thatkevinsmith: This is what your face always looks like while working on @supergirlcw! I spent yesterday shooting with @melissabenoist & @chy_leigh as my favorite siblings on TV, the Danvers sisters. I love all the flying and punching of villains on #Supergirl… but I tune in for portrayals of sibling revelry so sincere and supportive that it really makes me feel like I missed out on something in life by not being a girl with a sister. As a huge fan of the show, seeing that dynamic on display both on & off camera yesterday was like drinking insanely good hot cocoa that warms your insides and fills you with joy. And on top of that? Yesterday was my first day shooting the Super suit! It is as glorious in real life as it looks on the show (and the cape is heavy - not just metaphorically speaking but also simply weight-wise). Me-Me and Chy-Chy brought the major feels when we were rolling but between takes they’re both legit funny. It’s cool watching them go from goofing around before “Action” is called to delivering dire dialogue about impending universal doom. Nice, nice kids. The whole damn crew is fulla nice, talented kids. We shot nearly eight pages yesterday but managed to wrap 40 minutes early. Tonight is Shoot Day 3 of 9- which includes watching the amazing FX and stunt folks on this show flip a speeding car! Up, up and away… #KevinSmith #melissabenoist #chylerleigh #nationalcity #vancouver #supergirlseason2

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Airlines are not using the network the way they should… Every tweet should be getting a response. @UnitedAirlines is probably the brand that should be most concerned. It drives me insane when someone talks to a brand and they just get ignored. This shouldn’t be acceptable, period. 

Delta looks like they may be doing it better than anyone else… 63.9 tweets per day. 

grantgust: I can’t wait to see next week’s episode. Barry’s journey at the end of this season was a torture and a joy to go on. But this episode in particular was in the best hands possible with @thatkevinsmith. He came in with such exuberance about the project that the entire crew and cast was uplifted. We were near the end of a 23 episode season and run down but Kevin reinvigorated us and I think together we all made a very special episode that tv, comic book, and Flash fans will really enjoy. Like I said, I can’t wait to see it and I am very grateful for the time we all got with Kevin on this one.

thatkevinsmith Last night, we did a table read of the episode of @cwtheflash I’m directing. It was actually less a table read and more of a table-preview-of-greatness-to-come because instead of just spitting out lines, the cast performed the Hell out of the script! It was like standing in the middle of #StarLabs as #teamflash figured out how to bust a bad guy or dump a doppelgänger! Next time I see all these talented folks, we’ll be on the #CentralCity sets bringing @dccomics to life!

Last night on Talking Dead we unanimously decided that you should ALWAYS choose cookies over death. Thanks for being great last night, @thatkevinsmith, @RossMarquand & @AlexandraBreck!! #cooooookieeeeeeee #Scarol (at Talking Dead Wonder Loft)

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I got to go to one of my favorite podcast shows last night - #hollywoodbabbleon feat. @thatkevinsmith and @ralphgarman and I still can’t believe that they pulled out my letter and showed the artwork I made. Here’s a #drawing I did of them! (The episode should be up soon if you want to hear it😉). #fanart #kevinsmith #girlsinanimation #ralphgarman #garmy (at The Trocadero)

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thatkevinsmith The ethereal @dpanabaker akes center stage in the episode of @cwtheflash I directed and man, did she turn in some series-best work! My second run at #TheFlash was more challenging than my first episode: there was very little speedster activity in #therunawaydinosaur but we’ve got a metric fuck ton of running around and fighting this time. In @yogahosers, the girls fought a giant #GoalieGolem that was just a performer on stilts in a costume - but in my ep of #Flash, the hero fights a giant villain that exists only on some talented genius’ computer. And what’s oddly wonderful about shooting #vfx scenes is that the acting required is closest to childhood make-pretend. There were moments when #daniellepanabaker and @grantgust had to pretend to do things I’m relatively sure they can’t do IRL and it was adorable to watch. I don’t normally get to shoot stuff like that on my flicks so it’s fun for me to see the actors strike poses while battling figments of their imaginations and displaying powers and abilities that the vfx team will manifest for them later. It reminds me why all of us do this shit in the first place: at one point in our childhoods, we each decided to keep playing these make-pretend games well into adulthood, long after most sensible people opt instead to act like adults. It may not be the noblest way to make a living but it sure is kinda fun… #KevinSmith #flashseason3 #dccomics #kids #acting

thatkevinsmith Presenting a new @cwtheflash spinoff - The Wells of 2 Worlds! @cavanaghtom, the nimble genius behind Harrison Wells, and his stunt double Brent get dressed in matching outfits for a night on the town. They’re like a male version of the twin Grady girls from #TheShining. Tom is on FIRE in Season 3 - meaning performance-wise, not literally on fire. Because if Tom was literally on fire, Brent would probably be doing it for him…#KevinSmith #tomcavanagh #theflash #theflashseason3 #starlabs #vancouver#canada #stunts  

thatkevinsmith: Playing “Planet of the Capes” on @supergirlcw with the adorable @melissabenoist! I’ve loved her pitch-perfect portrayal of Kara and now I know why: Melissa gave her #Supergirl her own heart. She’s such a crazy-talented, insanely gracious thespian who makes the very best of very long days. Supergirl gets all the hype but the real hero is #melissabenoist. Only 4 days of shooting left. The dailies look phenomenal. DP James Liston is killing it, as is every cast & crew member. We just finished two very long, very productive days on location so I’m looking forward to an easier day on stage, playing with the #CatCo sets. This job continues to be Heaven on Earth… #KevinSmith #supergirlseason2

thatkevinsmith: The episode of @cwtheflash I directed airs in 3 weeks! Been working on the edit with my ep editor Nathan and we’ve got it down to a PACKED 42 mins. The episode is called #KillerFrost and @dpanabaker absolutely CRUSHES in it, while @tha_los has one of my favorite moments ever filmed for #TheFlash. Get your tissues ready, Super friends: you’ll need them not just for all the Feels but for all the geekgasmic moments involving major reveals too! I love this episode so much: EVERYONE gets a killer scene in which they show off their acting chops (and some folks get to show off abilities and super powers far beyond those of mortal men & women)! Thanks to Speedster scribes @andrewkreisberg & co. for the intense script and @gberlanti for bringing the @dccomics Universe to life on @thecw as an amazing playground where a 46 year old boy can play with life-sized action figures! And huge thanks to my in-the-trenches episodic brain trust of Bob, Kim and Lexy for making me keep look like I know what I’m doing! Can’t wait until my ep airs in mid-November but in the meantime? It’s back to work on Day 2 of 9 on @supergirlcw (my first day with the cape and costume)! #KevinSmith #daniellepanabaker #carlosvaldes #thecw #flashseason3 #supergirl #vancouver