractive” is the right word; maybe it’s not the right word. It’s different every day for me. Makeup gives me the ability to transform quite easily.
—  Marilyn Manson 


- 100 MIL -

****Video Credits****

Director コイボイ(KOIBOI)
Starring Khinomyte
D.O.P コイボイ(KOIBOI)
Editor VASM
Producer SPCLST.

****Song Credits****

Writer Khinomyte
Producer thefaded.
Performer Khinomyte
Engineer Jared Birdseye