Awwh man. Yesterday was one of those days that reminded me how much I love Key Clubbers. c: I’m not gonna lie: sore throat, cold weather, headache, random hugs from strangers, cheering/pelvic thrust/ABOOGAing every three minutes. It was FUN. Hahah X3 I’m sad its over, I didn’t get to see a lot of people and I didn’t get to ride a lot of rides. I only rode Goliath… plus a merry-go-round. ; ^ ; And I didn’t get to get a Dragon shirt *cough Michael* or a Pink Bunny shirt *cough @yvonneeey* or a Ninja shirt *cough @jenfoo* I did, however, get a very cute Robots with Hearts shirt and a Pink Bunny lanyard. ♥

I got to meet a lot of awesome people that I may or may not meet again :c *cough @mnugooyen* buttttt everyone was so spirited and pumped up and friendly. :D DUDE. WE’RE SO ACCOMPLISHED: on a Goliath train for 30 people, we managed to get twenty-three Division 21 hippos on the ride. XDD I also made a dtwentyone - ain’t no party like a 21 party sign but.. I’m not really sure what happened to it.. it sorta disappeared ; ^ ; *sadface* and I also had a Free Group Hugs sign.. also gone. TT ^ TT

On the note of Free Group Hugs: oh dear frigging..- in the morning I strolled around with a group of my D21 hippos mob, whenever we saw someone with a Free Hug sign. “FREE HUGGGGGG” *stop in the middle of walking, point at person with sign. EVERYONE FRIGGING CHARGES. Poor person gets stuck in the middle of a hippo hug.* It was REALLY FUN ahaha.. one girl tried to run from us though.. I wish someone got pictures of it XD

Ahh.. well the spirit session was a little of a let-down. :P We didn’t get a chance to go onto the second round, but everyone who did was pretty intense. o - o Ahaha but, we did get a chance to do our cheer outside the theatre.. and this one guy threatened to kick us out if we didn’t break it up.. so we moved about 5 feet back. D21: THE ONLY DIVISION THAT ALMOST GETS KICKED OUT TOGETHER♥

The rest of the day was spent walking around, looking for shirts to trade. XD Next year @yvonneeey are going to establish an official shirt trading post. to get those pink bunny and panda shirts. seriously.  Having to leave was sad but I’m already really pumped for next year. :3

P.S. @thatstiffyforyou : Bigger Free Hugs signs next year.~